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Sneaky Racism, I Wish You Wouldn't Show Up in My Facebook Feed

So today, I will be deviating from my usually disability focused writing because stuff like this really pisses me off.

The above image reads

Doesn’t Make Much Sense, Does It??? 1 168 fler ord

Half of parties fighting general election have only one candidate

More than half of parties contesting the general election are putting forward only one candidate, while more than two thirds are fielding fewer than five. 177 fler ord


Black men in kilts tweet goes wrong for Nick Griffin

Warning: Includes expletives

— Nick Griffin (@NickGriffinBU) April 2, 2015

After being booted out of the British National Party (BNP), people thought Nick Griffin would simply disappear from view… this has not been the case.

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David A. Riley

HP Lovecraft was a bigoted piece of shit. He wrote wonderful stories and created a whole genre of cosmic horror/weirdness that has had an invaluable impact upon the genre/horror literature of the 20th-21st Centuries but he was still a bigoted piece of shit. 680 fler ord


Preventing far right extremism? Schools in EDL and BNP heartland only monitoring ethnic minority pupils

EDL supporters from South Yorkshire at a demo in Rotherham, near Barnsley, 2014, by Chris/Flickr

Schools in an area with a history of far-right activism have been singling out black and ethnic minority pupils in monitoring for signs of radicalisation – while suggesting white children are not at risk due to their skin colour. 1 144 fler ord

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