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The reason nobody pays attention to it, is because it’s all agenda oriented.

~ Sharon Lee Davies-Tight


I'm Speechless

Home News Local News Wal-Mart refuses to order class ring because of West Morgan’s Rebels mascot

Via Jeffery

West Morgan High graduate Aaron Browder said he was at a loss for words when he and his mother were turned away from Wal-Mart’s jewelry counter in Decatur and told by an employee his class ring could not be ordered because his high school mascot — the Rebel — is controversial and is a symbol of racism. 121 fler ord


Join us in shaking out your winter blues on Tuesday 4 August

The solstice has long passed and we are rapidly picking up pace through the back half of winter towards our club competition.

For our meeting next Tuesday, we have dug deep for the agenda. 61 fler ord

'Dark money': Conservative group wants image makeover - By TARINI PARTI 7/30/15 5:15 AM EDT Updated 7/30/15 5:15 AM EDT

The goal is to reduce negative perceptions about anonymous contributions.

The Koch brothers-backed group that helped launch the push for voter ID laws and “stand your ground” statutes has a new project: defending the anonymous “dark money” in politics. 216 fler ord

Campaign Finance


A l’initiative de François LAURENT (@MisDead), co-président de l’ADETEM, nous présenterons nos nouvelles méthodologies d’études consommateurs, rendues possibles par les objets connectés. 181 fler ord


Planning Ahead: Tips for Organizing Your Agenda

August 1, 2015 is almost here! AKA the day Lilly girls everywhere will be able to use their beautiful agendas.  Whether you’ve chosen the perfect preppy Lilly Pulitzer agenda, or you’ve opted for a more subtle Kate Spade, it’s now time to fill its crisp pages with all of your exciting parties, dates, work events, exam dates, etc.   651 fler ord


Man Barricades Himself In Own Home

Nothing happens, no one cares! (G. Carlin)  :-)

Reportedly, a man died, and wasn’t discovered for several days.  Upon inventorying his belongings, authorities discovered 1200 firearms! 106 fler ord