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Woman Decides Living On Train is The Best Way

Meet Leonie Muller, a woman who is so fed up with landlords and rent for flats and accommodation she’s moved into a fully working train… 188 fler ord


Not Sure What Manspreading Means? Look It Up in the Dictionary

Ever heard of ‘manspreading’? Well, don’t worry if you haven’t, because now it can be looked up in the dictionary…

For those who aren’t familiar, manspreading is when a man will sit with his legs spread apart as far as they can go, crotch on show to say  89 fler ord


The McWhopper Could Happen

Burger King has approached McDonald’s with an offer to create the ultimate burger…

The McWhopper could happen if Burger King get approved. It would be a one off project. 152 fler ord


Japanese Practise with Drawings

I started a little project titled TeaCoffeeNeat last year to express myself through drawings and Japanese.


This is probably my most ambitious work, since I even coloured it. 93 fler ord

Japanese Learning

Cult Site To The God Ullr

Nowadays it seems that the Norse paganism and all the stories around it gained new fans, after too many centuries veiled under the purple cloth of christianity. 525 fler ord

Pagan Celebrations

Old Dominion Fraternity Suspended After Hanging Crude Signs, Gratzfeed Thinks It's Lame

So it’s about that time for colleges where it’s move in day and everyone’s pumped for the impending ruckus syllabus (or chillabus) week is about to cause. 526 fler ord

Rotation Station - Chapter 4

One week down with Laurel McMahon, and a seemingly infinte more to go! So it’s becoming clear to me that each hosuehold is not created equal and will not be given the same amount of camera time. 889 fler ord

The Sims 4