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Can China’s Authoritarians Keep The "Economic Miracle" Going?

By Doug Bandow, CATO Institute

Mao Zedong, China’s “Great Helmsman,” died four decades ago. Only after his murderous reign finally ended could his nation move forward. 681 fler ord

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Good evening,

Tonight we are looking at my favourite layout that I saw at the annual Portsmouth Model Railway Exhibition hosted by the South Hants Model Railway club last weekend. 398 fler ord

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Laplace's equation

If we have no time varying fields that we know we can write the electric field as . If we substitute this into Gauss’s Law () we get: 22 fler ord


OPINION | Ultimate DJ - An Ultimate Disaster?

With viewing figures for talent show franchises like The X-Factor and The Voice deteriorating, it’s unsurprising that entrepreneur Simon Cowell was waiting in the television wings, ready to launch a new one – Ultimate DJ. 405 fler ord

Ultimate Dj

If The Fed So Much As Blinks, The Stock Market Will Collapse

By Investment Research Dynamics

Although the stock market has had several “shock and awe” straight up rallies this year, since the beginning of January the graph of the S&P 500 looks like the infamous “bridge to nowhere:”    (click to enlarge) 691 fler ord

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Maxwell's equations

Maxwell’s equations are at the heart of electromagnetism. They are:

Gauss’s law:

Gauss’s law for magnetism:

Faraday’s law:

Ampère’s law (with Maxwell’s addition):


New Single : In The Zone - Soundstreamers Featuring EM

A very catchy Progressive House Single for Soundstreamers featuring EM ”In The Zone”

The Single will be out next week, but you can already preorder below! 34 fler ord