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(CHAPTER) Secret Admirer (2nd)-DALV

Ken’s @Indo Fanfiction Arts

Title : Secret Admirer || Author : DALV || Genre : Romance, Sad || Rating : PG–17 || Leght : Chaptered || Main Cast : Oh Yura (OC) , Cho Kyuhyun , Choi Siwon || Other Cash : Find By Yourself ^^ 3 644 fler ord


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Who is Getter?

Who is Getter? That might sound like a dumb question to some, but this is more of a post about Getter’s accomplishments and my favorite works by him, and less of a article of who Getter actually is. 327 fler ord


October x "Camp"

This morning I decided to re-read one of my favorite cultural reflections, Susan Sontag’s, ”Notes on Camp”.  You can tell the research involved took decades of consuming and digesting visual media + art and trying to classify it all into a word that few before knew existed. 446 fler ord


Friday Night Drabble Party!

Another week is here and gone. That means it is time for a FRIDAY NIGHT DRABBLE PARTY!


Before we get to the micro-fiction of greatness (GREATNESS!), I’m a gonna pimp a book. 172 fler ord

Jake Bible

To Hear You Say You Love Me by Jim Brickman

I have loved or so I thought before
But this is so much more
I couldn’t last a day without you
In my life, you’re the reason that I breathe; you’re everything I need… 227 fler ord

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