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Uber driverless cars will be used to spy on and possibly kill important passengers...

Or even targets in other vehicles on the roadway.


You just wait and see…

These driverless cars? What a totally stupid idea. Sometimes my (regularly updated) GPS doesn’t even know where the fuck it is, and people are supposed to trust these computerized cars? 112 fler ord


There's nothing sexier than a man in uniform...

Doesn’t matter how old he is either…

I just fucking came.

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Lemongrass Hope

Author: Amy Impellizerri
Rating: 4 of 5 Stars

This novel has a bit of time travel, a bit of romance, and a whole lot of real life!  201 fler ord



I am so glad you have decided to take a minute and join me on my blog.  Here I will be talking about books I have read in an honest interpretation, with laid back language.  102 fler ord


How brands are made: 10 Things people might not tell you

By Tarun Agarwal

1. Being a brand is often simply about being associated with someone who can deliver a success story. Success begets success. Say, for example, anything that Mukesh Ambani, Ramdev baba, Narendra Modi, Mahesh Bhatt, Karan Johar, Prasoon Joshi touch will become a brand. 376 fler ord