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New book on British fascism since the 1960s

Just a quick announcement that the Routledge’s series, Studies in Fascism and the Far Right, will be publishing an edited volume by Nigel Copsey and Matthew Worley, … 46 fler ord


Some of the BNP's 2005 election pledges are now mainstream policy

More than a decade ago the BNP were on the fringe of British politics peddling a message that was considered fascist and hateful.

But fast forward to 2017 and it is being argued that those same pledges have become mainstream policies favoured by the big political parties to win elections. 1 634 fler ord


Religion, law and national identity in the archived Web: new article

I’m delighted to say that an article of mine has appeared this week in a new collection of essays, edited by Niels Brügger and Ralph Schroeder: … 711 fler ord

Archbishops Of Canterbury

Stoke City release statement after BNP candidate uses their car park

Stoke City have released a statement distancing themselves from the BNP after a candidate for the far-right group used the Premier League club’s car park for an election video. 202 fler ord