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Easy one bowl orange cake with Cointreau

I love baking, I love citrus cakes and I love boozy cakes so imagine my satisfaction when I created this delicious one bowl orange cake with Cointreau. 365 fler ord


Liz Burns' Chocolate-Coconut Cookies

I have officially been welcomed into the Monday Sucks Club, and I kind of want to cancel my membership. Not that work itself is bad, but I’m most certainly not used to five-day work weeks yet.  1 607 fler ord

You can make your own, New York vanilla cheesecake with fresh strawberry sauce

Almost everyone I know loves cheesecake. But not many people I know bake their own. It seems surreptitious, as if you need a cloak and dark sunglasses instead of an apron and a simple recipe card to bake it. 801 fler ord


Rustic Plum & Cardamom Polenta Cake

Never admit mistakes in the kitchen. That was Julia Child’s policy. The famous chef was known for making a few errors herself, but she never apologized. 759 fler ord


Cinnamon Rolls

Oh my word! Everyone loves that smell that hits you right when you enter a mall. The sweet cinnamon and cream cheese frosting baked fresh, right in front of your eyes. 388 fler ord


Cashew chocolate chip cookies

Crispy on the outside and soft on the inside is what makes these cookies a perfect treat. ;)
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