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bavarian BEAT BOYS

Wir spielen alles für alle überall.

Unter diesem Motto spielen wir vom Trio bis zum Sextett auf allen Veranstaltungen vom privaten Fest bis zum großen Volksfest. 169 fler ord


Am I the First to Be This Crazy? The First "Not-A-DJ" DJ?

I always tell kids looking to start to spin that they need to know their ENDGAME before they even pick a genre or a medium.  Do you want to play just at home and house parties? 1 187 fler ord


I've Been Tinkering With Music Again

I put together another mix-set:

Dreams In The Rain by Svrtnsse on Mixcloud

I used to DJ fairly regularly when I was younger. I even lived in New York for a year and during that time I spun out nearly every week. 508 fler ord


Band, DJ or Spotify?

A band or a DJ at a wedding reception will ensure guests have a great time. Unfortunately, for us brides-to-be who don’t have thousands of dollars to through down for a great party, spending a large sum on entertainment is out of the question. 247 fler ord


When No1AtAll was Jocelyn Silver, year 1 off synch and on vinyl records 4 mixes

Even though none are perfect I’m really happy with the amount of forward motion I made in one year.  These four mixes feature some creative mixing and some fire tracks.   44 fler ord


Upcoming HBC Artist: Austen (AURA) Albano

Austen (AURA) Albano 16. Greenwich CT. I longboard because I love the feeling of speed and it helps me with my other favorite thing, Surfing. I like HBC because it’s a company that goes with my chill mentality. 28 fler ord