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(EF45) Season Two, Episode Six Teaser

(EF45) Season Two, Episode Six Teaser
Evolve Faster: Season Two, Episode Six: Cocooned in webs of lies about happiness and freedom, many people overwork, chained to careers they despise. 25 fler ord

A Materialist Approach to Translation

By Sophie Drukman-Feldstein

The translator’s sin is that of breaching the mythology which surrounds the individual authorial voice. The literary world erases the translator in order to preserve the liberal ideal of individual genius. 1 743 fler ord

Literary Translation

Andy Merrifield, 'Mystified Consciousness' in Monthly Review - on Lefebvre's relevance today

Andy Merrifield,‘Mystified Consciousness’ in Monthly Review – on Lefebvre’s relevance to today. Andy’s book Marx Dead and Alive is forthcoming from Monthly Review Press.

(EF45) What is the meaning of work?

(EF45) What is the meaning of work?
Evolve Faster: The big question driving episode EF49 is … What is the meaning of work?

Coronavirus and the Fable of the Bees

Coronavirus puts elected governments in a sticky situation. If they appear to fail to solve the public health crisis, they will lose the next election. If, in the process of solving the public health crisis, they create an economic crisis, they will also lose the next election. 1 743 fler ord


Κολάζ: Ένα γέλιο που θα σας θάψει όλους

Σχεδιαζει ο ΕΜ

Καταργήστε την επιθυμία σας, μας λένε, και θα είμαστε ελεύθεροι.

Ελέγξετε τις ροές σας, μας λένε, και θα είμαστε ανέλεγκτοι.

Περιορίστε την ανταλλαγή σωματικών υγρών, μας λένε, και τότε πια θα έχουμε στεγανοποιηθεί. 1 474 fler ord


Value, Price And Profit by Karl Marx

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Marx argues that because there are economic laws governing the value of commodities as represented by the social relationship of wages and price, capitalists cannot raise or lower wages merely at their whim, nor can they raise prices at will in order to make up for lost profits resulting from an increase in wages. 84 fler ord

Karl Marx