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Torta Caprese Light

This is absolutely delicious and I can’t stop eating it!

When I was little my aunt used to bake the famous Torta Caprese for mine and my cousin’s birthday, and I’ve been loving it ever since! 258 fler ord


Double Chocolate Banana Cake

Banana cake is probably my reason for being what I am today. It was the very first recipe on this blog, and the recipe I repeated over and over every time I wanted anyone to like me, and it usually worked. 691 fler ord

Chocolate peanut butter ice cream

I’m celebrating a birthday this week. I remember this time last year, sequestering myself in a remote cabin in Sedona to figure out my life…all of it…over a brief seven days. 401 fler ord


When a surplus of cake slows you down: Greenlandic kalaallit kaagiat

We don’t know a great deal about Greenland. We briefly considered going there for our honeymoon, because it was somewhere totally different and also because we have one of those scratch-off-the-places-you’ve-visited maps and, because of the skew of the map, Greenland is huge, making it a more lucrative scratching exercise than, say, the Maldives. 663 fler ord


Lemon Bars

Wedding plans are in full swing, and now we’ve added the burden of moving into the mix. Suffice it to say that we have not had many free moments since the holidays. 1 125 fler ord

Blueberry Buttermilk Breakfast Cake


1/2 cup unsalted butter, room temperature
zest from 1 large lemon (2 tsp)
7/8 cup + 1 Tbsp sugar
1 egg, room temperature
1 tsp vanilla… 131 fler ord