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ADHD : Deviation, not Disorder

I am diagnosed with Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, ADHD. But every single letter that is used in the name for this this type of brain, makes me a little angry. 1 178 fler ord


Coping with coronavirus through music: revisiting Mozart Violin Concerto No. 4

Now that we’re all stuck in quarantine, my orchestra concerts are unlikely to happen. To give his classes something to do, my music director gave us an open-ended project. 865 fler ord


-A Journal to Document Our Self Isolating- 2

I have been in the darkness this last week. In partial because of my mental illnesses, but I think the quarantined lifestyle has made matters worse. 774 fler ord


Parents of children living with Autism face unique challenges during COVID-19 restrictions

Published by: WBTV
Written by: Amanda Foster

Families everywhere are facing new challenges involved with suddenly teaching kids from home.It is a total shift in routine and a big adjustment for many families, and a unique challenge for parents of children who live with Autism.Lori Price’s dining room looks like many others right now – papers strewn across the table, kids learning from home because of COVID-19.But the reality for this Gastonia mom is that setting up learning experiences for her kids can be a little different than it is for others.“We’re in a time right now where everything’s different, and it’s not working for these kids,” Price says.Her 8-year-old son Damien lives with autism, and her 11-year-old daughter Alex with ADHD. 42 fler ord

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Psychotic Disorders

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Self Harm… 152 fler ord

5 ways Quarantine impacts ADHD

Like everyone else across the world, I have been impacted by this global pandemic. We live in times none of us really imagined having to navigate as much as anything else life throws at us – but here we are, finding ways to navigate through a time not seen for 100 years. 727 fler ord


B is for Boredom: 2020 Autism Acceptance Month

Many hours spent on bridges and docks and piers. Don’t be confused by his face. You are not looking at boredom.

The topic of boredom for A2 has not dissipated for us since I first wrote about it in 2015.

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