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Milano Slow Town Agenda July

Mercoledì 1 LUGLIO 2015
Alle 20:00 Opening MIFF Awards Expo Edition – Sino al 18 ottobre
Partenza per la XV edizione del MIFF Awards – Film Festival Internazionale di Milano. 1 168 fler ord


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Well, until brother Barry removes the protection of the First Amendment, or the liberal agenda succeeds in blotting out religious speak courtesy of the ACLU, the author will continue in his, how you say, mocking of Washington and its puppets—got that? Excellent.

Erin Condren Life Planner Review & $10 off Referral Link

This is a little late (I’ve been very busy lately, so I apologize) but finally here is my planner which actually arrived earlier than expected and surprised me at my door on the 20th of June! 329 fler ord

Book Review

Leveling The Playing Field

In New Jersey, a man was denied a gun permit because his wife is a convicted felon, accused of domestic violence. Well, he shouldn’t be allowed to vote either.  

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Agenda for the weekend – 4th & 5th July (EN & PT)

(Versão completa em Português mais abaixo)

Hi there! So, my picks for this weekend would definitely include the visit to Medieval Festival in Hesperange, the… 1 103 fler ord


Digital Trust Conference 2015 - 06.07.2015

Cyberangriffe auf Firmen, Medienunternehmen und Behörden sind an der Tagesordnung. Als Reaktion auf die stetig wachsenden Cyberbedrohungen investieren Organisationen Jahr für Jahr mehr in Cybersicherheit. Die Herausforderung dabei ist, eine angemessene Balance zwischen Kosten sowie Einschränkungen durch Sicherheitsmassnahmen und dem Nutzen der digitalen Medien zu finden. 153 fler ord


Modi heads for Central Asia; energy, connectivity, anti-terror on agenda

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to the five ‘stans” of Central Asia — Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan — next week will see energy security high on the agenda plus talks on the North-South connectivity corridor that will give India access to the resource-rich region and beyond. 6 fler ord