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Fudgy Cocoa Brownies

A few weekends ago I had the type of Saturday that only comes around once every couple of months. It was a glorious Saturday with absolutely no plans. 699 fler ord


Hulled mung beans and lotus seeds sweet soup

Matthias just came to Grenoble last weekend, and he came back to Paris to work. He only stays a short time, but already I feel that the house is much livelier, it’s much easier to cook, and I have the chance to make dishes that I wouldn’t usually make when I’m alone. 582 fler ord


Sweet Freedom Review

Sweet Freedom contacted me recently about testing out their Sweet Freedom and Choc Shot products out and I was happy to do so. I had heard about Choc Shot before and was excited to finally be able to not only test the product out but also promote it to you guys today! 1 069 fler ord


Eat your heart out Marie Antoinette!

Chocolate Cake anyone?

Lately, I have had a dilemma. Do I take a chance the road leading north to Tinicum CSA farm will be open? Or closed? 684 fler ord

Blogging 101

A Disaster Saved

Don’t hate me, I jumped on the aquafaba bandwagon. Since I make my own beans in my slow cooker I wasn’t sure if it would work. 567 fler ord


Peanut Butter Balls

Happy Friday everybody! This week I have a really fun recipe for you guys.  I have loved making this recipe ever since I was a little kid.   164 fler ord


Chocolate Bread Butter Pudding

There was a time when Friday evenings were meant to be spent doing NOTHING!

When I think about long weekends, I immediately get visions about having fun in the sun, margaritas and burgers. 470 fler ord