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agenda F/M Jan 20/23: refuse to be used

learning goal: which of Claudius’s specific statements in his manipulation of Laertes do you find most effective?  why these?

exercise TBA

hand in printed/handwritten copy of exercise by end of class


agenda F/M Jan 20/23: conflicts in THE KITE RUNNER

learning goal: what main conflicts emerge from the first quarter (100 pp.) of The Kite Runner, and what connections do you see between or among any of these? 60 fler ord


Will Next Monday Be Different Than Today?

In political Washington this week: if you weren’t covering confirmation hearings, then there wasn’t much to do or talk about. Friday, of course, will be a different story: inaugurating the President will be an all-consuming political event. 598 fler ord

Analysis And Commentary

The Elite In Davos Have Just Proposed Something Unbelievable To Take Back Control Economically – Episode 1181 

From X22 Report

Lowe’s begins to layoff employees, it starts with 2400. Target holiday season was terrible.Macy’s might be closing another 100 stores. Tiffany blames Trump for decline in sales. 161 fler ord


Still Bogged Down

In my last post, I wrote about what seems to be the political “bog” we are in as a nation. It appears polarization continues unabated. We seem indeed bogged down. 238 fler ord

Board Of Directors

President Obama Talks About Hope In Final Conference [VIDEO]

Hope was a central part of President Barack Obama’s speech during his final press conference Wednesday before leaving the White House, reports the New York Daily News… 289 fler ord


January 19, 2017

I can describe ratios.

  1. HO 6.RP.1 Ratios and Ratio Language
  2. BuzzMath:  Ratios (skip #1-5)