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Gay Activism Part of Illuminati Conspiracy

From, May 17, 2015

The transformation of society by the promotion of homosexuality ranges from arrested development to blackmail, as the ”First Comment” below reveals.”There is a new Stalinism of political correctness, and part of this Stalinism, a pink or rainbow politburo. 618 fler ord



Dia 8, viernes, Recital en la Universidad Alfonso X el Sabio.

Dia 17, domingo, Concierto Orquesta UAX, Teatro Carlos III, Aranjuez.

Dia 24, domingo, Concierto Quinteto Elegante, Teatro Carlos III, Aranjuez. 12 fler ord



All changes begins with a plan… The success of which depends on several things… Depth of commitment.. Passion for one cause… Willingness to embrace a new path.. 10 fler ord

Life Thoughts

End of the Year

Dear Maroon Team students and parents,

We can’t believe the school year is over already.  It has been a great year! Don’t forget to come by and say ”Hi” next year.   13 fler ord


Agenda and Introduction


The Devil’s advocate is an individual who presents a contestive argument with the intention of sparking a more quality debate, or to test the strength of the opposition’s argument. 639 fler ord