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Watermelon Salad

Recipe by: Lynn Park Source: Adapted from Serves: 6 – 8


  • 1 watermelon
  • 1 cantaloupe melon
  • 1 tsp honey (more if the melons aren’t very ripe)
  • 121 fler ord

Little Black Dress of Desserts

We love our nuts in the Pacific Northwest, especially hazelnuts. When you throw in a little chocolate even the French would agree life doesn’t get much better. 449 fler ord


Christina Lane's Best Ever Frosted Brownies

I don’t usually publish on Thursday but today we are celebrating!  Last Friday I handed over my Christmas money to my best friend, Steph, and sent her off to buy me a new computer while I finished working.   470 fler ord

Recipes For One

Cottage cheese dumpling with chocolate filling

Who does not like dumplings? 😉 This time I present you a recipe for delicious, yet healthy dumplings, stuffed with chocolate spread Cavalier. Dumplings are easy to prepare, without flour and added sugar, sweetened with natural sweetener… 167 fler ord


Low carb chocolate brownies with mascarpone cream

Delicious lowcarb brownies topped with mascarpone cream, great for LCHF diet as they don’t contain added sugar or flour :)  172 fler ord


I got it (carrot cake) from my momma

Growing up my mom would make carrot cake on every birthday. Now, I make it on a Tuesday.

I live for this stuff.

I eat it for breakfast…lunch..dinner. 168 fler ord


Gin & Earl Grey Tea Cake

One of the perks of having a test kitchen in the office is that, under the right hands, it turns into something of a gift to the office. 904 fler ord