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Brady Working With The Government? Naw.

A Brady Campaign ‘Gun Owner Data Base’?

It’s been noted that the individual involved in suing various online retailers over the Colorado movie theatre shooting and who now owes $220K is a Brady employee (6 months after the event).

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Een goede foute tentoonstelling over vormgeving in de oorlog.

Van 10 april tot en met 6 september is bij de Bijzondere Collecties de tentoonstelling ‘GOED FOUT. Grafische vormgeving in Nederland 1940-1945’ te zien. Het stelt een onderbelicht aspect van de bezettingsgeschiedenis aan de orde. 101 fler ord


Semilir Angin Pantai Marina

Sabtu, 02 Mei 2015

Pagi ini cerah setelah sehari sebelumnya kota ini diguyur hujan lebat, seperti agenda yang kami jadwalkan maka pagi ini adalah saatnya kami melaksanakan jalan sehat bersama. 175 fler ord


What is a Hodag? ... and other myths you should know about

Perched above squeaky cheese curds is the mighty Hodag from Northern Wisconsin. He lives in the icy frozen tundra that is known as Rhinelander, Wisconsin.  The Hodag was a myth of great proportions that was covered in the national media until scientists from the Smithsonian forced the hand of Eugene Shepard (its creator) who then admitted the stories of the Hodag were merely a hoax. 768 fler ord

Morgen Bailey's Author Spotlight 407 - Maxine Attong

Morgen Bailey’s 407th Author Spotlight, features business motivator and non-fiction author Maxine Attong. And now from the author herself:

Writing makes my heart sing. When my keys tap the words from the keyboard I feel in tune with the world and everything seems right. 408 fler ord


Bread & Butter

Bread & Butter

What are your dreams, hopes and aspirations? What are you putting in place to help you to achieve them? How much time do you spend developing your art, your product, your gift, your potential? 164 fler ord

Another Day Someday


El Mercedes Benz Fashion Week llega a Santo Domingo y aqui les dejo un resumen de lo acontecido en su 3do día de pasarelas y luces. 344 fler ord