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Rion's Feature Image Ripped Off

Just a couple days ago, I talked on this blog about what’s happening with autism advocate Fiona O’Leary and Cinema Libre Studios what are threatening her for daring to have an opinion about the Andrew Wakefield movie, ”Vaxxed.”  They sent her a letter saying they was going to sue her for saying things what made them and Andrew Wakefield and Del Bigtree and Polly Tommey upset. 227 fler ord


Attention Grabbing Antics

Adding to yesterday’s blog entry, I wanted to talk about the photo opp Andrew Wakefield and Del Bigtree did to grab some attention for themselves and that movie they made called, ”Vaxxed.”  Here’s the picture what came up in the search engine. 197 fler ord


Vaxxed Is Vexxed

So them people what made the movie ”Vaxxed” seems to be very upset with some autism advocates what doesn’t like the movie.  They says they has the right to put their opinion in a documentary and they has the right to criticize scientifical facts, but nobody else has got the right to an opinion and they doesn’t have the right to criticize the movie.  246 fler ord


Feeding an evil narrative

Sorry I haven’t posted for over a month. Life has a habit of getting in the way sometimes.
I learnt about this noxious video from… 428 fler ord


Westminster Commission and Autism (Part 4)

Sounds to me like them what’s made this report knows about as much about autism as Andrew Wakefield and them others what made the movie, ”Vaxxed.” 124 fler ord


Your Vaccination Status is a Matter of Life and Death to My Autistic Son

This guest post was written by Alethea Mshar out of concern for her son Ben.  A version of this post originally appeared on her blog… 1 075 fler ord

Preventable Diseases

MMR and Autism

I’ll lay out my position right at the start so those who have already made up their minds to the contrary are prepared for my vitriol: MMR does… 1 462 fler ord