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As some of you guys probably know, Cassandra Clare’s MORTAL INSTRUMENTS series is on its way to television! I’m a huuuge TMI fan (not sure how anyone could read this blog and not notice that) so naturally, I’ve already begun thinking about potential actors to play the beloved characters. 532 fler ord


City of Ashes

Please note that this review may contain spoilers for its prequel, City of Bones. You can read my review of this novel .

Before I begin, I feel I should point out that that all opinions stated on this blog are my own and are strictly reflective of my feelings towards the novel. 1 786 fler ord

Arkham Reviews

'Shadowhunters' set to begin production in Vancouver this May + network revealed, pilot name and character descriptions

While they’ve yet to announce the casting or network for The Mortal Instruments television show titled ”Shadowhunters,” it sounds like we have a production start month and filming location. 571 fler ord

The Mortal Instruments

New UK covers for 'The Mortal Instruments'

It was recently revealed that Simon & Schuster will repackage the covers of Cassandra Clare’s The Mortal Instruments and The Infernal Devices and USA Today shared the new cover for the paperback edition for… 377 fler ord

The Mortal Instruments

The Iron Trial Reviewed by Chelsea

The Iron Trial by Cassandra Clare
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

My thoughts before opening this book: ”Yes, I have reservations about this book ”ripping” off of Harry Potter, however, there were plenty of books about magic that came out before the HP series. 598 fler ord


Quotes of the Day ~ Quotes From The Infernal Devices About Books

These are such beautiful quotes about books, and I just love how much Will and Tessa love literature, it makes my heart happy! I feel validated as a fangirl, and just want to wave this in the face of those who say books are stupid.  Enjoy


The Liebster Award...again

So, I have once again been nominated for The Liebster Award. Go me!

This time I have been nominated by the lovely Janna from Writing Visually… 607 fler ord