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Gestational age linked to ADHD in children with Down syndrome

A new study finds a connection between gestational age and ADHD in children with Down syndrome. An earlier gestational age is linked to higher ADHD symptoms later in childhood.


If You're Happy and You Know It Why Aren't You Flapping Your Hands?

Christmas time is here (or whichever holidays you take part in. For me, it’s the Winter Solstice!) and this year my mom surprised me with a giant inflatable Will Ferrell as Elf for the front yard. 238 fler ord


on walking wounded

Hello. I’m a twice-divorced, middle-aged mom with bipolar and ADHD, and this is my first blog post. I’ve been meaning to blog since 1998. I’m not surprised it took me this long. 606 fler ord


I Have a Confession

Hi, my name is Tanatswa and I probably have ADHD. Wow, okay, you probably stepped back thinking that you didn’t sign up for ADHD Anonymous meeting. 950 fler ord

Wandering, Pondering

Can we meet where we first met,
under the concrete fortress, between
sectors of madness and calm?
Do you want to meet me under the bridge? 132 fler ord


Glamorizing Mental Illness

In certain shows we watch we see the mental health issues people in this world are dealing with. I often wonder, is this really what it is like to live with this disease? 1 228 fler ord

Personal Stories

Here we are, you and I.

Here we are you and I. Sitting wherever we’re sitting, reading this blog, listening to background noises.. I’ve never felt so close to someone as I do you, aside from my partner. 696 fler ord