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Wishlist: Filofax A5 Holborn Zip in Wine

Hi everyone!

I’ve been promoted! December our Assistant Manager left and I took the reigns assisting the Branch Manager. I’m all moved into my new little office area now and more and more work is coming my way… Par for the course! 72 fler ord


WEEK 4 (2/10-2/15)


  • Review of HTML site so far and CSS so far.
  • How do you save, open and edit someone else’s site?
  • How do you use the element inspector in Chrome?
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Class Agendas

Zika: Why Biotech is Imperative to National Security

From New Eastern Outlook, by Ulson Gunnar

When we think of national security, we think of tanks, jets, missile defense systems and more recently, information space. 1 630 fler ord

World At WAR

Hong Kong - Missing Booksellers

This news post is a little overdue, however, the subject matter is still active as I write. Regardless, this situation is something that I’ll keep tabs on. 344 fler ord

February 9 Agenda

Continuing our Illustrator business!

  1. Your Pokemons should be done. We’ll talk about how to export them and post them to your WordPress site.
  2. then on to our logos.
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Six reasons you can't take the Litvinenko report seriously

From the Guardian, by William Dunkerley

An inquiry into the assassination of Alexander Litvinenko in the heart of London in 2006 has concluded that he was “probably” murdered on the personal orders of Vladimir Putin. 1 163 fler ord

World At WAR