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Proof That God Is Dead: An Acoustic Version of Randy Orton's Entrance Music

Randy Orton is quite the douchebag.

He slowly walks to the ring in a sleeveless hoody, he has tattoos that only a plain white dude who thinks Black Label Society and Entourage is quality entertainment could appreciate and I bet he’s the kind of guy who watches XXX: The Return of Xander Cage unironically. 372 fler ord


Nuisance Caller to Business Baller – Learning to Sell

How to sell – the best investment

Investing your time into learning how to sell is the best investment you can make, and it will pay the biggest dividends. 533 fler ord


Man's Not Hot (Trap Remix) - Flipping & Tricking

Man’s Not Hot and gymnastics – the two come hand in hand right?

Man’s Not Hot is a tune and I’m pretty decent at tricking so I combined the two and create… 25 fler ord


Happy Birthday Miggy!

Happy birthday to the youngest among the gang who becomes the bully, the same whose love for friends and family matches no other. Happy birthday Miguel. 118 fler ord


Why You Should Invest in Bitcoin

What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a digital currency; a new kind of money. Transactions are fast, cheap and can be made worldwide. No single bank or government controls them – which is consequently why they hate Bitcoin. 622 fler ord


You Know I Had To Do It To Em

You are very aware that this homosapien belonging to the male sex had to perform the action of doing it to the other homosapien, who is also a member of the male sex, referred to as a shortened version of the English word ”them”, implying that there are two or more males, also as a sign of respect, often said as the shortened version ”em”.

  -Albert Einstein

#11. Batman

No, no, no he’s not Bruce Wayne and he’s real not fictional. Now I don’t have a particular name for him in mind that can protect his ”anonymity” but there’s this one instance where he took my phone, opened up my contacts and changed his name to ”Batman”. 433 fler ord

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