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Ghandi's Letter

This week’s Literature/Genre of the Week takes us back to World War II and many failed attempts to avoid it- in particular, many failed attempts to keep a tyrant from conducting one of (if not the) most heinous crimes against humanities to date.   637 fler ord


Cult Film Defined

“I mean, really. What are we talking about here?”

Nailing down what cult film is comes close to being a herding-cats proposition. In keeping with the notion of “cultishness,” it defies even the act of definition. 950 fler ord



Main Entry:            de•gen•er•i•des

Pronunciation:     ¦dājǝ¦na(a)rǝdēz,   ¦de- ;   esp archaic  dāgene’rēdās

Function:                noun

Inflected Forms:    plural  de•gen•er•i•dae   \-ǝdē, sometimes -idī\

Usage:                     often capitalized… 119 fler ord


Study of Genre

We are starting Term 2 looking at different types of genre on fiction. I hope that you find this work interesting. You may even find yourself wanting to read a novel from a genre you have never contemplated reading before.


Lenght, Genre, dan Rating Fanfiction

Hai! Aku kembali lagi untuk berbagi ilmu yang sudah kudapatkan setelah bersemedi di bawah air terjun bersama abang Bobby beberapa tahun ini belajar menulis fanfiction :D… 1 082 fler ord


21 Shoe April preview - MyADDICTION

Hey all! I have more gorgeous shoes to show you today, this time from a New-to-me shoe store called MyADDICTION!

For 21Shoe, MyADDICTION has out a FATPACK of gorgeous strappy, spiked heels! 175 fler ord