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John Oliver: 'Vaccines are one of humanity’s most incredible accomplishments'

On Sunday’s Last Week Tonight, host John Oliver took aim at those who don’t believe in vaccines, a.k.a. anti-vaxxers, and how their fears continues to rise because of Donald Trump’s stance on the issue. 518 fler ord


Anti-Vaccine Movement Timeline and History

When did the anti-vaccine movement start?

Some people will be surprised to learn that it didn’t start with Bob Sears, or Jenny McCarthy, or even with Andy Wakefield. 3 897 fler ord

Vaccine Myths

Vaccination Frustration due to Misinformation

It has taken a good minute for my blood to cool enough to be able to write this post. Anyone who knows me knows that I am passionate about public health and disease prevention, and they also know I don’t suffer fools easily. 1 359 fler ord


Relish your duels with vaccine apologists

When vaccine apologists offer you an opportunity to engage on vaccines (… something I relish more than you know) and proceed to dish out the anticipated ”herd immunity” and ”debunked study, defrauded doctor” lines, graciously accept the duels. 56 fler ord


One of every two children will have autism by 2032 (or sooner)

” has gone in the 1970s from a prevalence of one in 10,000, a rare disorder… Now to, following an exponential increase, according the CDCs data, such that the risk for autism in a child born today, based up these data, is one in 25. 229 fler ord

The words that got Andrew Wakefield in trouble (It wasn't the study)

“My concerns are that one more case of this is too many. And you put children at no greater risk if we disassociate those vaccines (measles/mumps/rubella—MMR) into three. 57 fler ord

Those in judgment of Andrew Wakefield were corrupt

”People talk about conspiracy, and let’s just put that to one side. Let’s just say there’s a ruthless, pragmatic effort to protect your bottom line…. and that’s what matters to you, protecting policy and profit. 275 fler ord