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Are you ready for Coaching?

At its heart, the process of Coaching is about enabling change and empowering your growth.

Change can be difficult, and you might not be ready to really commit to it. 144 fler ord


2019 Music Industry 101

2019 #MusicIndustry101:

  • Get your music radio ready for traditional/online radio and subscription streaming audio bouquets
  • Release an EP just to increase your chances for airplay.
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Back to The Books

After a 2 year gap(ish) I have gone back to studying. A correspondence course this time via Brighton School of Business and Management and the Chartered Management Institute. 375 fler ord

I am Enough

As we commenced the third and final level of the coaching course, I could feel myself operating mostly from humility and peace. I assessed this to be a result of my… 1 965 fler ord

Self Development

Coaching Tip #73

 “Don’t set limits”

Coaching requires the constant review and analysis of current performance, with a view to improving future performance.  Coaching requires errors and weaknesses being identified and corrected.  183 fler ord


The Steepest Curve: Growing into Leadership

“The first year’s the hardest. It’s going to get easier,” my supervisor
said, in a soft, kind voice. I was
sitting in his office, trying not to let the tears spill down my cheeks. 1 703 fler ord