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Tổng kết 2015

Năm vừa rồi tính ra là 1 năm quan trọng trong cuộc đời mình phết. Ra trường, đi làm, cảm giác có nhiều thứ thật khác. 868 fler ord

One Week into the Adventure

First of all, thank you all for visiting the blog. On the right side of the page  or below, depending on what type of device you’re on, you will see a ”Follow Blog Via Email” section. 468 fler ord




“I don’t like this place dude. Let’s get out of here,” Brad pleaded to his pledge brother, Jack.

“Don’t be such a pussy dude,” urged Jack. 520 fler ord

Rutgers University

Life in bullet points – 3

As always lack of title and loads of stuff to write but, you know how I wish could jot down many things as it happens or at least once  a week, hopefully I will be able to do that form now onwards. 423 fler ord



This smarmy fellow was short, oily, steroid-jacked, and the biggest anus-licker in the studio I worked at. He is also a god awful writer, who never gets hired to write more than one episode on a show because he shits the bed like a sorority girl on bid night. 282 fler ord

Ass Kiss

Let’s Talk: YouTube

Let’s Talk About PEWDIEPIE

How’s it going, bros? My name… is Kay! And welcome to… Let’s Talk Youtube Blog Spotlight #1!

Every YouTube and internet addict has at least heard of the infamous name… 1 510 fler ord