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Vengeance [AKA Vengeance: A Love Story] (2016, dir. Johnny Martin)

A driven cop seeks redemption by hunting four rapists. Low-key drama which can’t make up its mind about its being a character piece or a vigilante flick. 17 fler ord

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Blue Jay

Even before watching this movie, I was so sure I would enjoy deconstructing this movie irrespective of how much I was bound to like the movie itself. 325 fler ord



“The truth is out there.”

Ada dua jenis manusia bumi;  yang dengan semangat ngegosipin alien (apalagi kalo sambil ngemil gorengan), dan yang skeptis. Either way… 1 182 fler ord


Bar Girls

Synopsis: Imagine a bar full of beautiful women who are not on a quest for Mr. Right but for ‘Ms.’ Right, and you have ‘Bar Girls’. 807 fler ord


Billy Jack (1971)

Now Billy Jack is a rather interesting film, certainly an object of its time in terms of production and its general attitude. Made by Tom Laughlin at the tail end of the hippie era,  552 fler ord


Star Trek: Deep Space Nine - Prodigal Daughter (Review)

Prodigal Daughter is an incredibly limp piece of television.

Prodigal Daughter plays more like a first season episode than a final season episode, the result of a creative process where the writing staff are still trying to figure out how best to approach major characters and even how best to structure individual episodes of the series. 3 692 fler ord

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

EFC II #167 - Shame (2011)

The Epic Film Challenge II
#167 – Shame (2011)
Dir. Steve McQueen
Starring: Michael Fassbender, Carey Mulligan, James Badge Dale, Nicole Beharie

The one hundred and sixty-seventh installment of the Epic Film Challenge II, British director Steve McQueen’s raw look at sex addiction, Shame. 36 fler ord

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