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As Far as Fashion is Concerned..

As far as fashion is concerned

Death is the man in polo,

mono toned

Bland, just as he is dull, enclosed

lies His shame, engulfed round some stupid insecurities. 90 fler ord


Thursday Jams: February 16

This week’s Thursday Jam should’ve been a Thursday Jam weeks ago. This song came out January 27th 2017 and I should’ve postponed that week’s Thursday Jam to a Friday Jam just so I could promo this song the day it came out. 135 fler ord


Cheers, Bro: A Review

This review contains mild spoilers. 

A paperback of Bro by Helen Chebatte has been lingering in my TBR shelves since last May, when I received a free copy at Sydney Writers’ Festival. 235 fler ord


Hole in the Wall

A hole in the wall in Mumbai can cost almost a crore of rupees… and a crore of rupees can be made out of it! 96 fler ord

Mountain Walking

Merlinus Ambrosius Bear

Merlinus Ambrosius is a rather large and very huggable bear. He has a bell near his tail, so that when you pick him up or move him you can hear the faint ringing sound. 59 fler ord

Graphite Pencils

Cinema With My Brother


It´s finally Friday, so my little brother and I decided to go to the cinema. We had a lot of fun. Sorry for not writing much, It´s been a long week and I´m exhausted… but I wanted to share some pictures with you guys. Anyway have a nice weekend!