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Nails On Fleek!!

Nails on fleek!! My birthday is coming up, so I decided to get my nails done and what better place than at my family’s nail shop Perfect Nails. 113 fler ord


Nail Art Ideas...!!!???

I’m getting my nails done on Fri 22nd May, but I’m not sure on what to get? I’m thinking colourful as with summer coming and as always something different on my accent finger… 60 fler ord


What is CND Shellac? The solution to Chipped Nails...

Fed up of chipped nail polish? Have you tried CND Shellac manicure?

After a mini-manicure or mini-pedicure shellac polish is applied to the nail and cured under a low energy UV lamp. 161 fler ord



Hi mateys! If you’re seeing this tag on Wednesday then one of three things have happened: 1) Our internet hasn’t been connected yet, 2) I’m busy trying to organise the flat and haven’t had time to write up another post or 3) Yano… laziness. 813 fler ord


Confessions of a Loc'd Goddess: Eco Styler Gel Review

I recently did a quick retwist on my locs, because these edges were looking a hot mess.  I recently stopped using my Jamaican Mango and Lime gel, due to some reviews I have seen, so I wanted to try something different on my hair. 289 fler ord

Loc'd Goddess

The Semi-Unkempt Look

I gotta say, I’m getting better with age. Or at least my hairstyle is. Now it’s just short with a little frizz up top.

That’s pretty popular these days but lemme tell you, I’m liking it. 123 fler ord


Feeling the blues in Cape Town 💅🏻💙

I recently bought a few Nail polishes from Essence Cosmetics.

A new range of gel polishes with loads of colors to choose, from nudes to all things bright and glamorous. 131 fler ord