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Aloe Vera Products

Face care products of the Aloe Vera Collection provide comprehensive facial skin care.
These are the 4 steps to perfect complexion. First, you should wash your face with the Facial… 54 fler ord


Sự khác nhau giữa pomade, wax và gel

Chưa bao giờ các sản phẩm tạo kiểu tóc cho nam giới lại phát sốt như thế này, các chàng trai đang ngày càng chăm chút hơn đến chuyện tóc tai cũng như ăn mặc. 1 231 fler ord


7 Tips for Scanning Overseas

So, you want to take that pretty little laptop ultrasound, put it into your backpack, and fly to parts unknown to help with patient care and/or to teach in a resource-limited setting? 678 fler ord


Nature Republic Aloe gel review

I think it is safe to call this gel a cult favorite. I have heard stories about it flying of shelves in Korea, and there are often sales here in China too. 138 fler ord

Review: Silky Girl

welcome back to my blog today 😗
Hari ini aku akan membahas (lagi) tentang eyeliner. Seperti yang kalian tau, eyeliner terbagi menjadi 3 macam; cair, pen ( 361 fler ord


CSCS Advanced Eye Gel Review

The CSCS Advanced Eye Gel, when put on, does not have a greasy feeling. I wear contacts and it doesn’t bother them at all. It doesn’t burn my eyes. 166 fler ord

Quick Fix for Bad Hair Days

Having a bad hair day?

Hide that coif underneath a fitted cap.

To pull off this look, brush your hair straight back and apply pomade gel. 37 fler ord