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Born to Run at 40

Born to Run turned 40 years old yesterday and I am somehow surprised, even though I am well aware of time passing.  Maybe because it remains so in the present for me to this day.   1 078 fler ord

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'Born To Run' Turns 40

Bruce Springsteen’s third album ‘Born To Run’ celebrates its 40th year since release. Not only did it reshape rock music in 1975 but still continues to influence rock music today. 113 fler ord

Bruce Springsteen

The Daily Cut: Bruce Springsteen "Born to Run"

Bruce Springsteen: ”Born to Run”

ALBUM:   Born To Run

YEAR:  1975

WRITER:  Bruce Springsteen

Bruce’s fourth single was his first to crack the Billboard Hot 100, peaking at number-23. 103 fler ord


Bruce Springsteen and The E Street Band - Born To Run (1975) - republicação

Antes de partir para o vale-tudo, resolvi recuperar o texto que eu escrevi em uma tentativa perdida lá atrás. Não reli o texto, vou colar aqui do jeito que eu fiz lá atrás (e foi todo escrito quase em fluxo único, com pausas só para incluir um link). 2 071 fler ord


Bruce Springsteen – The man, the music, the magic

He’s The Boss. They are the E Street Band. We are The Fans.

And for the last four decades, on highways and byways, alleyways and train tracks, by planes, trains and automobiles, it’s been one hell of a ride. 751 fler ord


Bruce Springsteen - Thunder Road (Live in 1978)

”Thunder Road”. One of the greatest rock and roll songs ever recorded, from one of the greatest rock and roll records ever released – Born To Run… 68 fler ord

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