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Dow Plunges 350 Points as Possible Greek Default Looms

The uncertainty surrounding Greece’s ongoing debt crisis choked global markets on Monday, extending recent losses for the world’s stock exchanges.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average closed the day down 350 points, or 2%. 224 fler ord

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Greece is keeping Chinese stocks from rebounding

Uncertainty over Greece’s debt crisis battered global stocks on Monday morning, as the troubled country dealt with bank closures and placed limits on ATM withdrawals. 215 fler ord


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Online dating propaganda from Elena's Models

Note 1. It is very easy to spread this kind of propaganda, especially if the workflows of other agencies are not similar to Elena’s Models’ methods. 66 fler ord

#E290615 - E thích Hội An 

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Khi nãy em đã update betoblo ở post cũ rồi nhưng e thích Hội An mà :-? Lần thứ 2 đặt chân đến Hội An, mọi cái vẫn vẹn nguyên vậy nhé. 280 fler ord

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A Little Love from Central Mama

A Little Love from Central Mama

High real rates coupled with a weak economy with deflationary pressures means a heavy debt burden on the real economy


Greek Banks to Be Shuttered on Monday as Crisis Deepens

Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras says the Bank of Greece has recommended that banks remain closed and restrictions be imposed on transactions, after the European Central Bank didn’t increase the amount of emergency liquidity the lenders can access from the central bank. 150 fler ord

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