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Religion, law and national identity in the archived Web: new article

I’m delighted to say that an article of mine has appeared this week in a new collection of essays, edited by Niels Brügger and Ralph Schroeder: … 711 fler ord

Archbishops Of Canterbury

Mark Wilson

A British born white nationalist activist. Wilson was born and raised in the UK, where from a young age he was active in his local British National Party (BNP) chapter. 114 fler ord

Stoke City release statement after BNP candidate uses their car park

Stoke City have released a statement distancing themselves from the BNP after a candidate for the far-right group used the Premier League club’s car park for an election video. 202 fler ord


UKIP dropping the campaign for Article50 is political suicide 

Paul Nuttall announced his leadership of UKIP this week with a policy reversal leading to the political graveyard and it has to be argued if he has taken leave of his limited senses. 827 fler ord

Article 50

British National Party back Heybridge Parish Council candidate

The British National Party (BNP) has given its backing to a Heybridge Parish Council candidate.

Jan Rablin, of Goldhanger Road in Heybridge, has been backed for the Heybridge Parish’s west ward elections by existing parish councillor and… 106 fler ord


Why we should all be putting Britain first

by Annie Dieu-Le-Veut

The terrible murder of the much-loved Labour MP, Jo Cox, on Thursday, has been distastefully and disgracefully hijacked by those desperately scrabbling for a link between her killer, Thomas Mair, and the Leave campaign in the EU referendum. 1 803 fler ord

MAGA And Brexit


On the 23 of June, Brits will be voting in their droves to determine whether we should remain in the European Union, or, sail to a new and unchartered place called Brexit. 1 780 fler ord

Babu Basu