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No non-iron shirts on the wall filled by size

No silk pocket squares to combine with the ties

No Regent fit suits hanging there on the rack… 47 fler ord

Chilling with Friends

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When reclining becomes a lesson in style for your friends

A person can never grow tired of socializing with their friends, which is why inviting them to your place is the best option to do that – think about it: an episode of socializing like that doesn’t unrealistically involve always spending on drinks, food and games. 256 fler ord


Brooks Brothers Opening First Staten Island Location

Brooks Brothers has tied itself to the Empire Outlets for a new store, and first location in Staten Island in its 200-year history.

The high-end retailer, known for tailored formal wear for men, women and children, has signed a 4,040-square-foot lease at Empire Outlets, developer… 270 fler ord


One Whale of a Sunburn

A fiery, brilliant Pacific Northwest sun came blazing out of the sky and smacked me hard—really hard—on the legs on Mother’s Day weekend. To be fair, I wore sunscreen everywhere else— but my legs—o… 7 fler ord


Resort Week 2018 - Brooks Brothers

Welcome to Resort Week, it’s gonna be a bumpy ride. My faves as always are on the right and the lovely Michelle’s is on the left. 6 fler ord

An easy day in Mp

It feels like California around here — everyday is a beautiful sunny day around 70 degrees. . .

Yesterday we had an appointment to meet Monique, the mother of our Amherst neighbor’s sister’s husband (I think I got that right!) at 3, so we decided to give our poor feet a bit of a rest.  773 fler ord


The Style of Terry: April 23, 2018

Hello everyone! Yep, it’s Monday once again.


Today also marks the first day of my work hours change. I now come in an hour earlier, which is HARD waking up an hour earlier. 113 fler ord

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