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Being Neurodiverse in a Neurotypical World

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A few years ago I watched a television series called ”Dexter.” The show features a man named Dexter who is a sociopathic serial killer who specializes in vigilante justice–as he only targets other serial killers who the legal system fails to catch. 1 151 fler ord


Why I Have Loved Lockdown and 4 Pledges

Stick with me on this one because I know how those who are a part of education are just one group who seem to have struggled the most. 1 099 fler ord

Family Dynamics & ADHD: MARRIAGE

Family life with ADHDers can throw in a lot of the unexpected, unplanned and definitely some unwanted dynamics. It can add strain and stress. But, by default, it can also build enormous STRENGTH. 800 fler ord