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'Gossip Girl' Boss On Creating A 'Marvel'-Like Universe With Reboot: All The New Details

Hey, Upper East Siders, word is ”Gossip Girl” is getting a very timely update when it returns next year.

WarnerMedia’s upcoming streaming service, HBO Max, gave a straight-to-series order this summer for  1 370 fler ord


The Future of the Paid Listens program

The RadioPublic Paid Listens program will conclude on November 30, 2019. Participating podcasters, head down to the end of the article to learn about your next steps. 451 fler ord


Donovan Mitchell and Utah stifle Warriors gritty comeback, 113-109

For a team that’s coming off a 48-point loss at the end of a week-long road trip, the Golden State Warriors gave as much effort as you could possibly ask for against the Utah Jazz. 386 fler ord




ELler vad tycker du om det här? Fattar du att universum är oändligt eller är det viktigaste i ditt liv vilka gardiner du ska hänga på väggen? 15 fler ord


Audio Surfaces of Robert Kraft 'Ripping' His Buddy Donald Trump At 2017 NFL Summit

Massage parlor enthusiast and owner of the New England Patriots, Robert Kraft usually has nothing but supportive things to say about his buddy, Donald Trump. 377 fler ord


'How to Get Away With Murder' creator teases fall finale: 'Their lives are over as they know it'

Murder night is back.

How to Get Away With Murder‘s fall finales have never been short on drama, from revealing Sam’s (Tom Verica) true killer to the identity of #WhosUndertheSheet. 1 587 fler ord


Akon Says He Plans To Run For President & Create His Own Wakanda

Donald Trump has set a precedent that it’s not necessary you dedicate your entire life to politics in order to become president of the United States. 302 fler ord

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