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So, what's your favourite moment at the show?

Of course an opportunity missed is an opportunity lost. Of course you wanted to be at that other show, the one where he played that one song. 182 fler ord

E Street Band

Classic Rock Almanac February 1, 2015


2009-Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band play to their biggest-ever audience as the halftime entertainment at Super Bowl 43 in Tampa, Florida. With an estimated billion people watching worldwide and more than 70-thousand in the stadium, they pack four songs into the 12-minute slot: ”10th Avenue Freeze Out,” ”Born to Run,” ”Working on a Dream” and ”Glory Days.” 431 fler ord


Leadership - Springsteen Style

While observing Bruce Springsteen’s E-Street Band’s recent induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, I observed ”The Boss” as a genuine and caring… 103 fler ord


Nils Lofgren - Sage Gateshead January 2015 - Gig photos

Nils Lofgren
Sage Gateshead January 2015

A music legend hits Hall 1. The full review up on NE:MM . Looks like I was in the mood for some odd ‘arty’ framing angles! 66 fler ord

Gjb Performance Photography

Over at Rolling Stone - Divesting in Big Carbon and Roy Bittan Interview

Read two interesting articles this morning over at Rolling Stone Magazine

Why We Have to Kiss Off Big Carbon

Above  is an article over at Rolling Stone that is about why it makes environmental and economic sense to divest in companies that contributing to climate change. 66 fler ord

Bruce Springsteen - Opher's World pays tribute to genius.

Bruce Springsteen came roaring out of New Jersey with a fire in his belly. The Record Companies were still on the look-out for the next Bob Dylan and latching on to a whole series of people from John Prine through Loudon Wainwright to Dan Bern without unearthing him yet. 1 015 fler ord


Dream Big. Work Hard. Stay Humble.

When I last saw Nils Lofgren, he was playing guitar on stage at Wembley Stadium, performing as part of the E Street Band, alongside Bruce Springsteen. 575 fler ord