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'Neurotribes' Steve Silberman: Defying Classification

Steve Silberman’s Neurotribes was the recipient of this year’s Samuel Johnson Prize for Non-fiction writing and the first winner classified as a science book to do so. 944 fler ord


Vaccines Which You Stick In Your Arm And Make You Stronger

Attention people! I have an announcement to make.

Vaccines are wonderful things that help prevent you from getting deadly illnesses like Tetanus (Which kills 200,000 newborns a year in developing places without the vaccine), and Measles (Which kills 400 people a day in developing places without the vaccine.) 926 fler ord

Serious Topics

Deep (Conspira)Sea Fishing: A Fundraising Drive

A large, diverse conference of people with very unusual beliefs is coming up. I want to attend as research for my book and blog posts on Violent Metaphors. 1 998 fler ord


Edward Jenner

You will probably be aware of news items surrounding vaccinations – most likely the MMR controversy initiated by Andrew Wakefield in 1998. This issue resurfaced in 2013 when there was a measles outbreak in Wales, after some parents decided not to vaccinate their children. 462 fler ord


There was once a time when hygiene was scarce, medical treatment consisted of religious leaders performing rituals, and disease was rampant. Thankfully, humanity has lifted itself out of the Dark Ages with the rise of the most successful public health program in history; immunization. 437 fler ord

Jim Carrey, Please Shut Up About Vaccines

Say this for the anti-vax clown car: it never seems to run out of new punchinellos to climb inside. If it’s not scientific fabulist Andrew Wakefield, he of the fraudulent study that got the whole vaccine-autism myth started, it’s Jenny McCarthy, she of the supposedly vaccine-injured son whose autism was cured in part by—yes!—a gluten-free diet because, um, gluten is bad, very bad. 657 fler ord