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I hope they ask you about me and I hope you tell them you’re messed up.

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It's You

Capacitor potential difference convention in the algebra-based intro physics classroom

I have long felt kind of ”eh” about teaching about capacitors. Okay, so they store charge, that’s great. But I’ve come to realize that they, like so many subtopics in intro physics (okay, really, all of them), offer students a chance to make sure they understand one or more core principles. 136 fler ord


she comes

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Em - aybe

Happiness is not a choice. Because you can’t do one single thing about it.


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Im So Mad


Just a little V-Day gift from me to you! Enjoy these (mildly NSFW) boudoir EmMay Valentines ❤️ 6 fler ord

The Star And The Ocean

10 Ways to Overcome Procrastination

If you ask the successful folks in your life how they manage to avoid that awful feeling of procrastination they will most likely respond, ”I don’t!” In a study done by Cal Newman (author of… 1 408 fler ord