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Unusual aspects of being a banker... (let's talk tuesday)

Yesterday, an often regular old lady entered the bank and the first thing she uttered was ”Hey you are wearing a beautiful top that makes you look pretty”. 679 fler ord


That TD Bank Commercial With "Rhythm Is A Dancer"

When this TD Bank ad came on, I immediately started bobbing my head. So it’s easy to see how the banker working after closing time would be dancing around and overall having a grand time. 50 fler ord

The 360 Movement with My International Banking Division Mate 😍

Fly high baby fly high, don’t come back to that pain!

Yeah now We’re all look like Victoria’s Secret Class 2018 with Ed Razek LOL… 18 fler ord


Augustus William Kamp (Ritzinger), (1848-1912)

I added a new page on Augustus William Kamp. He was a retired banker and an operator of a millinery business. He lived at… 41 fler ord



09/11/18 проходила розсилка троянського шкідливого коду типу #Emotet
Метод доставки – документ із макросом з передачею команд на powershell.
Ступінь загрози – високий (для компаній, що не блокують макроси). 64 fler ord


Crazy Things I Have Heard Vol III

I have a unique voice and everyone loves pointing it out. Sometimes people think I have a learning disability, some times people think I come from another country. 284 fler ord