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ADHD : Deviation, not Disorder

I am diagnosed with Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, ADHD. But every single letter that is used in the name for this this type of brain, makes me a little angry. 1 178 fler ord


Attention Attention

I am looking for people to share their personal stories that fall under the following categories:





Psychotic Disorders

Personality Disorders

Self Harm… 152 fler ord

Why I call ADHD a devil

I have always had a very wild imagination. Often I find myself lost is a daydream without knowing how much time I have spend in this pleasant universe that’s hidden inside my mind. 910 fler ord


Out of the Closet and into Attire

I’m trying to figure out how to be happy. I think that transitioning has undoubtedly been a positive step towards identifying my true nature and living as that. 702 fler ord

Email of the damned

I woke at three. By 3:15, I was composing an email in my head to Elder Son, aka the ‘alternate executor’ of both K’s and my estates. 621 fler ord

In The Company Of Cloth

Coloring for Shut-ins

The goal is to use the internet to connect. But, wouldn’t it be better if we could connect offline, without having to constantly see what we’re all up to? 25 fler ord


When I try to fit in

My mind works in a different way. Sometimes I feel like something went wrong in the production process, like someone connected the wrong wires, ADHD wires, and used the wrong materials and I ended up being completely different. 55 fler ord