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7-spice Pumpkin Bread

Growing up here, I feel the almost imperceptible California shift from late summer into fall. Newbies to this state, especially from the East, think I’m crazy. 438 fler ord


Cherry Streusel Triangle Cookies

Dating someone new entails navigating a precarious route – not unlike those rickety rope bridges suspended above Amazonian rivers. Say the wrong thing, show too much interest – or not enough – and the entire contraption and both of you plunge into the abyss below. 423 fler ord


You Can Eat Without Guilt - 3 Ingredient Hazelnut Spread

You Can Eat Without Guilt……

Unless you have been under a rock your entire life you know what Nutella is. You know it is creamy, delicious, and absolutely sinful. 437 fler ord



If I could only use one herb or spice for the rest of my life, seasoning aside, I would have to (pun intended) stick with cinnamon. 394 fler ord

Comfort Food

Cafe Des Architectes, Un Peu de Français

Recently, I have been in a bit of a French mood. For the longest I had been searching for restaurants that had a basque feel, and without the churn of a crowd. 832 fler ord


Blueberry Cheesecake

Hi there!

I don’t even remember the last time I posted a recipe, but it’s not for lack of cooking and baking. I decided to post this one following popular requests (i.e. 280 fler ord


Sinfully Sweet - Sinful Chocolate Sauce Topped Coconut Vanilla Panna Cotta

Sinfully Sweet…..

This week I decided to make a dessert that I have never even tasted. I’ve heard of it, seen it, researched it, but never tasted it. 490 fler ord