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Competing Anti-Vaccine Autism Theories

Vaccines don’t cause autism.

We know that.

Well, most of us know that.

But did you know that there are actually competing theories from anti-vaccine folks about how they think vaccines ‘cause autism?’ 650 fler ord

Vaccine Myths

Who was Ignaz Semmelweis?

Anti-vaccine folks don’t seem to like most medical doctors.

There are some that they simply love though.

No, I’m not talking about Andrew Wakefield1 126 fler ord

Vaccine Myths

The Myth of an Autism Epidemic

We hear stories about the rise in autism and the autism epidemic all of the time.

Every few years, the CDC had been releasing a new report which showed a higher prevalence of autism in the United States, including: 844 fler ord

Health Library

Worst Vaccine Books

There are many books to help you get educated about vaccines and avoid getting influenced by vaccine scare stories and anti-vaccine talking points.

Some can even help you understand why you are afraid of vaccines. 1 302 fler ord

Vaccine Myths

Vaccine Scare Stories

We know why some parents are hesitant to get their kids vaccinated and protected against vaccine preventable diseases.

”In today’s world, smallpox has been eradicated due to a successful vaccination program and vaccines have effectively controlled many other significant causes of morbidity and mortality.

1 121 fler ord
Vaccine Myths

John Oliver: 'Vaccines are one of humanity’s most incredible accomplishments'

On Sunday’s Last Week Tonight, host John Oliver took aim at those who don’t believe in vaccines, a.k.a. anti-vaxxers, and how their fears continues to rise because of Donald Trump’s stance on the issue. 518 fler ord


Anti-Vaccine Movement Timeline and History

When did the anti-vaccine movement start?

Some people will be surprised to learn that it didn’t start with Bob Sears, or Jenny McCarthy, or even with Andy Wakefield. 3 925 fler ord

Vaccine Myths