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Wednesday, September 28

Today’s agenda:

  • Research follow up
    • It’s okay to be broad right now – take time to get familiar with the topic, its history, and multiple points of view so that you can better decide what audiences you want to reach and what purposes you want to achieve.
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PicNic Literário

Um evento gratuito acontecerá no Bosque da Barra da Tijuca dia 09 de Outubro, Domingo. Será o primeiro Pic Nic literário, próximo ao lago do Bosque, a partir das 10 hs. 19 fler ord


Week (end) Agenda | 26th Sept - 2nd Oct

Welcome to another cultural agenda for the week! Here you find a selection of interesting events, which will trigger you to explore mostly smaller and alternative venues in the city (these are my favorite).  413 fler ord


September 26, 2016

I can identify prime and composite numbers.

  1. Read Aloud:  The Librarian Who Measure the Ear
  2. Buzz Math:  Prime & Composite Numbers (3 activities due Thursday)
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Monday 9/26/16

Aurora Providence | Free Mondays | Debate Night Special with The Mighty Good Boys | 9 PM | Free

screening the 1st presidential debate live starting at 9pm followed by some good ol american music  96 fler ord

agenda Mon/Tue 26/7 Sep: be sure to bring HAMLET book

learning goal: what basic decisions will do most to stage the opening 80 lines of Hamlet meaningfully?

enact/direct opening Hamlet scene, for which we began preparing in the previous class: together or in competing troupes


agenda Mon/Tue Sep 26/7: locating truth "In a Grove"

learning goal: where do you find the truth in Akutagawa’s short story, ”In a Grove”?

email exercise

film: Rashomon