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Navy Beaufort Waxed Jacket by Barbour

Here in the UK, we know all about rain. We’re extremely accustomed to it, to the point where some of us, like me, actually quite like it. 300 fler ord


Reunion side trip, Michigan, 1946

I recently posted a photo taken at the 1946 Foster Cousins Reunion at Lake Higgins near Roscommon, Michigan. That photo portrayed almost everyone who attended. This one — another from my cousin Nancy — is most likely from one of the ‘field trips’ made to someplace away from the resort each day. 268 fler ord


The Importance of a Dress Code

The progress that has been made by fashion over the past years is astounding and these developments have led to the emergence of some trends that have been taken up different social groups around the world. 483 fler ord