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The Walking Dead: Season 7

I think the first episode of season 7 of The Walking Dead is a key turning point for the series. For a show that has already defied boundaries of violence and brutality, the introduction of Negan and Lucille marks a new extreme. 676 fler ord


Anime Pocket Reviews Ep. 28 - Fuuka, Konosuba 2, Another

Welcome back to Anime Pocket Reviews!

TCC anime Rankings is now available here. I would love to hear your thoughts on where all our shows are ranked, as I’m sure there’s plenty of debate to be found in that list! 1 695 fler ord


Kevin Oh (케빈오) - Be My Light

Look up at the stars
that light the night sky.
Wherever you are,
remember they shine.

Oh when the wind blows,
I’m feeling you here. 222 fler ord


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Tsuki ga Kirei Episodes 1 - 4: Character Portraits | Depicting Moments & The Awkward, Adorable Young Love

Akane carries around a tiny mascot doll as a lucky charm. She instinctively rubs it when she gets nervous.

Kotarou is self-conscious about his writing. He gets into a boxing match with the lamp cord when he gets anxious. 2 456 fler ord


The Catch Season 2 - The Knock Off

Felicity cons a Casino out of an expensive bottle of scotch while the Bartender is distracted. Margot swaps the bottle for a replica and then presents the bottle to a client to convince him to sign on with her but he’s already signed with another client, which makes her furious. 328 fler ord