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British National Party Bleeding out Defectors. Ahhh, Once they hit that Age....

I’d hate to be one of these goosestepping Eagle polishers.

Then again, I’d hate to be loved by them even more… 6 fler ord


Under the gurdwara dome: a walk through Southall, London

If you were to be parachuted anywhere in London, outside the ring described by the Circle Line, I’m sure that you’d have a tough time understanding where you have landed. 1 294 fler ord

Paige Chivers murder: man jailed for at least 33 years

Robert Ewing sentenced to life imprisonment for murdering 15-year-old in Blackpool to stop her reporting their sexual contact to police

A man who murdered a 15-year-old girl to stop her reporting their sexual contact has been sentenced to life imprisonment, with a minimum of 33 years in prison. 729 fler ord


Paige murderer jailed for more than three decades

The man who murdered Blackpool teenager Paige Chivers has been jailed for 33 years.

Robert Ewing, 60, was found guilty of murdering the 15-year-old in his Blackpool flat in August 2007. 260 fler ord


Jonathan Bowden, Lancashire BNP meeting, Sept '09, Pt. 3


He would think that they were persons who needed a wash! And when Alec Douglas-Home, who was regarded as being very ”out of touch,” was asked, on the equivalent of Panorama in nineteen-sixty-three, ”What do you think of the recent rise in unemployment?” He said, raising a stick, ”Oh, well there’s room for a new game-keeper on my estate.” That was when the Tories were something different, weren’t they really? 1 841 fler ord


Paige Chivers murder: Neo-nazi paedophile Robert Ewing found guilty of murdering school girl

A neo-Nazi paedophile has been found guilty of murdering a school girl who vanished eight years ago.

Paige Chivers, 15, disappeared in Blackpool in 2007 following a row with her father. 628 fler ord