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Ecce Homo

”Dice Lucas: ”Jesús pasó y lo miró”. Mateo no habla de eso, pero podemos intuirlo  simplemente por la escena. Pedro piensa: ese es el hombre a quien yo no he comprendido,  de quien siempre me serví en el fondo para tener una posición de privilegio, y que ahora va  a morir por mí. 144 fler ord

Pintura Religiosa

Ruining Jesus: More False Images of the God of Grace

You may remember, but in 2013, a woman famously ruined Jesus. While she probably had good intentions, the 82-year-old Spanish pensioner named Cecilia Gimenez turned an oil fresco painted in the Misericordia Church in Borja, Spain, into an abomination described by the BBC as resembling a ”crayon sketch of a very hairy monkey.” Her restoration of the 1910 depiction of Christ called… 795 fler ord

Skipped Mass;Painted Instead

I love Maundy Thursday, the washing of the feet, the adoration and entombment of the Eucharist-the Slavic church I used to attend had the most incredible 19th c. 112 fler ord

Acrylic Painting

That Most Terrible Tree

Given that it is Holy Week and Good Friday is fast approaching, I have been at work on a Deposition of Christ. My friend and fellow LA artist J have been in a bit of a duel, each tackling this  133 fler ord

Watercolor Paintings


Σε ονομάζουν << Ανθρωπάκο >> , << Κοινό άνθρωπο >>. Λένε ότι ξεκίνησε μια νέα εποχή, η εποχή του <<Κοινού Ανθρώπου>>. Αυτό δεν το λες εσύ, Ανθρωπάκο.

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