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War of the Worlds

Late last year I was inspired to re-read H.G.Wells’ ”War of the Worlds” by my son’s incessant listening to the Jeff Wayne musical version (with which I am much more familiar, and had indeed passed onto him much as I first heard my father’s vinyl copy as a boy and pored over the horrific illustrations in the accompanying booklet). 119 fler ord


Everyone with anxiety will relate to Jamie Squire's Brain Fluff

Having an anxiety disorder can feel a lot like living with a monster.

The monster is intent on disrupting your day. They pop up with panic attacks just when you really, really could do without one. 989 fler ord



This spectacular street art uses its surroundings to it’s advantage. By incorporating objects such as trees or railings to into the overall design the art… 13 fler ord

Street Art

three monostichs by Karim Ben Abdallah

In my glass cabin, I cannot hear the storm.

Sick and disabled, I laugh under the sun.

Dark at night, my head is stuck in my butt. 82 fler ord


Sleepy heads in Weaved Blanket beds

This morning we got creative and tried some weaving. We drew someone fast asleep on a pillow, then used some paper to weave a nice, cosy blanket. 8 fler ord


The Spiritual Legacy of Mary Oliver

Mary Oliver. Photo by Rachel Giese Brown |
The late poet’s work inspired a deeper understanding of attention, suffering, interconnectedness, and hope.
By Lauren Krauze… 775 fler ord

EYE View


A nighttime look at what’s happening (not that much) on one side of the EYE Filmmuseum…