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One More Time: MMR Vaccine and Autism

”The wall which divides the knowledgeable  from the uninformed has been constructed by those on the outside and the building blocks of this wall are opinions! 890 fler ord

Cultural Literacy

ConspiraSea Cruise Day 5 Part 2: I Took The Bait

Colin here, taking over the job Jennifer’s graciously been doing by editing and posting my own writing. I’m no longer on the ConspiraSea Cruise doing research for a book on irrational beliefs. 2 995 fler ord


Zika- another mosquito borne disease

What is the most deadly animal on the planet? No, not snakes or sharks it is the tiny mosquito. According to the World Health Organization, mosquito bites result in the deaths of more than… 578 fler ord

The Anti-Vaccine Movement: A Lesson in Ignorance


Parents want what is best for their children. In the modern era where many first world families with the means to do so pursue healthy lifestyles centered on organic food, natural household care products, and homeopathic remedies, some have begun to question the safety and regulation of vaccines. 1 983 fler ord

Issue 4 (Fall 2015)

Study suggests taking anti-depressants during pregnancy increases autism risk

Pregnant women already have a long list of don’ts they’re often told to obey: no alcohol, no unpasteurized cheeses, no sushi, no caffeine, no hot baths, no hotdogs. 871 fler ord

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'Neurotribes' Steve Silberman: Defying Classification

Steve Silberman’s Neurotribes was the recipient of this year’s Samuel Johnson Prize for Non-fiction writing and the first winner classified as a science book to do so. 944 fler ord


Vaccines Which You Stick In Your Arm And Make You Stronger

Attention people! I have an announcement to make.

Vaccines are wonderful things that help prevent you from getting deadly illnesses like Tetanus (Which kills 200,000 newborns a year in developing places without the vaccine), and Measles (Which kills 400 people a day in developing places without the vaccine.) 926 fler ord

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