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Suits on a Budget pt. 1: shop the sales

Yes, suits can get expensive.  That is probably the first comment others make when we talk about suits and my decision to wear them every day. 726 fler ord

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Forever Missing: Five Years Without Terry

Today is the fifth anniversary of suddenly losing my friend, Terry Kriebel Goodnight. I am very sad. We had so much more life and laughter to share. 470 fler ord

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The Monday Blues

Monday’s seem unbearable sometimes because chances are you’re probably recovering from a huge hangover or you were binge watching your favorite show on Netflix all day. 68 fler ord


Charm School 101 - The Cartier Tank Watch

Charm School 101 – The Cartier Tank Watch
By Tracey Smith

I have often wondered why fashion is very similar to traveling elegantly through time.  I am a child of the sixties who has the staunch, crisp, starched collared Southern upbringing of many of my era. 858 fler ord

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