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Green Goddess
January 2018



Written by Jacob Ibrag

The worst part of lying is

knowing the truth. Bandages and

broken bones. The worst part of lying

is believing it yourself. 108 fler ord


Judge me not for I too have caused harm.

Once upon a love,

I too played by the rules and hushed out truths

Of a broken vein life, paddling my way through the teardrops storm.

30 fler ord

How To Create A Showreel

Showreels are short, amalgamated videos which gather together all of the best work of someone working in a visual art-form.

The best showreels are either based upon a speciality that covers numerous artforms(Like how a photographer with a showreel of war photography could in theory be hired as a director of photography for a war movie.) Or have a showreel that follows one artform in numerous specialities(Someone talented of drawing could have a showreel of animated characters, concept sketches and even more.) 416 fler ord


Reading Crochet Patterns in... (#1) Swedish

Other than crochet, my other major hobby is actually learning languages, so of course I am curious of what crochet terms are in my favorite languages! 305 fler ord