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You worship fear

Every religion preaches love.

Every religion teaches that love is the key to salvation.

or is it?

The fundament of religion is fear.

How can one love a God, he/she has never sensed? 315 fler ord

Thank you

To each our own right?

I want to send a special thanks to all of whom have entered my life, left my life, loved me, hugged me, yelled at me, cried with me, argued with me and given me every chance possible to grow as a person. 479 fler ord

Me and my ADHD

Okay so it isn’t really a big secret that i’ve got ADHD. It is a part of me and my life and even though it is miserable sometimes, in the very end I wouldn’t want to be without it. 2 902 fler ord

Der Rede wert

Die Welt braucht Liebe, ganz viel Liebe, so auch der einzelne. Das, was man zu selten sagt und hört ist: Ich liebe dich. Und das, was man noch viel seltener sagt und hört: Ich liebe mich. 23 fler ord

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21 februaruie, 2015
… spiritul artei este un spirit mărginit, al unui popor, iar universalitatea fiinţând-în-sine a sa se destramă,… ne spune Hegel. Şi ar trebui să ne înclinăm, şi să-i dăm dreptate, constatând coeziunea organică a formelor artei în manifestarea spirituală a unei naţii. 1 149 fler ord