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Jamaica Inn by Daphne du Maurier

The story: Mary Yellan, after the death of her mother, moves to her aunt and uncle who lives in Cornwall in the infamous Jamaica Inn. Mary Yellan hasn’t seen her aunt in years, and is shocked to find the cheery woman, being turned into someone who’s beaten and broken. 552 fler ord


Líderes del Mundo llegan a Jerusalem para conmemorar los 75 años desde la liberación del campo de exterminio de Auschwitz.

I welcome the leaders from around the world who are coming here, to Jerusalem, to mark with us 75 years since the liberation of the Auschwitz extermination camp.

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Reunirse con Abbas durante una ceremonia de conmemoración del Holocausto de todos los tiempos es una asombrosa falta de respeto a las víctimas y los sobrevivientes del Holocausto, así como a todo el Estado de Israel.

Abbas wrote a doctoral thesis at Moscow University several decades ago focusing on the Nazi period that drew on the writings of Holocaust deniers to question the number of Jews who were murdered. 805 fler ord


My magtig - dis Moskou!

First published in Die Burger: Reis, July 2019

‘n Besoek aan Moskou is manjifiek. Jy kan na Lenin se gemummifiseerde lyk staar; warm én koue beetsop eet; jouself verkyk aan onbeskryflik mooi ikone; en by moltreinstasies wat aan kunsgalerye herinner, afspring. 1 072 fler ord



Mmmmmm…Who doesen’t love Italian gastronomy?!

I think Rome is one of the most beautiful cities in the world!
I have been there just once but I’m sure I am going to repeat someday because it was such a magical experience. 229 fler ord




Capital: Madrid
En cuanto a la gastronomía española, destaca la paella valenciana conocida mundialmente. Además de una gastronomía exquisita, podemos encontrar la cultura flamenca, algo característico del sur de este país con el que disfrutar en cualquier momento. 90 fler ord