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The Decline of the New Left

The following is a transcript of an oration given by the late Jonathan Bowden in Lancashire, at a meeting for the British National Party in 2009. 6 364 fler ord

World Affairs

Nick Griffin & Jack Sen - The Battle for the Future of Europe

Nick Griffin, described at various times as ”the most dangerous man in British politics” and ”the most successful far-right leader in British history,” has been active in radical nationalist politics since he joined the National Front in 1974 at the age of 15. 468 fler ord


BNP: Far-right racist political party officially 'defunct'

VIJAY SHAH via GapBaGap.com

The U.K. far-right anti-immigration political organisation the British National Party (BNP) has been officially declared defunct after party members failed to pay its… 860 fler ord


World weeps as British National Party officially no longer exists

Following a long descent into insignificance, the far-right British National Party is officially no more.

Announcing the news with a whimper rather than a bang, the Electoral Commission tweeted: 224 fler ord


British National Party Bleeding out Defectors. Ahhh, Once they hit that Age....

I’d hate to be one of these goosestepping Eagle polishers.

Then again, I’d hate to be loved by them even more… 6 fler ord


Under the gurdwara dome: a walk through Southall, London

If you were to be parachuted anywhere in London, outside the ring described by the Circle Line, I’m sure that you’d have a tough time understanding where you have landed. 1 294 fler ord