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Talk: How to use Sprint Retrospective to create a continuous improvement culture

The talk covered the following points.

  • Why Sprint Retrospective is key to continuous improvement in your Team and organization?
  • What different Retrospective models you can use?
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Worldwide availability of the 2nd edition of “Scrum - A Pocket Guide” (in various formats)

In 2013 I accidentally created a book, ”Scrum – A Pocket Guide” (subtitled: A Smart Travel Companion). Creating my book, accidentally or otherwise, had many unanticipated (mostly positive) consequences, for which I am very grateful. 144 fler ord


6 Ways to Be More Agile

You don’t need to have iterative and incremental development practices, or even a project, to be Agile. Don’t focus on what the Agile frameworks say, focus on what is the best way. 774 fler ord


World Creativity & Innovation Day 2019

I recently learned that this coming Sunday is World Creativity & Innovation Day. Fabulous!

The purpose for World Creativity and Innovation Day was, and still is, to remind and encourage people to use their creativity to make the world a better place and to make their place in the world better, too. 160 fler ord


Agile Transformation in BIG Organizations

Have your ever faced a situation where senior management simply asked you to become ”agile” without any organization restructure?

Have you ever encountered situation where processes did not change yet you were expected to deliver projects in an ”agile” way? 433 fler ord


Breaking an Agile Mindset down.

In our training which is based on the ICAgile foundations training, we talk about how an agile mindset is a growth mindset, we talk as everyone does when you mention the growth mindset about Carold Dwecks work. 166 fler ord

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