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Some people thinks the way to cure autism is to bleach’n’leach the autism right out autistics.  Most of them people also is against vaccines I been told, and some of them is big followers of that movie, ” 247 fler ord

Save Rion McNeally

Andrew Wakefield thankful the truth about vaccines is out

Imagine a warm, sunny day in the future. Andrew Wakefield calls a press conference. He walks out, stands there, solemn, eyes downcast, a slight hint of a smile. 358 fler ord

Brian Deer

Obstetric Tetanus Is Still a Thing in the United States

Yes, even though we have had a tetanus vaccine for over 80 years, obstetric tetanus is still a thing in the United States.

Obstetric Tetanus in Kentucky… 763 fler ord


Free speech, censorship & the right to be wrong...

by Catte

Do we have a responsibility to silence views we consider morally repugnant or simply untrue? Claims that the Holocaust didn’t happen are insane and revolting. 2 292 fler ord

Media Watch

Is Vaccine-Linked Autism About To Be Exposed?

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention declared that there is no connection between and vaccines and autism, however actor Robert De Niro — who is the father of an autistic child — asks, “Where is the science?”. 36 fler ord


Crap Doctor Nobly Risks Children's Lives To Line Wallet

Andrew Wakefield, the former doctor struck off for fraudulently claiming his research proved the MMR vaccine caused autism in children, has returned to the UK to promote a whole range of exciting new medical developments. 188 fler ord