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Luigi Will Comment On Your Super Mario Odyssey Outfits


Luigi is finally in Super Mario Odyssey as part of the game’s new Balloon World update which went live today. What strange wind brought him and his balloons to New Donk City is anybody’s guess, but while he’s around he has some thoughts to share about Mario’s clothes. 293 fler ord



Lifting heavy weights, struggling to lift my heart, now this is heavy

BRO links remote villages on Indo-China border

The Border Roads Organisation(BRO) recently connected an operationally critical road ahead of the Limeking on Tama Chung Chung (TCC)-Maza axis along the Indo-China border.

The BRO created history with this landmark achievement of connecting TCC with Bidak, about 25 kilometers away.A BRO team led by Project Arunank CE, 23 BRTF commander, 128 RCC OC, among other officers, drove in a 4X2 vehicle from Limeking to Bidak in two hours that day to assess the road status, according to BRO sources. 352 fler ord

Here’s how to use Kalanickspeak at your next jam sesh, bro


One of the highlights of this week’s Waymo v. Uber trial was the ”tech-bro” language that was thrown around, particularly by former Uber CEO Travis Kalanick. 628 fler ord



When growing up and as an adult, I thought it was normal to have good relations with your siblings.  The bro and I never had fist fights, just the occasional shouting match, parents yelling at me (I usually started it), me apologizing to the bro and then us going back to playing or hanging out. 411 fler ord




”Hey bro!”, said the familiar misty voice on the other side of the phone.” Where are you? Campus!?” ”Yes,I replied in earnest.  ‘Alright I am coming right away.’ Krati never fails to surprise me. 621 fler ord

Don't hug me, bro

While everyone else was poring over some important memo about government surveillance Friday, I pored through an entirely different — and much more interesting, let’s face it — … 29 fler ord