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After Indian Army Cuts Down Purchase of Expensive Weapons; Road Construction Along China Border Also in Soup

The Indian Army listed out expensive weapons to cut down their purchase to compensate the shortage of ammunition, the infrastructure development is also stalled due to the shortage of funds. 312 fler ord



As bubbly the word make-up was, this word is an equally sharp needle that bursts those pretty bubbles. I spoke about being a bro to a lot of my guy friends previously so it only kind of made sense, to write something about it in detail today. 958 fler ord

The Beginning

Welcome to NerdBroLife. My name is Justin. This is me.

I decided to start this blog for those of us that do not neatly fit into either the Nerd or Bro categories, but rather are some sort of mix between the two. 304 fler ord

You Won't See This Obnoxious, Mirror-Obsessed Gym Bro At Planet Fitness

This dude (played by Rusty Joiner) can’t see himself at Planet Fitness. Literally, because there aren’t enough mirrors. He needs mirrors. But it’s a good thing that you won’t be seeing him at Planet Fitness, because would you really want to?

Say it, Don't (Over)Spray it!

Go on any fragrance board and you’ll see plenty of topics from, lets be real here, mostly male ”bros,” asking for ”beast mode” fragrances or ”sillage monsters,” because no ordinary frag will do. 488 fler ord