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Purple Magic Cake

Here’s the thing, I had some Purple Sweet Potato (Ube) and Soy Milk (made by me) at home. I wanted to use them and make something tasty for tea time. 538 fler ord


Vegan Orange Polenta Baked Donuts

I am odd when it comes to citrus fruits: I love the flavors, but if it comes to eating one in its whole form, such as orange slices, I am completely turned off. 927 fler ord


Meyer Lemon Curd

When I was a kid I remember that the church always had a big yard sale every year. And a woman always sold her homemade preserves there. 323 fler ord


Orange Sherbet Frosting AND Nearly Pound Cake

RECIPE #408 & 409, DAY #575

ORIGINAL RECIPE: “Classic Buttercream,” and “Golden Butter Cream Cake,” from Rose Levy Bernabaum’s The Cake Bible*

TIMING… 763 fler ord


Caramel Chocolate Shortbread "Twix" Bars

These caramel chocolate shortbread ”Twix” bars are spectacular! Oh my. These bars. So amazing. Sort of messy to eat and kind of time consuming, but the everything else absolutely makes up for it. 405 fler ord


2017 has began and so has the festive season in India. Its the harvest time and everyone is welcoming Spring .Its that time of the year where families bond over hot tea and snacks in the chilling weather !! 224 fler ord



If I could marry a spice, it would definitely be cardamom. Fragrant, slightly sweet, aromatic, mysterious, but at the same time, inviting…What’s not to like? 310 fler ord