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Graphical Representation of the Obama Presidency

Obama leaves office later this month and it couldn’t happen soon enough.  Earlier today, in describing Obama’s disastrous presidency, Nathan Norman tweeted the following:

Obama’s presidency is like the woman who ”restored” the old Jesus fresco and turned it into a monkey…

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La Geometria del Calvari

Mirades a l’obra de Paul Delvaux (III) – Versió Catalana*

(Aquest post és la continuació d’uns altres que podeu llegir aquí  aquí) 1 149 fler ord

Li & Ari Fontrodona's Copyrighted Work

Ecce homo

The more time I spend here the more places I seem to find that give glimpses into the things around which our faith is built.  As a result of a lecture I attended a few days ago I had decided to try and find the grave of Queen Melisende, who was Queen of Jerusalem during part of the Crusader period, from 1131 to 1153, and regent for her son between 1153 and 1161.  1 163 fler ord

Friedrich Nietzsche's guide to running

New laces. Baseball cap. Rain jacket. Copy of ”Ecco Homo”.

What do these four items have in common?

They’re what I need for a late Fall run in the rain. 363 fler ord

Cormac Looney

Chinese government officials criticised over Great Wall cement "pavement" over history repairs

  • 22 September 2016

BBC News

The controversial repairs only came to light from photos posted on Chinese social media sites. Photo by ZHONGANZU37

Chinese officials have come under fire after repairs to the Great Wall left part of the ancient structure smoothed and resembling a concrete path. 1 130 fler ord

Ecce Homo


I am

no descendant of compassion.

I am a monkey banging on a shield

squatting in the complex hallways

of the pentagon.

Paul Bourgeois, August 19, 2016



”My God is a jealous God.” Behold Him!