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Barking in the Middle of the Night

One of the things we want Chai to do eventually is to bark if DJ gets up in the middle of the night. The reason we want her to do this is if DJ tries to escape she can alert us, so we can stop him. 249 fler ord


How to spot a douchebag

We sat down with the hilarious creator of #adderallandcompliments and talked about how to spot a douchebag.

These are some douchebag red flags according to Annabelle: 219 fler ord

Unsuspected Heroes Chapter 53

“Why did I agree to this?!”

“Knuckles you can’t be afraid of heights, you lived on a floating island!” Rogue teased.

“I’m not afraid of heights, unless the fall leads to being burned alive!” He yelled. 115 fler ord


Curate Your Playlist Week 7

Guys, I’m not a full on Belieber but for some reason I can’t get enough of this song!

Major Lazer ft Justin Bieber and MO – ”Cold Water”

Heyy...STOP THE MUSIC: My Top 5 DNP Songs

Hey everybody!

Im back after getting my #favoritemusicfriday off the ground and a couple other posts. We wrapped up our special moment songs series with the bouquet toss, but now we get down to my favorite part of the reception…the dancing. 542 fler ord



By: Welcome Moyo – Instagram: @welcome_moyo

He was first featured as SucreSoul on one of our sister publications (Pioneer Mirror) back when he was called Dj Shawn whose real name is Tshepo Shawn Marong. 566 fler ord