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Jason's Bakery, bro

I stopped off there a couple of days ago for a quick cuppa and one of their celebrated sandwiches. The coffee was excellent and, causing slack jawed awe, on the menu was a Cuban style toasty – generous wafers of pork, emmental cheese layered into a magic kind of pickle and thick mayo and mustard, with a dense Cuban roll to house it. 290 fler ord


Another bro-weekend

Hello ~~ 👋
Friday I ended up at Andreas place, we started out with cleaning the kitchen. It’s easier and more fun to do stuff like that together. 66 fler ord

My Bro

My brother is coming to stay with me from the 6th to the 9th and I’m really excited! Because of reasons that I won’t put on here, me and my 3 birth siblings were all adopted at a young age. 101 fler ord


How Much I Love Being a Big Sister

I love being an older sister! There are many reasons why I love to be a big sister. Some of them are I get to be to be in charge whenever Mom and Dad run on errands, I get to be a great role model for them, I get things before them, and finally I get to make them laugh by entertaining them. 302 fler ord


Head colds are like Frat Bros

Do you ever feel yourself getting sick and you don’t want to go to sleep because colds always take advantage of your unconsciousness?

It’s like being at a party and it’s just you and the cold who haven’t passed out yet and you know that as soon as you do, the cold is going to draw all over you with permanent marker and it’s going to be days and days until it all comes off.