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From mysticism to materialism - 'the tremendous power of the negative', before which everything but change is doomed

By arguing that Hegel was not only a mystic, but that he was specifically the consummate Neoplatonist, I address in my thesis the part his philosophy played in a continuum that was and is by its nature always open to development – running from the idealism of Plotinus (consciousness is primary) to its ‘inversion’ in the materialism of Marx (matter is primary). 215 fler ord


Madmen's Cure

Ok, my older brother, now dead, I say what he said.

He worked in a mental hospital he said the worst was when the patients tried to cure each other. 176 fler ord



Propaganda works best when those who are being manipulated are confident
they are acting on their own free will.” —Joseph Goebbels

We humans have recently come to believe we have have inalienable rights and intrinsic dignity as well as the probability of, with hard work and honesty, moving up in the world. 410 fler ord

Karl Marx and Jewish Power

In a recent article, I explored the influence of Freud’s Jewishness on the formation, reception and propagation of his psychoanalytical theory. I wish now to do the same for Karl Marx (1818-1883). 8 320 fler ord


Anarchy in Persona 5 – Part 3: The Big Bang Manifesto

Society of Control

While Michel Foucault spoke of the institutions and mechanisms of discipline that pervaded society, there also existed the element of control, a force that was much more encompassing. 1 610 fler ord


Marxist's Fraud on Human Nature of Hierarchy

French Revolution Social Hierarchy

In every society, people are divided into different social classes. In France, you were either first estate, second estate, or third estate. 1 471 fler ord

Komunistički manifest i "otadžbina"

Šta je, stoga, otadžbina? Nije li ona, slučajno, dobar plac čiji vlasnik, udobno smešten u dobro održavanoj kući, može da kaže: ”Ovo polje, koje ja obređujem, ova kuća, koju sam ja izgradio, pripadaju meni; živim pod zaštitom zakona, koje nijedan tiranin ne može da prekrši”? 2 964 fler ord