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Salad or Dessert?

Around the end of February, I decided to give up sugar. I wanted to cleanse my body, get over the cravings of an addiction, and add in another layer of healthy living to my life. 508 fler ord


Book Review: Harvest 

Harvest is a collection of recipes divided up by the seasons, with recipes for produce at its best in summer, autumn, winter and spring.

The book contains beautiful photography accompanied by gorgeous watercolour illustrations of the produce featured in the recipes. 542 fler ord


Alana's Tiramisu 

6 Egg Yolks

1 1/4 C Sugar

2 tubs of Marscapone Cheese

1 3/4 C heavy whipping cream

Lady Fingers (I think I used two boxes of the 3.5 oz Roland brand– could use more or less) … 152 fler ord


Caramel Apple Hand Pies

It’s predicted to be a rainy week here in Brisbane – my favourite kind of weather. I feel so much more productive when it’s a little dreary outside. 693 fler ord


Crema Catalana

Bon dia! (Good morning in Catalan!) :)

March 19th, is Father’s Day in Spain.  It’s also know as Sant Josep (Saint Joseph’s Day), and in Catalonia, this is the day that you would eat this dessert. 450 fler ord


Chickpea white chocolate blondies

Chickpeas in a dessert? Why not? These chickpea peanut butter blondies with white chocolate turned out delicious with that special taste from chickpeas.

These nutty beans are rich in a number of important nutrients that are good for you – including protein, vitamins and minerals and are packed with fiber, so why not sneaking them into a dessert?  125 fler ord


An Amber Original

Cheesecake has sort of become a tradition on Valentine’s Day for us. This year, I decided I wanted a Monster Cookie Cheesecake. When I couldn’t find a recipe that matched what I was looking for, I modified this… 216 fler ord