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[REVIEW] Eloway Aloe Vera Gel

Hi guys! After trying many Aloe Vera gels on the market, I came across this Eloway Aloe Vera gel. I will now be reviewing this product. 263 fler ord




Hello, all.

I hope everyone had a really good Thursday.  I did.  My middle granddaughter is staying with me for a while and we are having a really nice visit. 453 fler ord

How to make your skin perfect


Today I’m here to share with you the secret to a perfect skin.

I’m mean, my skin is far from ”perfect” and sometimes I still have breaks but since I started to use these products It got a lot better! 202 fler ord

Hair companies taking advantage?

Is it me, or is maintaining your hair costly these days? Don’t get me wrong, I know nice things cost especially for great quality.

Let’s talk about the natural hair community for a moment. 266 fler ord

Forever New Aloe Vera Gel :-

Forever New Aloe Vera Gel Benefits

Forever New Aloe Vera gel is cultivated in fertile soil in such environment where it lasts for 2000 hours a year. 385 fler ord

Aloe Vera

Learning Points from Joe Landolina's TED Talk on "This Gel can Make You Stop Bleeding Instantly"

A blessing for all first aider wannabes! Here comes a miracle gel that seals the wound and stops the bleeding completely. Enter Veti-Gel!

1. The structure that holds our cells together is called the extracellular matrix. 98 fler ord

TED Talk

Eco Styler Gel Has Ingredients That Cause Cancer?!

What In The Edges is going on?!? I thought I had heard it all when I heard that Eco Styler Gel could contain an ingredient that causes cancer!  221 fler ord

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