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Editor’s Note and Origin Story:

I first met M.D Ambersaurius in a mescaline high I took with my friend and spiritual advisor Mescaline Bob. In the vision, I was alone in the desert wearing a parka and holding a hula hoop (pink with glitter) when M.D. 510 fler ord


Digital Cipher No. 15

I. Music & Tech

Tencent To Purchase Spotify

It was recently reported that Chinese internet giant Tencent made a motion to purchase Spotify. With their eye on a projected public offering next year, Spotify more than likely did not take the talks very far, but given Tencent’s $380 billion dollar value it is hard not to speculate what the offer price might have been. 142 fler ord


Spark a Viral Trend in Your Product (2 min read)

1. Social currency. Consumers are more likely to adopt a product if it makes them feel special or ahead of the curve. For example, Gilt’s exclusive sales helped it become one of the hottest online shopping sites. 257 fler ord

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