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Jewish Agent

Is there any Jew out there who would like to be my agent? I am not a Jew myself, but try anything once. Why a Jew? 523 fler ord



I planted vegetables in my greenhouse, will they come to fruition?

As a gardener do I need tuitition?

Pears for your heirs is a saying because they take thirty years to grow. 25 fler ord


Quarantine Lockdown: K-dramas for beginners

Are you bored with your quarantine lockdown life? Have you completed all the series and shows you wanted to binge-watch on Netflix, and now you have nothing else to watch? 989 fler ord

Genius 2

Genius needs to be explained, it is of the spirit not the mind.

It may be evil or it may be good, look through history you will find. 53 fler ord



Truth is a lie turned upside down.

A lie is the other way around.

Truth is positivity, its opposite negativity.

On that I hope we can agree. 80 fler ord



They take opportunities for good or ill.

Some save a life, some kill.

Life is your opportunity, use it well.

Make Heaven or Hell.

Tich Ennis

Sunday, 5th April, 2020



David (Tich) Ennis

Is David Medcalf God?

      Did David Medcalf catch or capture the real essence of me, my soul, did he see into my soul and lay it bare for all to see? 961 fler ord