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My Lifelong Friend Autism: Brain Difference is not Brain Damage

This morning, I had a bit of free time on my hands and decided to make some progress on my To Do list to get ready for my year of study in Australia. 855 fler ord


Wakefield, Quebec: A community divided on vaccination


Getting her baby that first measles vaccine was one of the toughest decisions Tasha Forget has ever had to make.

The new mother was scared to the pit of her stomach — scared of what might happen after ”the jab,” and scared of what might happen without one. 2 104 fler ord

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Opinion: There should be a limit to free speech when it endangers public health

The so-called debate over whether children should be vaccinated against common diseases, such as measles, is outrageous and can only serve to undermine public health. 944 fler ord


Callous Disregard & Waging War on the Autistic Child

Paperback – 13 Jul 2011 by Andrew Wakefield (Author)


Families affected by the autism epidemic have suffered great hardship and prejudice, particularly as they have navigated the uncertain waters of diagnosis, treatment, and education. 117 fler ord


Because I said so: The vaccination debate and a waning trust in science

Written By Dr. Erika E. Alexander

A few weeks ago, I opened my Facebook page to find a war in progress. Shared posts from CNN, Time Magazine, the New York Times, and a wide variety of blogs about vaccination and the “anti-vaxxer” movement littered my timeline.   1 167 fler ord

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Dr. Stefan Lanka Exposes The "Viral Fraud"Pictures of "Isolated Viruses" Debunked

Dr. Stefan Lanka, virologist and molecular biologist, is internationally mostly known as an ”AIDS dissident” (and maybe ”gentechnology dissident”) who has been questioning the very existence of ”HIV” since 1994. 1 308 fler ord


Three Ways Pharma Is After Your DNA: Mandated GMO Vaccines, Police Brutality, Supreme Court Ruling

Source: EbolaGate
March 4, 2015

Forced Blood Draws, DNA Collection ….: What Country Is This?

Pharma’s intense desire to control human DNA is leading right now to three things – laws to mandate patented GMO (patented) vaccines to everyone, police brutality to snatch DNA, and the Supreme Court okaying taking it from everyone. 184 fler ord