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Gigi to Make Manhattan Appearance

The handbag company Gigi traces its roots to 1969 when Bennett Glazer, a book designer and typographer by trade, founded Graphic Image to manufacture leather date books and planners.  350 fler ord

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No 1. Yes to being a Yuppie

If work-wear chic is a thing, I want to be involved.


As of this month I officially started my serious, adult career in the fashion industry, beginning an internship in July. 461 fler ord

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Brooks Brothers® Niche Curls Up With A Good Book

You might debate if small Wall Niches like this effectively grab attention. I think they do (after all Tiffany’s uses these too) but even if not, as FixturesCloseUp I am compelled to report on them and the small scale visual merchandising within… 217 fler ord

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