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Picture Perfect Monday #13

Okay, so you’ve seen this style before, but I really do live doing it. It’s therapuric for me and I’m generally pleased by the results. I like the clean lines and the contrast- it just makes me happy. 32 fler ord



Way too much hair gel,

Adorned my head,

Near bare flame,

Then I’d be dead.

Fabulous Friends #10 – Marbled Pastels

End of the week, everyone say Quick post!

Another one of my Darlings and this look is very fitting for the weather today, very serene and mellow. 100 fler ord


Product Review: Revlon Gel Envy Range

 I have been a shellac fan from way back, and even after having Harry I managed to fit in a quick shellac appointment every couple of weeks… But this year I decided as I was ridding chemicals from my life (as many as I could readily and realistically do) that I would stop getting my nails done…. 412 fler ord

Health & Beauty

Maybelline 24hr Colour Tattoo Review

Hello Lovely People!

I’m always pretty sceptical about buying makeup that I’ve never used before, but with the sea of reviews I’ve seen and heard about these eyeshadows, I pretty much knew what I was getting myself into. 376 fler ord


Pain Management: Biofreeze Cold Therapy Gel Review

Biofreeze is a cold therapy pain relief gel for arthritis, back pain, sore muscles, and joints. I originally had heard about Biofreeze from some friends and clients who swore by it for back pain. 264 fler ord


Ice on hand

It occurred to me yesterday how often I turn to a good ice pack as I had a small ache in my neck. I opened my freezer and found not one but 5 different gel ice packs waiting for me! 232 fler ord