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Aspartame = Poison

So I said ages ago I would write about aspartame and finally here we go ….

Many years ago (about 20 to be exact) I read an article in an Multiple sclerosis magazine about aspartame and I was horrified. 242 fler ord

Chronic Illness

Eccentric Ways to Relieve Stress

Me doing an Adventure Race (a few years ago)

I went to a lot of different schools and every time we started a new school, we had to line up for a particularly awful ritual—the choosing of the teams. 1 841 fler ord


Articles on ADHD

When reading different articles about ADHD it can be very overwhelming. Often times they are rude, belittling, and judgmental towards people who suffer with disabilities. 134 fler ord


Coping Advice

When you have ADHD there are things you need to learn about yourself. You have to learn what works best for you. In my day to day life, my mind is constantly going. 136 fler ord


I like food and sleep.

So, a little-known (or maybe just little acknowledged) effect of ADHD on health and wellness is a propensity towards obesity.

WHAT??? you ask, Aren’t you just full of boundless energy with access to legal speed? 1 746 fler ord


I am writing this at work.

I teach at 2:10PM. It’s a lab full of freshfaced college freshmen (and a few slightly less fresh sophomores) who are taking their first (or in some cases, second… ) crack at a college level chemistry lab. 1 238 fler ord


I have been procratinating on starting this blog.

So, yeah, I guess that’s a way to start. I started this website in 2013, wrote a post or two, chickened out about publishing them and proceeded to forget it ever happened. 567 fler ord