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In Born to Run, Bruce Springsteen pulls up to the curb and invites you on a ride through his history, complete with girls, cars and angry fathers

Born to Run
Bruce Springsteen
Simon & Schuster
512 pp; $39.99

Bruce Springsteen didn’t need to spend seven years writing an autobiography. Many of his long-term fans will know from his albums… 1 244 fler ord


Full Circle:  The Magic of a Bruce Springsteen Show

Wednesday, September 14, 2016.  A date I won’t forget because I went to a Bruce Springsteen concert!  My first since 1992’s Human Touch tour.  The entire experience was wonderful:  driving to Foxborough, MA, meeting other Bruce fans in the hotel (where I met my new Bruce buddy, Dawn), the drive to the stadium.   1 150 fler ord

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The Daily Cut: Bruce Springsteen "Backstreets"

Bruce Springsteen: ”Backstreets”

ALBUM: Born To Run

YEAR: 1975

WRITER: Bruce Springsteen

Never released as a single, it was a staple at album rock radio. 96 fler ord


Watch Bruce Springsteen Discuss His Ongoing Battle With Depression On 'CBS Sunday Morning'

Bruce Springsteen comes off as a tough-ass dude. His songs represent pride, strength, and resiliency. From the outside looking in, you would think Bruce is a rock… 396 fler ord

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Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band have announced a massive tour of Australia and New Zealand this summer, including a date at the Adelaide Entertainment Centre on Monday 30th January thanks to frontier touring. 169 fler ord