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Trailer: "Assasin's Creed" (2016)

As a fan of Assassin’s Creed, I am actually excited about this!


Edith’s Dairy by Patricia Highsmith, re-issued by Virago

One of the novelist’s great difficulties is to tell a story that is worth telling. Such a story contains interesting characters in interesting situations. A great advantage of writing a “genre” novel is that the novelist, if she fulfils certain expectations, may write a satisfactory novel. 772 fler ord

A Response To Specific Books

Cheap wow mounts legion available | Ability to create genre pieces

The cheery, scruffy Jones is talking in a lot crammed full of Warcraft props and paraphernalia within Los Angeles’s Universal Studios. Once known as Zowie Bowie, he is David’s only son, and calls California home. 381 fler ord


We Have To Talk About Women’s Fiction

Blogger in Residence, Rosalind Moran, questions the notion of Women’s Fiction as a genre, and what this means for writers. 

Book categories are strange creatures, not unlike boa serpents. 1 283 fler ord

Blogger In Residence

Mini Review: Once Gone by Blake Pierce

Once Gone (a Riley Paige Mystery)

Author: Blake Pierce

Publisher:   Blake Pierce

Publication Date: 16 December 2015

Pages:  204 pages

Genre: Crime, Thriller, Mystery… 418 fler ord


TRAPPED ' The elevator ' - Sehun ver.

| Kim Hiraen | Oh Sehun |

| PG-16 |

| AU | Romance |


Jangan jadi silent readers yaaa.

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Remarc & Lewi Cifer - Ricky (1994)

After several hours of fixing broken links on this blog and with bedtime approaching, there is time for one more tune tonight (or ”choon” as I believe the young folk of today are wont to day). 82 fler ord

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