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Gi meg litt storm

Et lite dikt jeg skrev om storm. I denne rare krisetida vi lever i blir kanskje noen ting tydeligere enn hvis alt hadde gått på skinner hele veien. 131 fler ord

Tears - Poem

I cipple up inside,
I feel a lump in my upper abdominal,
I shed a tear,
I cry,
I sob,
I think of things that make me sad, 208 fler ord


Dream partner - poem

Partners that annoy,

partners that trigger all negative aspects of you,

partners that aggetate you,

partners that seem to get a thrill from making you aggetated, 144 fler ord


Kaboom - Poem

In the air, suddenly a ”Kaboom” sound winded,

at 00:20 it sounded, don’t know what it was,

a crash, a shot, a sound, something falling to the ground, 73 fler ord


The simple toy - Poem

A little child takes a toy and sits underneeth the desk,

there it sits, looking at the toy,

down the cheeks the tears are falling, 248 fler ord


Fiction - poem

Just because you don’t believe it,

just because you find something unlikely,

just because you are in doubt,

just because you cannot understand,

just because you don’t see it without someone else showing you, 260 fler ord


Helping, not loving - poem

I think some people don’t understand,

that to land out a helping hand,

doesn’t mean I am into you,

that is a false vision that got into you, 199 fler ord