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I come from a long way away...

And I know a fine thing when I see it…

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Law Minister K Shanmugam lodges police report following allegations made by States Times Review

(Source: www.channelnewsasia.com)

SINGAPORE: Law and Home Affairs Minister K Shanmugam on Saturday (Oct 22) said he will lodge a police report following allegations made against him by sociopolitical site States Times Review. 231 fler ord

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Yadto si Kadák
sa may puno san tagbak
‘Salbahi ‘to’o na nuknók
kay di’ kita pinamunayan…
uhm! masugad kamo… uhmh!’
tinurutigbás niya
san pugol na sundang… 231 fler ord



Duwa na mag-amigo an nagkundisyon na mamasyar. ‘Buwas na atab pa’, bagaw san sayo, ‘agihan ta ikaw, ha? Ayaw ako pagpapahulata…’

‘Oo’, bagaw san sayo pa. 368 fler ord


Pag-agaw sa pagsubsób

See the pages as they burn
Never will the children learn
– Kansas, Curtain Of Iron, 1980

An balay nganyan na wara nag-iistar, iniistaran sin di’ na’imod na tawo. 835 fler ord


Trove : Introducing the Chloromancer

Adding to Trove’s already somewhat large pool of player classes to choose from, they are now taking a class straight from the game Rift: the Chloromancer. 792 fler ord



I hold my breath for super long…..Till I see stars and my vision fades. 

Being dizzy is euphoric. 

I guess it’s my own personal mild method of auto-erotic asphyxiation.  31 fler ord