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Speaking of

Beside this blog project, my friend and I , will start some what of a Insta/YT thing dedicated to lifestyle, friendship , training and everything that two ”bros” might come across. 95 fler ord


Holidays for KoKo

Yes I have been staying with my doggie mates at Mandurah again. Bro and Bonnie kept me company on walks in the park and down to the cafe every morning. 199 fler ord


Boa Hamburgueria em Santa Cecília? Yes, Bro Burger!

Localizado em uma descolada casinha em Santa Cecília, o Bro Burger apresenta tijolos aparentes, cimento queimado e mesinhas na calçada. Traz seis opções de hambúrgueres (R$19 a R$ 25), produzidas com blend de carnes de 145gr  do renomado açougue The Butcher. 243 fler ord

Que Dili

The Chainsmokers are actually really good

Almost all ‘hot takes’ on the music-duo have been pretty much entirely exhausted, except for “the chainsmokers are geniuses and their music is the second-coming of Michael Jackson and Prince”.   362 fler ord

'You like that, bruh? Yeah, you do': Man gets six-pack by talking to himself

SEATTLE—Struggling with his last set of shoulder presses, Jimmy put on his war face, verbally encouraged himself, and got a six-pack.

”You can do this, bruh. 180 fler ord


A Bro of a Bro is your Bro.

184: Bro’s do not keep a personal diary.

183: A bro shall never engage in any sexual activity with a girl-bro.

182: A bro must accept any and all ‘manhood testing’ challenges. 3 494 fler ord