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Vaccination and Anti-Vaccination

The topic of vaccination has become an increasingly touchy subject, with a lot of fear mongering and ignorance from both sides.  Both sides seem to prefer hurling insults at each other than discussing the subject with any form of civility.   1 140 fler ord

Andrew Wakefield

Why Donald Trump's Choice of RFK Jr. as Vaccine Czar Is a Terrible Idea

There’s been a mesmerizing kind of destructive physics at play in the appointments Donald Trump has made since winning the White House. Just as a particle of matter and a particle of antimatter will destroy each other instantly on contact, so too can precisely the wrong person appointed to precisely the wrong position blow up the very purpose of the job that’s supposed to be getting done. 877 fler ord

The Problem with Trump and Vaccines

President-elect Donald Trump has repeatedly linked vaccines with autism. It’s incorrect, alarming and dangerous. To address his misconceptions and ensure the health of children worldwide, he should attend our Vaccines and Synthetic Biology Meeting. 865 fler ord

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Attacks on Journalist Brian Deer Based on Poor Scholarship and Unethical Behavior

Every Child By Two is pleased to launch another article in their Expert Commentary series featuring guest writer Joel A. Harrison, PhD, MPH, a retired epidemiologist who has worked in the areas of preventive medicine, infectious diseases, medical outcomes research, and evidence-based clinical practice guidelines.  755 fler ord
Preventable Diseases

Inquiry: Earning the Right to Believe

Crazy belief or not?
“Ground up unicorn horn will detect the presence of poison.”
In early modern Europe, belief in unicorns and the virtue of their horns was widely accepted. 1 186 fler ord

Vaccines and the 2016 Political Climate

The anti-vaccination movement continues strong in 2016, with it especially playing into the politics of the year. Politicians do listen to their constituents, and a non-trivial number of them are concerned about the safety of vaccines. 335 fler ord

Andrew Wakefield