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The Cave

”Wow!” Rowena stared in amazement at the rocks. It was beautiful, and even more so due to the bushes around.

Em shook her head at her friend’s antics. 191 fler ord



Anh iu của em,

Hum nay nói chuyện với anh hơi bị ít nà. Mai còn đi chơi nhiều hơn hôm nay nên chắc còn ít nữa :( thui thì viết nhật ký cho anh iu vậy. 698 fler ord



”Dad. Dad. Is it done yet?” Em asked, tugging at his sleeve, her eyes shining with the red glow. Dad took a stick and poked around the base of the fire for a bit before turning to his daughter. 157 fler ord



My name is Yasser Saleh and welcome to my blog; I am currently a student at LaGuardia Community College and a liberal arts journalism major. I have an expressed interest in journalism, specifically broadcast and simulcast. 50 fler ord

About Me

rolling with punches (oh and disney)

There is this magic about Disney. Even though I was only six the first time we went and can’t remember anything about it, it was probably the most magical thing known to humankind. 799 fler ord


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The GLIBCXX error is a recurrent one. It happens usually when I try to use new code just compiled on an old system. The old system is my… 369 fler ord


Packed Monday


I would like to think that I’m a morning person but I guess not – I’m always most productive at night.

Not the prettiest flowers he’s gotten me but it’s the healthiest in comparison bcos all the leaves and stems are green. 158 fler ord