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BEST 5 Youtube Channels You Must Subscribe To Be Motivated

Support for Partners of Porn Addicts

Hey, so I am posting because I made a forum specifically for Partners of Porn Addicts. Porn addiction is not something talk about often, but it is a growing problem, and the addicts problem affects those closest to them. 305 fler ord



An nagkamuang na rapsák na dila
Himuán sin sunudon surumaton na tala
Iyá kun sugád
Ayáw kangalas
Ma’o yun niyan an normal

Ma’o na yun (3x) 197 fler ord


Why India should legalise the Prostitution?

  • India partially allowed prostitution as it is legal to practise if carried out in private residence of a prostitute or others. It is illegal if soliciting in a public place,kerb crawling, owning or managing a brothel, prostitution in a hotel, pimping and  These hypocrisy policies for prostitution make this occupation vulnerable to get exploited by police for money and free sex.
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Selfie!! Or Groupie!! Or any form of photo recorded in digital form , This made us youths on high with endorphins, dopamine and serotonin or all famously known as happiness hormones. 842 fler ord