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Chocolate Dipped Biscotti

I’m attending a neighborhood cookie exchange tonight. I’m feeling a bit anxious – after my cookie baking failure false start last week, I’m hesitant to test new recipes out on the group. 376 fler ord


Apricot Almond Traybake

Stone fruit is just coming into season in Sydney at the start of summer.  While peaches and nectarines are still a little firm, apricots are good eating. 235 fler ord

Sweet Food

Holiday Marzipan Stollen

Stollen is a bit lazy. It needs A LOT of rest, plenty of naps on its way to being eaten, a good 12 hours of sleep in the beginning AND at the end, four days of vacation after that. 782 fler ord


Mango Sticky Rice

My favourite thing about Australian summers, apart from the warmer weather, is that it is also mango season. Among the famous Thai desserts that include mango is Kow neiw ma moong (mango sticky rice). 603 fler ord


Chocolate mousse with olive oil

My husband and I have just had our ninth wedding anniversary, but considering that I’ve just had my wisdom teeth out, romance or celebrations won’t be high on my list; just pain killers and ice packs!! 301 fler ord


Orange Marmalade


For today, I made an orange marmalade. I love oranges! And it’s orange season! As a kid growing up in Spain, I would have a fresh squeezed orange juice every day. 249 fler ord


Slow Cooker Baked Egg Custard

I do not have a much of a sweet tooth, I prefer savoury foods as a rule.  My occasional and rare craving for sweet is usually pacified by eating fruit; fresh, dried or canned.  349 fler ord

Slow Cooker