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#26 aufgebraucht im August

Guten Morgen!

Ich liebe dieses Hygiene Gel von Balea.

Ganz klar


Es riecht nicht unangenehm, klebt nicht und ich hab tatsächlich das Gefühl, die Hände gereinigt zu haben und das sie Bakterien frei sind. 6 fler ord


Beach Sunset

Today I will show you two items from my Beach Sunset Collection, as I hope you will enjoy :-) You can find more in my… 16 fler ord


Review: Innisfree Green Tea Fresh Cream

Hey guys, hope you’ve all been well! Today I’ll be sharing my thoughts on the Innisfree Green Tea Fresh Cream (3rd bottle already) which is my HG moisturiser and I hope my review will be helpful for you (: 787 fler ord


Durex Massage and Play 2-in-1 Massage Gel and Personal Lubricant, Soothing Touch, 6.76 Ounce

Durex Massage & Play Soothing Touch is a two-in-one massage gel and personal lubricant designed as a gentle full-body massage gel that absorbs into skin with a non-greasy feel and as a personal lubricant in more intimate areas to enhance the sensual experience for you and your partner.
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Foarte mult timp ne-am ”luptat” cu deodorantul din comerț, în sensul că le-am tot studiat și căutat pe cele mai puțin nocive măcar. A fost o luptă cu victorii parțiale uneori, dar cu multe înfrângeri adesea. 123 fler ord


Nail Treatment 

As a little treat for myself, I decided to get my nails professionally painted. I wanted something natural and suitable for work so I opted for a light pink. 64 fler ord


I'm Salon Worthy Hair with Inexpensive Products?

Click here to get you some Hair Potions (affiliate link)

I absolutely love these products, well I like to call them hair potions!

Whenever I need a style to last me all day I always pick up my… 198 fler ord