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Zoeva Cosmetics Strobe Gels in Halo and Corona - Review & Swatches

I want to come right out and say it: I LOVE ZOEVA COSMETICS. Fantastic quality, beautifully packaged products, and affordable prices. What’s not to love?! 603 fler ord


In My IPsy Bag

Every month I get a little bag that contains 5 beauty products for only $10.83! This month I was so excited to get my bag and love most of the products in it. 178 fler ord


i got nude

so i got my nails done a few days ago and it was my first time getting nude! haha get it. i usually get a light pink sns but this time i got a nude gel mani and i love it! 40 fler ord


Get Your Gel On

Have you had your eye on the TruShine Essential Bundle? Well now is the perfect time to get it with The Fab Four Promotion!

Between April 20 and April 30, when you purchase the bundle (which includes a TruShine Gel Top Coat, Base Coat and Curing Lamp), you will also receive your choice of any Classic Color TruShine Gel Enamel, all for… 86 fler ord


Garnier Micellar Gel Wash | Review

I haven’t written a review for a long time, mainly as I am the proud owner of the grand sum of £2.58 in my bank account, classic student. 450 fler ord


Cream gel με άρωμα μανταρίνι

Βιολογικό gel σώματος με aloe vera για 24ώρη ενυδάτωση και συγκλονιστικό άρωμα μανταρίνι.
Ενυδατώνει, μαλακώνει και βοηθά στην ανανέωση της ξηρής, ερεθισμένης, με ραγάδες ή σημάδια επιδερμίδας. Είναι κατάλληλο και για χρήση μετά από ήπια ηλιακά εγκαύματα.
Χρήση: Απλώστε γενναιόδωρα στην επιδερμίδα.
Αποφύγετε την επαφή με τα μάτια.
Δεν περιέχει parabens και συντηρητικά.
Φυλάσσεται μακριά από παιδιά.