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During the snowfall this week, I began to feel sorry for myself (I know sounds selfish).  But I am not good at driving in the snow and I freely admit it.   495 fler ord


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You know that day.  You wake up on time, just like every other day.  But, man, you are so tired from a late night Netflix binge, so you hit snooze.   406 fler ord


Well, the wedding was almost 3 weeks ago, they are back from their honeymoon and settled in their new apartment.  My oldest has gone back to his life in NC and the house seems very empty. 1 482 fler ord


Ni Contigo, ni sin  ti 

Y que sabrás tu, si no nos vemos, si no sabemos que es rozarnos o acordarnos de como de suave éramos juntas.El tiempo hace el olvido, pero y si nunca terminé de hacerlo? 356 fler ord


I usually talk about my ex let me explain why?

Let me point out that my ex meant a lot to me during these 2 years, since my senior year of high school till now. He was the world to me, thanks to him I wouldn’t know much about love, trust, waiting and hope. 283 fler ord


Fool for love 

I feel like I’m back to square one. Having to endure all this pain again.
You come into my life telling me you were ready to settle and have kids, then when I tell you I want loyalty and commitment you say you’re not ready yet. 126 fler ord