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Classic Rock Almanac November 30, 2016


Today’s Question: Today (November 30th) is Billy Idol‘s 61st birthday.

 What is Billy Idol’s birth name?

a) William Bonney
b) William Broad
c) William Borsay… 225 fler ord


Classic Rock Almanac November 22, 2016


2004-Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne have almost two-million-dollars in jewelry stolen from their mansion in England.

2004-U2 roam the streets of New York on a flatbed truck, causing traffic jams as they film a video for ”All Because of You.” The group finishes off the day with a brief concert in a Brooklyn park. 293 fler ord


The Black Lapels to pay tribute to 'The Boss' at the Barnyard Theatre, Gateway

Durban-based band, The Black Lapels, are heading back to The Barnyard Theatre at Gateway in Umhlanga to perform their brand-new tribute to Bruce Springsteen, The Boss Sessions… 193 fler ord


Born To Run is a compelling, required read for every Bruce Springsteen fan. This autobiography is so real the ink on the pages become the juices of life and the soul and sound of his music. 261 fler ord


In Born to Run, Bruce Springsteen pulls up to the curb and invites you on a ride through his history, complete with girls, cars and angry fathers

Born to Run
Bruce Springsteen
Simon & Schuster
512 pp; $39.99

Bruce Springsteen didn’t need to spend seven years writing an autobiography. Many of his long-term fans will know from his albums… 1 244 fler ord


Full Circle:  The Magic of a Bruce Springsteen Show

Wednesday, September 14, 2016.  A date I won’t forget because I went to a Bruce Springsteen concert!  My first since 1992’s Human Touch tour.  The entire experience was wonderful:  driving to Foxborough, MA, meeting other Bruce fans in the hotel (where I met my new Bruce buddy, Dawn), the drive to the stadium.   1 150 fler ord

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