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Chocolate Fudge Pops

Cookbook – Thug Kitchen
Page – 182
Section – Sweet Talk

Intro – Fuck the ice cream man and his unpredictable schedule. Stash these in your freezer and you can have pops on demand all summer long. 45 fler ord


Chocolate Cheesecake

Chocolate Cheesecake is a hardcore chocolate dessert that only the most serious chocoholics should consider making! A thick, rich chocolate cheesecake mixture is poured over a chocolate cookie base and baked to create what could be one of the most decadent and evil recipes ever devised – Give it a go! 102 fler ord


Portal Cake

I’m really proud of the fact that I beat both Portal games, thanks to my brother’s help at parts. I think I enjoyed that game partially due to the fact that nothing chases you. 411 fler ord


Abundant Hot Chocolate

So this weekend was quite an adventure. There was a giant wind storm in Vancouver BC and we were caught in the middle of it. Over 200,000 people were left without power due to the damage done by the storm; my hubby and I were two of those people. 325 fler ord


Chocolate Cake pot!

Chocolate it is!!

Not just any chocolate pot but  a chocolate pot with  a layer of red wine poached strawberry and fig in the base. You can use any kind of fruits or even normal store bought preserves. 235 fler ord


Rain or Shine Ice Cream: Unique "keeper" flavours and "seasonal flavours"

After an extremely carb and protein overloaded meal at Trattoria Dinner, Amy, Melody and walked up a block to cleanse our palates with refreshing ice cream at… 375 fler ord


Quick and Impressive - Easy Peanut Butter Fudge

Quick and Impressive….

(Photo by Angie Gouchenour)

I  don’t know to many people who don’t like the combination of  chocolate and peanut butter. There are tons of food items that can be bought in the store with the mixture of the two, and the amounts of recipes are endless. 608 fler ord