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Wednesday, 10/18

Assignments due Monday, 10/23:

1. Everyone must have some tape by Monday.

I’ll collect your SD cards from your Zooms, and switch them out with new ones. 110 fler ord


Agenda – Doomsday Celebration presents: King Dude, The Ruins Of Beverast, (D O L C H), and The Spirit Cabinet (Leiden, 21/10/2017)

This Saturday, the King Dude and The Ruins of Beverast autumn tour has its third date at the Gerb de Noel in Leiden. Since its still the first half, the third band on the bill is (D O L C H); the last five shows feature Caronte instead, whilst the three before that include both. 571 fler ord

Black Metal

agenda Wed Oct 18: to think, F revisited, start PROOF

learning goal: what does it mean to think like ___________________ ?

in grps: play guessing game by listing brainstormed items from side 2 of your think-like-a-mathematician sheet (5′) 127 fler ord


agenda T/W Oct 17/18: compare, discuss, outline

learning goal: how do the second and third-choice stories compare to the one that evokes the most empathy?  Where do they fall short?

group discussions (cf. 18 fler ord


Agenda for October meeting

Please join us for our October Homeschool Council meeting to be held Thursday, October 19. 2017 at 10 am.

Our topics include the following:

Meeting Agendas

Monday, 10/16

Assignment due Wednesday, 10/18: ”Sound and Hearing” response

Reminder: when on location, try to remember to get a few photos of your interviewees and of the setting; clearly this isn’t as important as getting good tape, but it would be nice to have images we could include on our poster (akin to the StoryCorps website) 42 fler ord