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The Hagmann Report: Doug is really hot, but here's my issue with his show...

Fricken heck.

Listening to him talk is like listening to a preacher.

It feels like he’s trying to lull me to sleep.

I’ve seen him on Alex Jones and he’s always really interesting on there. 254 fler ord


opinions better way to share some photos? or no

i thought i would start sharing the thousands of photos of different things ive taken is this a good way ? or lame ?  its my wonder wall of pictures and sound my oasis of art .    37 fler ord



Good old marduk the womanizer and hater of everyone  , i think i found that  guy  on tiny chat  ,

his name is snake_fistu… 10 fler ord


Mayors Candidate Forum Dearborn Heights.

The League of Woman Voters is not going to air the Mayors portion of the forum. The league is stating that there was a personal attack on the Mayor. 200 fler ord

Dearborn Heights

Iní na mga daan na kagamitán...

This old guitar taught me to sing a love song…
– John Denver, This Old Guitar, 1974

‘…N-nakasagkahon pa man kunta ako… Nanganugon ako san karagumoy didto… Badi madahunon, badi madangba… Badi intukbás na sin maski na hamok sin’o…’ 310 fler ord


'Sa kinab'an sin olór, nagsasaráp'ay an ruyag sa pili na tanóm sa Bikol'

Nano baga an parareho mayon an Chanel, Gucci, Dior, Donna Karan, Ralph Lauren nan Marc Jacobs? An simbag, haragni’ay na’k nag’ud sa tangkód sin kadaghánan sa ato. 1 067 fler ord