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SHULAMITH FIRESTONE on androginy, anarchy, film and cybernation

Shulamith Firestone

When dealing with Shulamith Firestone, one has to bear in mind that they are dealing not with a liberal or a progressivist, but with a fully fledged radical. 1 171 fler ord



was my middle
name. i used to think you oughta

stir shit up. now i know

anarchy is over

revolution will
occur naturally now and… 23 fler ord

The Anarchist Experience - 261

The Anarchist Experience Episode 261
Year 6 Week 11

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MC and Rich are joined by Ken Schoolland once again. We discuss the advantages and drawbacks to the current education model under the current circumstances, when we believe these circumstances will change, what the biggest lasting impact COVID-19 will have on society, and whether or not this is an appropriate time to protest government overreach. 30 fler ord


Near window 15


Well – what are you doing?

Not very much. I’ve been lying on the carpet for 45 minutes. The sun square came and went. I opened a book for 7 minutes. 586 fler ord

Nosotras Somos / We are the ones

Por June Jordan   For Audio Click here

Poema para mujeres sudafricanas/ Poem for South African Women

En conmemoración a las 40,000 mujeres y niñ@s quienes en el 9 de agosto de 1956, se presentaron en protesta contra el ”dompass*” en la capital de la segregación racial. 614 fler ord


The Anarchist Experience - 260

The Anarchist Experience Episode 260
Year 6 Week 10

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MC and Rich are joined once again by Ken Schoolland to discuss the latest and potential police actions during the lockdown, should you be held legally liable for getting someone sick, can inflating the currency really be a beneficial move, and what exactly would a Free Market Anarchist response to this chaos look like. 30 fler ord


Sunday 29th March - The Virus is the new Brexit


I’m done out here.

I’ve tried to be upbeat.

I’ve gone along with the party line in an attempt to be a team-player.

I… 419 fler ord