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Parents, what is Your Answer ? If your child asks These Three Questions About Earth..

Three Facts About Earth

01. What it is like inside the Earth?

In Details

The earth is made up of three parts which can be compared to the pars of an apple. 770 fler ord


Little Creatures & Poop

When our first daughter was born 2 years ago, we were obviously first-time parents who had NO idea what we were doing. I was so nervous about dealing with a baby that was small. 471 fler ord


Daily Report 08.13.2020: A Strange And Unusual Gift

This photograph presents a close-up of the dark green leaf as I observed it in my bathtub, tucked just beneath the mat.  Yes, the mat is very stained; the Cottage well is full of iron.  174 fler ord

Writings, Reports And Analyses

The Origin Of Mythical Creatures

For years, people have speculated about the existence of creatures that boggle the mind, that confuse and excite many. However, the actual origin of these creatures are tales that many aren’t aware of. 658 fler ord

Guardian Angel

-She’s back! The Mushroom Picker! She’s back!

-Oh my great fungus! Run! Hide!

-Wait, Surnbok said thoughtfully. -I might have an idea.

He ran through the little mushroom forest as fast as he could with his little tail body. 190 fler ord


Some Creatures of the Drylands

A selection of the creatures I’ve come up with for Swords of Maruzar. I’m organizing the bestiary by habitat, to make it easier for GMs to pick what creatures to use in an adventure. 1 371 fler ord

Sword And Planet

Day 1828: The Librarian

Day 1828: The Librarian

Sketch info: A6 fineliner and biro

This was a bit of last minute sketch that actually came out really nicely. Went for a sort of winged librarian spirit sort of thing who is literally chained to his books. 28 fler ord

Daily Sketches!