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#mcm: Christen & Dopetistic

Coming off of a great weekend, it’s time to celebrate #ManCrushMonday!!

When you live life Unbound, you crush on all the great things in life. On Mondays we crush on the men in this world who are hustling, making moves, bringing their passions to life, and inspiring others to do the same! 417 fler ord


I Need Together

It is currently 69 degrees Fahrenheit and it’s the first cool night we’ve had since spring, here in San Antonio.

Tonight, I miss DJ more than usual because on the first cool evening after the long, hot South Texas summer, it was our custom to step out onto our back deck, right before bedtime, and stand there, with our arms around each others’ waists, and just be. 42 fler ord

I Need

Fin de la primera parte.

Última página de la post adolescencia. A partir de ahora actualidad.
Aquí se acaba este cómic, 20 años después: 1996-2016.

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Illustration / Ilustración

#DimeTimeNews T.I. and Tiny’s daughter Avoids Jail Time [PHOTOS]

Good news for the Hustle Gang family as T.I. and Tiny’s daughter Zonnique won’t be going to jail after all.

According to TMZ, Sonnique Pullins will be avoiding jail time.   21 fler ord

DJ Dimepiece

Absolutely endless

We all know about

The fat shadow technique

No need to ask the professionals

No wait – it’s gonna be incredible!

We all get a digital edition of you… 87 fler ord


Mix Monday: Time.

Mixing. I tend to use the word interchangeably a lot. It comes from two different angles, but the product is ultimately the same idea. On one side, you have the traditional role of the mixing engineer… 1 074 fler ord


Watch El Dusty Create A Unique Blend Of Traditional Cumbia And Modern Dance Music


It takes a well-defined process to work your way through a collection that’s many thousands of records deep. And that goes double for El Dusty, who’s more than just a curious listener. 182 fler ord

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