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День 68. Могло показаться, что я забыл принять свои таблетки

А могло и не показаться, раз записей нет. Всё, стало быть, забил! Но нет, меня просто ломало. Деньки были ужасные. Хорошо, как ни парадоксально, при этом всё. 288 fler ord

Дневник приёма препаратов

Why You Definitely Should NOT Meditate

Inner peace is overrated.

So what if meditating reduces stress, lessens anxiety, and lengthens attention spans?

You probably couldn’t benefit from improved sleep and boosted mental/emotional/physical health anyway. 134 fler ord

Inner Peace

Positivity Post 1/22/20

Today’s dose of #Positivity comes a little later in the day and may have a couple of late additions. That’s how the #PositivityPost works.


Amazing Healing Story

Boy Have I Got A Story For You! 

Here’s an amazing story about how a children’s probiotic lozenge was the key to an almost miraculous healing of a one year old boy’s severe constipation. 62 fler ord


Isabel Likes David's ADHD

I enjoyed spending time with my grand-niece and birthday-buddy (we are both Valentines!) and discovering that she has been coping with ADHD for a while.  She was so happy to get a copy of… 20 fler ord

ADHD Cleaning Method

In yesterday’s #PositivityPost, I’d mentioned the ADHD Cleaning Method which is something I’ve developed after reading posts on Twitter and experiencing the absolute horror that is cleaning while suffering from ADHD. 1 906 fler ord

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