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My man is turning into a woman? Help!!

I’ve known my boyfriend for more than two years now, but every day I see him he seems more distanced from me and more effeminate. He’s more… 30 fler ord


One of the worst nightclub disasters in US history--Station Night Club Fire--Raw Video

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Digestive Health And The Immune System: Good Gut Bacteria Relieves Inflammatory Bowel Conditions

Study founds imbalanced gut bacteria hurts the immune system.

There are good and bad carbohydrates; good and bad fats; and good and bad bacteria. The… 28 fler ord


Donate a cigar to Hillary!

Hillary Clinton is reportedly furious and abashed as several thousand cigars were recently delivered to her office in protest of her announcement that she…

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25 types of people on the train

This is so funny hahahahahaha.

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How safe are the prawns YOU'RE eating? Farmed shrimp found to contain traces of E.coli, MRSA and salmonella

ok I love shrimp/prawns…now not so sure

So this story sucks for me

Experts at Consumer Reports tested 342 packages of frozen prawns from farms in… 28 fler ord


Must watch New planet of the apes Movie


There filming the new purge movie and planet of the apes this shh is gonna be fucking ripe…

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