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The brightest things fade the fastest.

Today’s post features one of my favorite things, which is cats! I’m the unofficial crazy cat lady in training. While I don’t have any outside of SL right now (Not allowed to have pets where I live), I have a TON of cat things in SL to curb my cat needs. 452 fler ord

BONUS BOOK: Stitches by David Small

Genre: Graphic Novel, Memoir

Book Jacket Synopsis: ”One day, David Small awoke from a supposedly harmless operation to discover that he had been transformed into a virtual mute. 488 fler ord


Genre Blast: On a Grand Scale – The Epic

Let’s start with the brash statement that cinema, as we know it exists because of this genre. It’s the genre that draws crowds (or used to), that quite literally creates worlds, demanding the best from every tech guild. 862 fler ord


Reapers are a Writer's Best Friend; Introduction

Let’s face it: death in all its myriad and repulsive forms is an inseparable part of life. It’s the yin to the yang, the other side of the coin. 528 fler ord

Blog Series

Why Do Adults Read YA genre?

In the present world of global Pop Literature, YA (Young Adult) genre is one of the fastest growing genres in respect to public popularity. And to one’s surprise, it has been found through extensive research that 55% of the readers of this genre are adults. 537 fler ord