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WATCH: Surfer Drops A Shoulder For Mid-Wave Tackle After Getting Snaked...

Snaking waves is a big no no, but would you react like this?

How would you react? | Via @surf_daily

A video posted by Garage Entertainment (@garagefilms) on Apr 26, 2016 at 10:18pm PDT…

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Thank you to my cool bro

Claudio, you are have always been the best little bro a girl could have. As a boy, you had two older sisters who pushed you around and a mum that spoiled you. 346 fler ord


Big boobs/Small boobs?

I’m sorry, bro but not every girl is going to have big boobs, a round butt, thick thighs, flat stomach or a clear face……. but that doesn’t mean she’s ugly. 140 fler ord

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