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Kanye West's Struggle Presidential Campaign Reportedly Dropping $500K To Get On Arizona Ballot

The Kanye West 2020 sh*t show that is his presidential campaign is pushing on… unfortunately. 

TMZ is reporting that Kanye West is still on his mission to try and… 258 fler ord


Petitioners Hop On Private Jet To Secure Signatures To Get Kanye West On Montana's Ballot

Kanye West’s bootleg presidential bid is pushing on. In a scramble to get West on more presidential ballots, his team of petitioners is now using a private jet to hop across the country to help continue this mess. 408 fler ord


You Kidding...Right?: Nick Cannon Says Kanye West Has His Vote For President

We sincerely hope this is a case of Nick Cannon showcasing his sarcasm.

TMZ caught up with Cannon at LAX on Friday (Aug.8) and asked the mogul a series of quick questions. 346 fler ord


It came, and it went.

As most in Finland, that are of age to work fulltime, I all so had 4 weeks of paid vacation, and this year I enjoyed it in July. 651 fler ord


Trumplethinskin Criticized NBA Players For Kneeling During The National Anthem & THIS Was Doc Rivers' Response

Everyday we’re more and more shocked, embarrassed, and disgusted that Donald Trump is the leader of the so-called ”free” world. Today is no different.

After the world celebrated our Forever President, Barack Obama, … 306 fler ord


Donald Trump Says Hes Going To Ban TikTok, The Company Says It's Not Going Anywhere

The hater-in-chief, Donald Trump, announced out of nowhere he is going to ban TikTok. The social media company has responded and said, not so fast.  666 fler ord