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”Friends since 91″…

He responded

The asshole who inspired me to write this blog after he fucked me and then never texted……. finally texted! Apparently he has some childhood obsession with the movie Psycho (which is why I’ve been watching Bates Motel recently, for those of you who actually read the shit I write) and when I told him I was going to watch it, he said we should watch it together! 649 fler ord


Bro Taking On A Dog

The boy decided to give Bro Leonidas a treat for his bravery.


Your Greatest Protector Needs To Be You

Dear Malin Reese, Recently, on a flight from Costa Rica to LAX, three guys, all around the same age, sat down in Row 44 of a Boeing 737. 448 fler ord

Christian's Letters

Inspiration Before The Weekend- Everything Is Awesome

May I reiterate; if everyone in your life is an asshole, if generally everyone you get into contact with is a cum guzzling cuntpickle, the problem might be you. 315 fler ord


Travel Through Generations

If theres one thing that surfers like as much as scoring their home break, it would be scoring on a surf trip. Surf trips are a big deal for the largely income-challenged surfing population. 221 fler ord