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When I try to fit in

My mind works in a different way. Sometimes I feel like something went wrong in the production process, like someone connected the wrong wires, ADHD wires, and used the wrong materials and I ended up being completely different. 55 fler ord


Why do we cry?

My days are covered in tears. My pillows, blankets and clothes are wet. I feel like I’m dehydrated, waking up with the feeling of a hangover every morning without drinking any alcohol. 1 167 fler ord



Crafting a response

Add a dab of sarcasm

Ooops, a bit too much?


Bitmex which coins

Lambda without AWS. It is not a recommendation to trade. No, BitMEX is a cryptocurrency derivative trading platform rather than an exchange where users traditionally buy and sell cryptocurrency units. 561 fler ord


Alone in the dark

I feel like shit. I can’t stop crying, my heart can’t slow down, I can’t control the chaos and I can’t figure out a way to brighten up the darkness that has taken over, completely. 806 fler ord


Sadness dysregulation

I entered my boyfriends house yesterday. A place I have been avoiding for two weeks, preventing myself from breaking down, protecting us from an uncontrollable stream of my tears. 1 501 fler ord


Stimulated (01/04/2020)

This is me on stimulants. Do I seem any more stimulated? To be fair this is also way past its half-life so there’s no telling how much is still in my system. 497 fler ord