Etiketter » Ex #2

Does he miss me?

I find myself asking the same question everyday: does he miss me? will he miss me?

I like to think that my ex does miss me and would like to see me every once in a while. 550 fler ord


Wallowing about an ex to friends

It’s probably killing them. Although I must say, none of them has complained yet. Instead, they make me eat :-)

I will hopefully stop drowning myself in self pity before they even get to the stage when they are shouting at me ”GET A FUCKING GRIP AND LIVE YOUR LIFE”.   90 fler ord


My uncoordinated feelings for my ex

Day after day, the hours seem to go by the same way. The thoughts that go through my mind from the moment I wake up until I get back into bed are heavy, emotional and suffocating. 1 240 fler ord


Are you holding on to your emotional baggage?

The things we collect in our lives say a lot about who we are and what we want our lives to look like. If we look closely, they also say a lot about our desires, hopes and the things we are holding onto. 773 fler ord