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Author Confession 4: Genre

How did you choose your genre?

Most of my novel ideas just come to me, and regardless of the genre, I feel as though I am inspired to write them. 227 fler ord

Author Confession

Character Interview: Christy Mann's Derrick

In this interview, Christy Mann invited me into the world of her story ‘Death of a Secret’ to meet with her character, Derrick, who has fallen on some very hard times. 2 528 fler ord

Kelly Blanchard

New Releases - 20th January 2017

Here’s my personal pick of the new metal releases coming out today. There’s only a few that stand out but we are starting to get into the first properly tempting releases of the year now. 368 fler ord


[Chaptered] Introvert Squad (6화)

“Introvert Squad” by Mingi Kumiko

♥ Taeyong, Jaehyun, Sejeong, and Chaeyeon ♥ friendship, school life, romance ♥ PG-13 ♥

Note : cerita ini mengandung unsur… 1 254 fler ord

NCT 127

Review: Riding the Dog by Sybil Rosen

Read from April 15 to 17, 2016 — I own a copy

Synopsis: Riding the Dog is a collection of nine short stories, all of which take place on a Greyhound bus. 332 fler ord