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Episode 69 - TGIL Series Ep. 7 - Can You See The Star Next To The Moon From Where You Are?

Look up at the sky right now. Can you see the star next to the moon from where you are?

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Thanks, y’all! 10 fler ord


Birthday Art

Last week was my birthday.  I learned a long time ago that I don’t want to wait around to have friends/family bring celebration to me; if I want a particular celebration, then I just make it happen.  248 fler ord

283 Pages. Again

Sometimes. You write things you hate. Like, literally:

Who will ever read that?


There was an artist who said every canvas should start painted black.

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The good thing about being an August recluse, rather than Flixbussing to Germany or camping in a thunderstorm on a Wales farmstead, is that I can drink coffee, use nearby hygienic bathroom facilities, go swimming and have healthy food. 332 fler ord

Coastal Walk

Another lovely coastal walk today, instead of our usual walk to Tynemouth along Longsands we headed left towards Whitley Bay and took the scenic route along the rocks.


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