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Broverbs 23:1-2

Broverbs 23:1-2 Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for I am swole.

It is hard to fear evil when you are a Bro. 52 fler ord



The best way out of a difficult situation is through. The iron teaches you a lot about life. A 300 pound squat will be 300 pounds no matter how you are feeling that day. 46 fler ord


Teaching the Teacher Teachers

I never want to be an administrator. I don’t like paperwork. I don’t like dealing with angry people. I don’t like solving people’s problems, unless their problem is, ”How do you spell ‘necessary?'” I don’t really like making decisions that affect lots of other people, and I wouldn’t like listening to the bitching that would inevitably result. 1 894 fler ord



YAY! It’s my little bro’s birthday today..

I love him so much even though he can be a pain in the neck sometimes.. This one’s for you.. 40 fler ord


di nuovo libero

dopo giorni di influenza e reclusione, finalmente ho riassaggiato il sapore di libertà!

un salto da mio Bro, al bar con gli Amici e poi un giro in macchina a vedere la mia bellissima Città addobbata per il Natale. 7 fler ord


2016 Best Songs of the Year

”All the Way Up” – Fat Joe and Remy Ma feat. French Montana and Infared

”Black Beatles” – Rae Sremmurd feat. Gucci Mane

”Broccoli” – D.R.A.M. 43 fler ord


Kinzi Resistance Bands: Bro or No?

By: Matt Alexander

This one is for the neckbeard that has everything except a gym membership. Wouldn’t you like to get fit without having people stare at you as you struggle to lift the smallest of weights (Bro, do you even bench, bro? 100 fler ord

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