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The Bach Eatery, Newtown

The Bach Eatery is at the southern end of King Street, near Earl’s Juke Joint, Bloodwood and the Newtown Social Club.  I assumed it was ‘bark’ but apparently it’s ‘batch’, which is apparently Kiwi for a beach house.   247 fler ord


WATCH: This Bro Has A Bee Beard

Yup, a bee beard. Like, a beard made of bees. Would you do this? –Jax


Breaking the Guy Stereotype

During the past few years, I’ve reached more success in my life by being honest and fully expressive than having to accommodate to a societal norm. 1 242 fler ord



My brother has this look on his face whenever I come into a room where there are visitors.

Like, he sends me this warning look (o_o) in which he slightly enlarge his eyes while staring at me. 14 fler ord

Uncle in Passing

Had an uncle pass away on the weekend.  Learned many answers to questions I always had.  His first wife had been an ardent communist supporter, a Viet Cong, same as her family.   212 fler ord