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Different Time

In a different time would you be nicer to me? Say at midnight?

I know you love me but perhaps Monday is a better time for you to express it. 118 fler ord


I don’t like fishing. I don’t like fishing because of childhood trauma. Childhood trauma caused by the old man losing his temper as the bro and I got our fishing lines tangled in weeds for the xth time. Yeah, fishing sucks.


XIII 145-148: just a kind of ..opaque fact

congratulations: brother and his excellent lady.

an island?

a distorted, contorto-neck, sans cranium but mit elbow.

Love’s lips, glasses.

pizza: secure delivery.

a dead chick, found. 18 fler ord


The 'Brosectomy' is a Thing Now and Damn Does it Sound Luxurious

Hey! Fellas who aren’t interested in raising a child, look over here!

If you’re bored at the beach, sick of getting wasted at the bar, or don’t want to spend 20 bucks on… 621 fler ord