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Chemistry Honors - Class 07


  • Period A: Friday, September 3rd
  • Period B: Friday, September 3rd
  • Period F: Tuesday, September 7th

Activity: Black Box


  • The purpose of this lab is to determine the nature of objects inside a closed box, without opening the box.
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The Weekly Meeting

Monday afternoons at two-thirty. That was the time for our weekly staff meeting. When I joined the company everyone was required to attend it: engineers, technicians and operators. 589 fler ord


Agenda for the Weekend – 5th to 6th September (EN & PT)

(Versão completa em Português mais abaixo)

Hi there! So, my picks for this weekend would definitely include a the last weekend of the Schueberfouer and the… 912 fler ord


agenda Fri Sep 4: library orientation, CORE response

H (9:25-10:15)

F (11:15-12:05)

learning goals: what range of resources exist from our library and how do I access them?  Do I understand the terms, purpose and shape of the… 101 fler ord


Het leed dat agendakeuze heet..

Elk jaar heb ik het weer…. Welke agenda kies ik dit keer? Gaan we voor vrolijk en druk , of juist wat zakelijker en netjes?  En neem je een schoolagenda (sept-jul) of een jaaragenda (jan-dec)? 522 fler ord


On the road to post-religion

Transmetropolitan, takes religion into the ambiguous realm of post-religion in the issue called “God Riding Shotgun.” Spider Jerusalem, an atheist protagonist, points out the flaws in religion, and acts as “the man of truth.” While dressed as Jesus Christ, Jerusalem continuously gets himself wrapped up in ethical battles with cultists at a Religious convention over their irrational ways. 483 fler ord