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ADHD Emotions: Why You Feel Rejection Sensitive Dysphoria : Additude

The volatile (and sometimes destructive) emotions associated with ADHD can manifest as frustration, sensitivity, or tendency to feeling sad. Here’s what you need to know about rejection sensitive dysphoria, and how to control it. 11 fler ord


April 19th: ... And Now I'm Back

Ok, so I said yesterday in a tired post that I was taking a break. I get it. It’s quite literally been only a day, no break at all. 565 fler ord

Brain wiring differences identified in children with conduct disorder

Behavioral problems in young people with severe antisocial behavior — known as conduct disorder — could be caused by differences in the brain’s wiring that link the brain’s emotional centers together, according to new research.


Getting a diagnosis as an adult pt 3: society

‘The society’ seems to see neuropsychiatric states like ADHD and autism as something mostly bad. You are simply ‘doomed to live a crappy life’. There are a lot of negative stereotypes and prejudices. 139 fler ord


Diagnosed as an adult pt 2: parents

I think it is common for parents of newly diagnosed grown-up children to feel guilty about not noticing the symptoms or demanding tests for their child earlier. 277 fler ord


Meandering Monday about… Meandering about…

Do you ever walk into a room and wonder why you’re there? Let’s say you’re heading to the back closet where you keep paper goods stored, so you can get another box of Kleenex, but by the time you get to the closet, you have to spend time staring at the contents while you try to remember WHAT you came there for. 493 fler ord


Mental Illness

I had a conversation recently with someone about mental illness. They had recently suffered through a mental illness themselves and were telling me how prior to that they would recommend a ‘book’ to someone who was struggling. 559 fler ord