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Happy Friday!

I am very sorry this post is a little late today, I’ve fallen rather behind with my blogging and reading but plan on getting back on form in June. 258 fler ord

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A bit of Spring, courtesy of Manito Park

There is a person for every type of park, and that’s a fact.

And then there’s Manito Park, which is for every type of person. … 83 fler ord



If there`s one thing the British as a whole can identify with and make the tears flow copiously, it`s an heroic military failure; and despite the tub thumping martial reverence for it`s supposed great military exploits, nothing gets a Brit`s blood pumping quite so strongly as a glorious military defeat. 353 fler ord


Victoriana, Coming Soon

My second book, Victoriana, will be published later this month by Castle Imprint. The official release date is May 21. From the Castle Imprint website: 104 fler ord

Nineteenth Century

Collection adds letter from Queen Victoria to Lincoln’s Alfred Lord Tennyson

A letter from Queen Victoria to Lincoln’s Alfred Lord Tennyson has been bought by Lincolnshire County Council for the Tennyson Collection.

A two-page letter, dated March 1884, detailing the Queen’s ‘terrible sorrows’ after her youngest son died, written to the famous Lincolnshire-born poet, has been added to the Tennyson archive in the city. 160 fler ord

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