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AT&T Fixed Wireless: 2 Month Review

  • Fast and Reliable (compared to DSL)
  • The Data Cap is filled quicker than you think

Living in a rural area means that fast and reliable internet service is something we’ve hoped for and never had until now. 530 fler ord


Dude's wife won't let him go to the World Cup in Russia with his friends, so friends print out a lifesized cutout of dude instead

(Original Story from SportsBible) ‘During the World Cup in 2014 four years back, five mates from Durango made the decision that they would be making the long, arduous journey to Russia in a colourful Mexican-themed bus.

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Today Is National Flip Flop Day, Gross

Listen if a girl has cute feet she has cute feet and the flops don’t matter, but for the rest of you sasquatches, cover up. I’m speaking more towards guys on this one. 208 fler ord

FOX NEWS: Man with revoked license wrecks brother's Ferrari: police

Man with revoked license wrecks brother’s Ferrari: police

Sorry I crashed your Ferrari, bro!


Anthony Bourdain, celebrity chef and CNN host, dead in apparent suicide at 61

I am absolutely crushed by this. Why are all of my hero’s dying? Seriously man, this is just tragic. I fear, that the man he had become, not the Meathead he used to be, could not take the guilt anymore, could not accept that in his youth, he was NOT someone who would be a defender of women, that his silence then became tacit acceptance of Bro Culture, Meathead Culture. 134 fler ord

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Why Liking/Dating the Bro Type is Literally THE WORST

Over the years, many blogs and articles have been written about the ”bro.” He’s the guy that every girl has a crush or has dated at least once in her dating life. 1 152 fler ord

Single Girl Confessions