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Pretty as pink

So, when you have nothing to do, fika!

My mum and I went to Emporia, the nicest shopping centre in Malmö. There are two Espressohouse there, one is more relaxed and you’re not sitting right in the middle of the isles. 49 fler ord


I wish I could fly...

I wish I could fly, that I had wings like a butterfly.

Today I will fly anyway but without own wings. Tomorrow I will be on the other side of the earth, in Borneo. 17 fler ord


Kalla den änglamarken - Paradise on Earth part 11

Fler fjärilsbilder. De här arterna har jag ingen aning om vad de heter. Kan ni hjälpa mig?

More butterfly photos. I have no idea of the spieces namnes. 52 fler ord

Trosa Is The Place

Chalk butterflies Fjärilar med gatukrita

The path in the garden cannot escape my chalks ;)

I will never grow up, just so you know!


What Ever