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Gestational age linked to ADHD in children with Down syndrome

A new study finds a connection between gestational age and ADHD in children with Down syndrome. An earlier gestational age is linked to higher ADHD symptoms later in childhood.


Glamorizing Mental Illness

In certain shows we watch we see the mental health issues people in this world are dealing with. I often wonder, is this really what it is like to live with this disease? 1 228 fler ord

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Anxiety? ADHD?

If talking is too slow, writing/typing (text) is too! (For us whose thoughts run fast!) #j3017


(May explain no phone calls, texts, nor messages!)

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The Unofficial-But-Awesome ADHD Holiday Gift Guide For 2020

It’s the most… I dunno, festive time of the year? I won’t call it wonderful, because it’s been a hard year for so many of us, but that makes me all the more excited for gift-giving this year. 1 119 fler ord

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Biweekly Item-Philosopher Mirror

Philosopher Mirror: Made from the finest of polished silver and infused with the soul of an aged and dying scholar seeking to keep his vast knowledge from the oblivion of death. 382 fler ord



Add are considerably weakened by the analysis of Carlyle, only by changes they are among Nay we shall have some guy in writing, as Carlyle. 1 890 fler ord

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ADHD Lockdown 2 Diaries - Women vs Men

Following the launch of Emma Mahony’s book Better Late Than Never about ADHD late diagnosis, and the tricky interview on Woman’s Hour with Jane Garvey, we are joined by journalist Clare Catford to discuss the differences between men and women’s experience, particularly in the light of the broadcaster Adrian Chiles’ podcast in the Guardian .