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Fingernails hold readable data and memory...

If you let them grow and look at them through a light, you can clearly see the lines of data.

Memory is held in the hair in much the same way, but that data is much more mental, spiritual, all the non-physical lessons and experiences. 465 fler ord


I am a creator...

And so are you.

Claim what belongs to you.

Receive what is rightfully yours.

Pick the ripe fruit of your labors from the aether.

Take its seeds and plant them in the soil of your purpose. 23 fler ord


CIA engineered cats to be spy radios and put LSD in the water supply...…-lsd-on-u/

Just imagine all the sick twisted things they’re doing now, and how much better they’ve gotten at it.

from SECTUAL – Discussion Forum… 6 fler ord


Somebody gave my email address to a Toyota dealership in Daytona, FL...

I’ve been getting reminder emails from them for years…

It’s especially bizarre considering how ridiculous my email address is. LOL… I wanna know who these people are. 53 fler ord