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Pretty and Broke

Written on February 2019

As I was passing my time by looking at skin care products and watching skin care routines and reviews on the internet, I reflected on how a marxist analysis of the Korean skin care trend may be a good topic for a paper. 830 fler ord

Catholicism and the Spirit of Capitalism: A Weberian Exploration of 'Seklusyon' (2016)

Written on June 2018

For Max Weber, capitalism is the result of religion, specifically Protestantism. This contradicts Karl Marx’s idea of religion as the opium of the masses, which induces a passive acceptance of capitalism. 1 374 fler ord

Radical Politics and Transition to Socialism: Reflections on Marx’s Centenary | István Mészáros

We reproduce here a short essay by István Mészáros on Marx’s centenary and the stage in which the struggle against capital found itself to be in. 354 fler ord


Buddha or Karl Marx

by Dr B R Ambedkar | published by

Buddha or Karl Marx


I.                 THE CREED OF THE BUDDHA

II.               THE ORIGINAL CREED OF KARL MARX  9 917 fler ord

Social Justice

Keston Sutherland | Free Dissociation/Logic

pladd. (you who say either)

nothing can be clear when knowing the associations
are read by unread people, exposées, exposures.
new poems for old. groovy. associations… 13 712 fler ord

Poetry & Poetics

From a walk on one's mystical head to walking on one's material feet

‘The philosophical way of putting the facts is no mere whim, once in a way to walk on one’s head for a change, after having walked for a long while on one’s legs…it is because the method of physics does not satisfy the Notion, that we have to go further.’ 103 fler ord


Genius loci of graveyards

Monument (and beginning of transformation) (note: monument in German language = Denkmal. Denken = to think, Mal = mark, place, that means the monument is making me think/remember, when I am coming to that landmark) 158 fler ord