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‘What We Do In The Shadows’ TV Series Headed to FX

After being teased for years, the What We Do in the Shadows TV series is finally a go. FX has ordered a pilot from creators  499 fler ord


No Introduction Necessary Part 1

The greatest character introductions in the cinematic universe

Part 1

There’s an art to introducing your character in a way which makes them appear intriguing and unique without giving too much information away regarding their background, their relationship with other characters and their motives. 2 104 fler ord

How To Create A Showreel

Showreels are short, amalgamated videos which gather together all of the best work of someone working in a visual art-form.

The best showreels are either based upon a speciality that covers numerous artforms(Like how a photographer with a showreel of war photography could in theory be hired as a director of photography for a war movie.) Or have a showreel that follows one artform in numerous specialities(Someone talented of drawing could have a showreel of animated characters, concept sketches and even more.) 416 fler ord


Join us for the 2018 Award Ceremony - Eclipse International Film Festival

We’re excited to have our filmmakers and screenwriters join us for our festival, and more so at the upcoming award ceremony!

When attending, we’d like to remind everyone that the film screenings are  265 fler ord

Eclipse International Film Festival

THE BEST PICTURE PROJECT – ‘Annie Hall’ (1977)

In 1978, the 50th Academy Awards ceremony was held at the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion in Los Angeles. Honouring the films released between January 1, 1977, and December 31, 1977, the awards were held on April 3. 1 606 fler ord


The Case Against The Last Jedi VS Stan Fandoms: A Long Overdue Star Wars Rant

Star Wars has been such a prominent thing in so many people’s lives for the longest time. I mean as a saga it just really saw so many generational differences, when it first came out, it was the 70s and I don’t even know what was their equivalent of finding like-minded people to talk to shit about, community club shits? 2 169 fler ord


The Hasbro Cinematic Universe is Getting Smaller

The Hasbro Cinematic Universe, which is a real thing, is taking a step or two backwards. After a big recent announcement setting dates for a whole slew of Hasbro-related films, two properties –  449 fler ord