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The Vaccine-Autism Myth Started 20 Years Ago. Here's Why It Still Endures Today

By Jonathan D. Quick, MD, MPH

Anti-vaccination headlines—like “HPV vaccine leaves another 17-year-old-girl paralyzed”—populate the Internet. That, and “Mom researches vaccines, discovers vaccination horrors, goes vaccine free,” are just a few examples of the fake science news stories shared this month on… 894 fler ord

Hierarchy of Evidence and Vaccine Papers

Evidence is evidence, right?


There is a hierarchy of evidence, from weakest to strongest, that help folks make decisions about science and medicine.

That’s why you can’t just search Google or… 583 fler ord

Vaccine Education


”MMR vaccine causes autism!”. Ah yes, Andrew Wakefield’s disgraced study but has fake science truly gone away?

What was the issue with Wakefield’s article?

Andrew Wakefield published a case series in the Lancet that focused on the MMR vaccine. 436 fler ord


In the wake of Wakefield

Colin and I were just interviewed on BBC Radio 4 for a commemoration of sorts. It’s been 20 years since Andrew Wakefield published his infamous paper, ” 436 fler ord


Which Vaccine Is the Most Dangerous?

In 2002, Dan Rather did a report for 60 Minutes on ”The Most Dangerous Vaccine.”

Can you guess which vaccine he was reporting on?

Which Vaccine Is the Most Dangerous? 587 fler ord

Side Effects

The Sharyl Attkisson Journalism Award

With rare exception, the media has long played a big influence in feeding the anti-vaccination movement.

”The media created the MMR hoax, and they maintained it diligently for 10 years.”

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Vaccine Misinformation

Retracted Anti-Vaccine Studies

Everyone knows that Andy Wakefield‘s fraudulent MMR study was retracted.

That’s the study that got folks scared into thinking that vaccines are associated with… 373 fler ord