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Eucerin Sun Gel-Creme Oil Control Dry Touch SPF50

I have been on the hunt for a substitute for my beloved Helio Care SPF factor 50. I am so  in love with their products (both the cream and the gel) that I could marry them tomorrow. 398 fler ord

Supertramp Shower Gel

“Relax and allow grounding Patchouli to coax your imagination”

This is not a shower gel for the faint hearted, and even the most die-hard Patchouli raving Lord of Misrule fanlushie may struggle with this smell. 301 fler ord

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Pentru cine dorește o alternativă la cremele pentru îngrijirea zonei ochilor, am creat acest gel pe bază de APĂ DE TRANDAFIRI DE DAMASC, apreciată pentru efectul tonifiant, astringent și revigorant asupra tenului și care luptă împotriva efectelor îmbătrânirii cutanate, conferind finețe pielii și atenuând roșeata. 37 fler ord


As a sufferer of IBS for 5 years now I, like many others, have tried to find the cure.

Whilst this may not have cured me completely, it has certainly helped and I would recommend that any fellow sufferer tries it. 1 118 fler ord


That’s it!! I’, going to buy that eyebrow gel. It’s what they call mala artista eyebrows. Hahahahah… So excited. Ordered two from ebay hopefully di na ako mascam like what happened to that mac eyebrow gel so annoying. 25 fler ord


Beauty Review | Bourjois 1 Seconde Nail Polish

I get bored really quickly. Like reaaallllyy quickly. Unfortunately I have never managed to master the ability to sit still for more than ten seconds, so (as you’ve probably guessed by now) doing my nails is often a massive issue. 729 fler ord