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ECCE HOMO: Ίδε ο άνθρωπος

Είναι εντεταλμένοι να εκτελέσουν το σχέδιο «επίλυσης του Κυπριακού» με την παράδοση της Κύπρου στην Τουρκία.

Της  Ελένης Θεοχάρους

«Η Τουρκία πρέπει να περιοριστεί εις όσα αναλογούν στην αποκλειστική οικονομική ζώνη της παρανόμου οντότητας και συνεπώς δεν έχει λόγο να αμφισβητεί τα κυριαρχικά δικαιώματα της Κυπριακής Δημοκρατίας».


Wilma Stockenström -Ecce Homo

Wie het hom tog besiel om te wíl
regopstaan? Kierts! Tog nie net
dors na kennis, die bykom van ‘n appel
bo-aan ‘n baie groot, sugtende boom nie? 113 fler ord


7 Deadly Effigies That are Amazingly Effing Awful

Diana, Princess of Wales

A floral tribute to Diana has been described as ”horrific” by residents of Chesterfield, one commenting, ”I live here and, let me tell you, I can feel its eyes on me, even now in my house.” Chesterfield Council have defended the memorial, which marks the 20th anniversary of the death of the princess, saying it hoped the design would bring more people to the town. 514 fler ord

Day 22 - to Foncebadón

  • Distance – 25.49km (32,648 steps)
  • Walking time – 5 hours (6 hours including breaks)

We had breakfast at El Descanso de Wendy before setting off at 7.35am. 754 fler ord

Camino Francés 2017

How Do I Trust God In Times Of Turmoil?

It was a convergence of questions.  One person asked me if I would teach about trusting God — that, they said, was what they really needed to learn.  1 085 fler ord

Game of Thrones Tourism: Las Bárdenes Reales (Dothraki sea)

¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡GAME OF THRONES!!!!!!!!!

premieres tonight in USA. Here in Spain we have 24 more hours to wait… The show is so geographically diverse (which can’t be said for race), it’s no wonder they filmed the Fire & Ice season all around Spain.. 407 fler ord