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Four seasons

A cool compilation. for those want to live all seasons


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Is life long love with another person a feasible goal?

I’ve seen love come and go, not only in my relationships, but many of those around me. I was with the woman of my dreams and ready for marriage and a… 30 fler ord


How to choose the best watermelon?

Hey everyone

How to choose the best watermelon?

These fuckers are 5-6 dollars a pop I don’t want to get ripped


– Poster: Poopsie McDuff (UID 1493) – Updated: 07/30/15 5:15 PM – Views 17 – Replies 0… 22 fler ord


I think I just saw two gay dudes, I got offended..

Was eating.

Right next to me two dudes we’re sitting.

One of them was taking a picture of the other with great smile.

As i continued to stare… 30 fler ord


Any girls want to flirt?

I may seem a little crazy, but im still a nice guy,any girls interested? Add me on facebook…

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Is anyone here besides me and 3 other people?

is there?

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