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Episode 72 - The Advent Watch List

It’s week 2 of Advent, and we’re moving from last week’s ”something to hear” to a new list of ”something to watch.” So put your favorite Christmas movie on in the background, pour yourself a cup o’ nog, and join Dizzy & Ges for a bit of back-and-forth about the spiritual merits of Home Alone 1 vs. 22 fler ord


Religion needs The Devil like God needs Humanity.

Without darkness humanity wouldn’t be living in the light right now. ⁂

“All that is left to bring you pain, are the memories.

If you face those, you’ll be free. 254 fler ord


Seabbatical | Vayetze

Last Saturday’s Torah portion was ‘Vayetze’, which means, ‘And he went’. In the Bible Study video below, we discuss the following passages and more:

Here is the YouTube video discussing this week’s Torah portion:


Since We Last Spoke (journal)

I started my blog during one of lowest moments of my life thus far. I’ve used this blog to catalog my hopes, dreams, fears, failures, all of it. 915 fler ord

Thoughts of the day

  • Well, collapse of secularism. Collapse of ambition.
  • How to prevent collapse? Avoid secularism. Avoid ambition. Less expectation.