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Missed a week due to Thanksgiving, and then we just missed a week. But now we are back.

Phase One

Windows XP ignoring the hosts file

A little bit of context is needed. We have a subnet with 3 computers that need to connect to each other. It’s a Windows XP… 393 fler ord


2018 AIEMCA conference details

Conference Announcement: 11th AIEMCA Investigating Methods and Methodologies.

The 11th Australasian Institute of Ethnomethodology and Conversation Analysis (AIEMCA) Conference will be hosted by the Dept’s of Communication and Portuguese at the University of Macau, Macau will be held over the 27th, 28th, 29th November 2018… 256 fler ord


Dear Em

I’m sorry. I want to cross the oceans to help you, hug you, heal you. I can’t. I can’t afford it. No matter what I sold I could not afford it. 216 fler ord


ipFire install

NOTE: this project was not used at the end, and information here is written only as a reference.

We need to have control over a specific set of computers. 361 fler ord


Mercadeo de experiencias: Una forma de llegar a las emociones del consumidor


Vivimos rodeados de publicidad. Nos levantamos, nos tomamos un café,  encendemos el televisor o leemos el periódico, y vemos anuncios sobre variados bienes y servicios.

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