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No More Spinach!

”I hate spinach!” Myles shouted.

”I know you do, but you need it to grow big and strong,” Jenna said, patting his shoulder.

Myles squirmed under her touch. 109 fler ord

Short Story

Beard Papa's

After going to Pepper Lunch, Foodobyte and I decided to go to the new Beard Papa’s on No. 3 Road because he only comes out to Richmond for special occasions (like waiting in line at Pepper Lunch). 134 fler ord


Pomegranate Sooji Halwa !!!

Yes , I am talking about something really different , tasteful and very popular Indian dessert . I love royal dinning and taking this liberty once a week is justified. 246 fler ord


Raw Chocolate Tarts

UM YUM!!! I literally can’t think of anything else I’d rather eat. I could eat these for breakfast, lunch, & dinner. If you didn’t already know – I am completely chocolate obsessed (hence my blog name – chocolatey kale). 307 fler ord


Pear Cranberry Crisp Recipe

This pear cranberry crisp uses a wonderful mix of winter fruits and nuts. We suggest topping your crisp with a sprinkle of crushed walnuts, pecans, or slivered almonds, like we did. 172 fler ord



Every Little group has treats that have almost become a sort of tradition. For a few of us Leodites, or the “Gandus” as we’ve come to call ourselves, it’s what we call AYUSH’S OREO SPECIAL! 367 fler ord


Blackberry Fool

* – from Food Network

2 pints blackberries (hold 6 blackberries back for topping)
1/4 cup granulated sugar
3 tablespoons blackberry liqueur
2 cups (1 pint) heavy cream… 81 fler ord