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In this increasingly digital age, almost all people use the internet in some form.

Now, The Internet gives Users, who were formerly a passive audience being sold information by larger gatekeeping corporations and the Government, the ability to share their own content and potentially reach just as many people as those larger entities and profiles do. 106 fler ord


Why Story Will Always Beat Statistics

Data is not fact and fact is often just a hypothesis anyway.

We humans design how data is created and we humans are the ones who interpret data and draw conclusions from it.

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Gerry McGovern


“What, if anything, is the meaning of this life? If people are divided into two great classes, it may be said that one class works for a living and the other does not have that need. 112 fler ord

Karl Marx. A Review.

I first picked up The Communist Manifesto by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels when I was sixteen. Of course, I didn’t feel like a precocious sixteen-year-old then. 1 901 fler ord

19th Century

Occam's Razor Applied--Part Two


21st century socialism must recognize that one of the most earth shattering, horizon expanding, revolutionary developments in human history is hidden in plain view: money, once the great elixir of progress, the indispensable lubricant of trade, the sine qua non of exchange, the sinew of capitalism, the lifeblood of state socialism, is now an impediment to progress. 5 409 fler ord