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Social Media: Using Emojis on Gab

Gab is a smaller social medium— like MeWe— that is in competition with Twitter and Facebook. It is more free-speech oriented, and I never hear of my friends being banned or suspended on Gab (or MeWe) like they so often are on Twitter or Facebook. 446 fler ord

Social Media

Another Shooting?? Apps shutdown??

If you weren’t aware there was recently another shooting that happened in Pittsburgh and in this blog, I will be getting into further details. This was the deadliest attack on Jews in all of American history. 1 235 fler ord

Alt. Tech: Gab Is Already Up & Running, Never Left - Both Are Superior 2 Competing Social Media

For those that don’t know, the latest take down attempt perpetrated against Gab was underhanded, effective, and ultimately unsuccessful. They lost their domain registrar via a smear campaign, got a new one in a matter of days, and their platform is now bigger and better than ever. 859 fler ord

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In Defense of Free Speech

Free speech isn’t very popular among the Tech folks in Silicon Valley. They think they have the right to tell us what we can and cannot hear, or read. 77 fler ord

Free Speech

Taking Email Advice from a Nazi Enabler

About identity, mental health, and your neighborhood nazi.

I’m horrified. I had a feeling that this was bound to happen. It did. Fascists are like cockroaches in a 19th-century house with a chronic leakage problem: You step on three, and when you lift your sight, you find twenty or thirty around you, laying on their back, flapping their repugnant little arms. 1 575 fler ord


gab Is Back On the Air

It took about a week, but Gab is back.

A social network that champions free speech, individual liberty and the free flow of information online.

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