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US Visit Day 6

Day 6 begins early with a 7am breakfast with an organisation called AFTE (A Foundation for Theological Education).  AFTE was founded in the 1970s to provide funding for up and coming Methodist scholars, particularly evangelicals, to pursue doctoral work in order to be able to contribute to teaching in the leading Methodist seminaries. 630 fler ord

Scoate limba! Arata niste semne despre sanatatea ta...

Limba. O folosim in fiecare zi pentru a manca, pentru a vorbi. Limba e folosita mult iar problemele care apar la nivelul ei pot fi sesizate direct. 1 164 fler ord

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Plante medicinale - Dudul

Factorul curativ: frunzele, fara petiol; fructele mature
Afectiuni pentru care se recomanda: enterite acute, diabet zaharat; diete.

Prezentare generala

Denumirea uzuala: Dudul alb (lat. Morus alba); Dudul negru (lat. 464 fler ord

Plante Medicinale

January 18th, 2012


JAN 18

When youre drinking and I’m alone

do you know what I’m thinking?

When you come home drunk and stinking?

Shouting ” I dont need this shit”, 148 fler ord

January 2012


The colours from this wind mobile caught my eye in our garden, as the wind picked up and dropped throughout the afternoon. Shot with the Sony-NEX5 in 1080i HD and down sampled to 720p.

After Holiday Blues

After the Holidays are over, I get a case of

the blues. All the preparation people do, then the

day comes and it is over in a flash. 120 fler ord