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outward vs inward

One of the things I find immensely frustrating about how I function, is that frequently when I am struggling with low mood or am anxious most people are met with an outward appearance of giddiness, I will joke and be daft and have a laugh.  191 fler ord


Kindergarten, and ADHD Times Two

I registered my youngest child for kindergarten today. No big deal, it’s the third time I’ve done this process. In fact, I feel like I should have that ”Oh my gosh, I just registered my baby for kindergarten!” feeling, but for some reason, I don’t. 264 fler ord


Poetry and Imposing Restrictions

Say it with me:  I work best under an externally imposed structure.  I need some sort of scaffolding and some sort of blueprint or guide to follow in order to best function.  641 fler ord


Comprehending Children With ADHD

· ADHD children are very conscious the emotions around them. Typically they pick up psychological cues from their moms and dads without understanding. Numerous parents get home annoyed or upset from work, the kid with ADHD picks this up and starts to ‘cause trouble’ by becoming restless. 263 fler ord

Tough Talk: Out There

I’m currently enrolled in a leadership class to sharpen my skills of self-awareness and building my ability to acknowledge places where I need improvement. Having ADHD brings a lot of shame and self loathing, so it hasn’t been as much of a positive experience as originally intended. 1 269 fler ord


Meet the Family

As promised, I’m going to introduce you to my family. I’ve been married to DH for 11 years, we met in university as we were in the same program. 171 fler ord

Chronic Illness

1st Acceptance Letter!!! My Short Story is Getting Published!

I was sitting at the lunch table at work going through my personal email when I saw the words ”Story Acceptance” in the subject line of an email!! 1 111 fler ord