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All you need to know about Gel Manicure

A lot of followers ask me about my nails and when I explain that I use gel manicure the questions are infinite. So here is a post that will answer all of your doubts either if you’re thinking of getting your nails done, but also if you already have gel manicure, but have a few concerns about your nails’ health. 454 fler ord

Butter London Glazen Eye Gloss in Frosted

Butter London Glazen Eye Gloss

I picked this up from Ulta after seeing Kathleen Lights do a tutorial using it. I feel like Kathleen is the reasoning behind at least half of my entire make up collection. 220 fler ord

Make Up

Winter Colours For Nails.

Well, just look at how stunning this colours look. Ultra pigmented colours for a gorgeous winter finish. On the count of One, two, three, let’s swoon.  253 fler ord


How To Get Perfect Chip Free Nails!! Blogmas Day 4

Hello Beauty’s I hope your well!! So, I wanted to chat to you all today about Nails!! I always get so many complements and people often ask If I wear acrylics. 581 fler ord


Nature Republic's Soothing & Moisture 92% Aloe Vera Soothing Gel

Alright, the name of the product is such a mouthful. We get it already, soothing & moisture.

Right now in the market, there are so MANY brands selling aloe vera gel. 416 fler ord

Skin Care

For your pleasure...

So the other day I found myself in the midst of some crazy friends. They came around as I was in the end stages of formulating a body butter (another post) and they started teasing me about formulating bombs and other random entities. 329 fler ord

Review: Silky Girl Eyeliner

Hari ini saya akan membahas (lagi) tentang eyeliner. Seperti yang kalian tau, eyeliner terbagi menjadi 3 macam; cair, pen (bisa di cek disini) dan gel. Kalau ada macam eyeliner lain yang belum aku sebutkan, bisa kalian tambah di komentar and I’ll so appreciated it! 325 fler ord