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Caffeine and Amphetamine

Take with your breakfast 
It's legal and safe
Your mind will calm down
Don't let it go to waste

Take with your breakfast
This will help I swear… 102 fler ord

My Rocky Relationship With ADHD

I’ve heard ADHD described many different ways, but this is my favorite: my brain is a Bugatti with tricycle breaks. It’s scarily accurate, my mind goes a million miles a minute, but the second I’m forced to switch gears, the whole thing collapses. 675 fler ord

The Most Popular ADHD Medications Broken Down

What’s the difference between Adderall and Concerta? Ritalin and Vyvanse? Strattera and Intuniv? All of these ADHD medications can be used to treat attention deficit hyperactivity disorder in children and adults, but they vary widely in dosage, method of delivery, and duration of effects. 1 132 fler ord

Mental Health

Why ADHD'ers Struggle To Flourish!

You can’t expect to find growth and flourish whilst contained within a toxic enviroment.

Dealing with ADHD is far from easy, especially if you are stuck in an enviroment that doesn’t nurture, nor stimulate, your mental growth. 1 657 fler ord


Under Attack

My lungs are like an accordion that’s being closed,
Then the bloody thing has only gone & froze.
Don’t you think I’ve already tried,
”Breathing out through my mouth & in through my nose”?! 108 fler ord



I ask for forgiveness,
For one, is not oneself.
I’ve lost my head & it was soon followed by my mental health.
You think you know me?! 181 fler ord


Peeking into the mouth of the Dragon

🌈❤️🙏Journaling from 5/2/2017. Powerful therapy session that day.

After a couple years with ADHD and depression as first diagnoses that started me on rounds of varying meds and intensive therapy work, it now seems possible it is not ADHD after all but possibly ( 😜) just BiPolar, and or PTSD. 741 fler ord