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A guest post: Father ❤️

Here’s the first of many guest posts by my cousin bro, Gautam Basrur❤️🎁here it goes:

They say ”God could not be everywhere @ the same time so he made mothers.” 122 fler ord


Great Bro Moments in Film: House Party (1990)

There’s so much right with this scene I don’t know where to begin. So let’s try:

  • Starts off with one of the more realistic house party scenes I’ve ever seen.
  • 42 fler ord

The only Harambe video you'll ever need to see

Fellow Bro and Twitter user Ryan Iwerks made the definitive Harambe video. The passion is clear that America is still torn about Harambe. #NEVERFORGET

Ryan Iwerks…you are an Absolute Bro legend. 19 fler ord


A bunch of bros got drunk and invaded Canada last weekend...by mistake.

Not sure where to even begin with this one. During the annual Port Huron Floats, high winds lead thousands of bros in floats to Canadian land from Michigan. 9 fler ord


Bette Midler is an Absolute Bro.

You’re reading that correctly. This is one of the most savage tweets that I’d never expect out of the Broadway icon. She’s deleted the tweet…but still.



Emo Trump is fucking great. The Best.

Super Deluxe (who made this video), does some of the best stuff on YouTube. Very reminiscent of early 90s MTV. Here’s a fucking amazing concept and execution.


Can't believe someone found how I get to work on a Monday

Let’s get one thing straight, Bruce Willis is a legend. This scene just furthers that point.