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Em’s 16th Birthday

Sorting out some photos and I realised I have completely missed the blog entry for Em’s 16th Birthday which was last September.

As Kerrie was on a course and flat out, Em basically organised and prepared for her own party which was a casual affair at home with her MLC friends. 56 fler ord


Pillow Talk

For .EM Pillow Plush Cushiony Lip Balm in Sorbet

I cannot believe that I finished a pot lip product! It usually takes me forever to finish a lip product, because I am constantly rotating through my collection. 123 fler ord


Has Brazil's equity rally run out of steam?

Is it time to sell Brazil? Yes, according to the Swiss bank that accurately called the strong rally in equity and FX during the past 12 months. 802 fler ord


Lưng chừng


Tôi không thể cùng em thêm nữa,
Chia đôi trái tim trao cho em,
Nửa đắng cay, còn lại đến sau.
Xuyên qua tôi không kịp phòng bị. 273 fler ord


EM Event: Number of failed login attempts exceeds threshold value [Part 1]

Just got this error? Very simple to check. Below the easy solution using audit:

Activating audit to failed logins:

SQL> audit session whenever not successful;

Audit succeeded. 287 fler ord
Enterprise Manager | Monitoring

UBS spies inflection point for EM banks’ valuations

Emerging market (EM) banks could be on the verge of outperformance due to a structural improvement in both COE and the return on that equity, according to new research from UBS. 543 fler ord


Ngắn. | Em

Bố ơi, bạn ấy sao thế hả bố, mấy ngày nay bạn ấy chẳng đi học?

Bạn ấy tự dưng ít nói hẳn đi, rồi cái gì cũng sợ. 1 592 fler ord

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