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Rain, delightful rain, and good, clean air.

It’s really the simple things that get overlooked sometimes. We take so many things for granted. This week long (and a first time in history here,) of hazardous air created by wildfires to the south 2 states away, has made me remember how much I love the crisp, moist air that is the norm here. 311 fler ord


Ketil tower guarding Tasermiut Fjord in Nanortalik, Greenland

Ketil tower guarding Tasermiut Fjord in Nanortalik, Greenland

Winter warmth...Springs promise...

I am currently producing a series of work specifically for print.  With all that has been  experienced this year and with winter slowly fading into spring, colour is a must for me in the studio, it’s vibrancy and warmth covering the dullness of winter.  26 fler ord


state natural area poems #16: sander's park a, b, & c


elms tower the swale

and feathered honey understory

stop listen see

canopy jack in the pulpit down zigzag goldenrod


thick-cut rivers of bark… 91 fler ord


Dahlia - FOTD September 19

Yay, for rain!

We’re certainly enjoying all the flowers before they begin to wilt away. I admit I didn’t really water most of my plants while it was so smokey and hot. 191 fler ord


Yellow (Two Photographs)

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Most people have favourite colours and science proves that colours influence our moods. I am sure there is relationship between those two facts. 16 fler ord