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essence - the gel nail polish

After receiving a Facebook message about reviewing a certain brand of gel polish, I ran across this other product the same day! Immediately intrigued and knowing how well priced essence products are, I picked up the base coat, the top coat and two polishes at Shoppers Drug Mart for $2.99 CAD each. 342 fler ord


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Whilst training to be a make-up artist I fell in love with basic easy to wear make-up items, as I was always removing my face at college, and on jobs it is easier to maintain a simple look than a heavy smokey eye! 180 fler ord




I am just a new dad and I am already thinking of what is best for my kid. I call her Twinkle. I  am very happy to see her smile, her skin so soft and blushed cheeks. 221 fler ord


Model: Erica Vitulano

By: AlessioAlbi


I feel like a girl again

One of my monthly highlights is getting my nails done. I have bitten my nails for longer than I can remember and have tried to stop numerous times but I can’t. 73 fler ord