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This is a collection of stats from around that we’ve decided to share with the world. Interested in your own stats? Every blog includes an integrated stats system, also available for self-hosted WordPress sites with Jetpack.The following stats are for blogs we host here on, both on subdomains and their own domains, or externally-hosted blogs that use our Jetpack plugin and are part of our network.

How many people are reading blogs?

Over 409 million people view more than 20 billion pages each month.

How many posts are being published?

Users produce about 70 million new posts and 77 million new comments each month.

Who publishes on

From TechCrunch to TED, CNN, and the National Football League, users span a broad range.

We have a publisher blog focusing on some leading WordPress sites. You can also see more notable users or view our editors’ picks at Freshly Pressed.

Where in the world is used?

We host WordPress blogs written in over 120 languages. Below is a breakdown of the top 10 languages:

  1. English: 71%
  2. Spanish: 4.7%
  3. Indonesian: 2.4%
  4. Portuguese (Brazil): 2.3%
  5. French: 1.5%
  6. Russian: 1.3%
  7. German: 1.2%
  8. Italian: 1%
  9. Turkish: 0.7%
  10. Dutch: 0.6%

Frequently asked questions

What topics do people write about on
All of them! Check out our tags to get a glimpse (other languages: Spanish, Indonesian, French, German…).

How does WordPress compare to other publishing platforms?
It’s a somewhat subjective call, but we like this Google Trends chart comparing some of the leading platforms.

Will WordPress continue to grow?
It shows no signs of slowing down. As of 2014, tens of thousands of new WordPress sites are created every day. Blogs continue to be highly popular around the world, and we’re now seeing a trend that’s potentially even bigger: publishers are using WordPress to create all kinds of sites beyond blogs — news sites, company sites, magazines, social networks, sports sites, and more. The WordPress Showcase contains many interesting examples.

What’s the difference between and is a service that hosts WordPress blogs. is a community where people work on the open source WordPress software. It’s also where that software can be downloaded to be run on your own web server. Still confused? You might want to read this support document.

Do you have more public stats?
Why yes. Here’s info on embeds (posts that contain Twitter, Flickr, YouTube, Photobucket, Vimeo and more) and some miscellaneous stats (support requests, theme switches, new avatars).