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Bookmarks: Friday, 6/3/15

Happy three-day weekend, Readers!

Here are a few articles I found interesting this week:


Writing as a Game

When I talk to workshop participants about writing a conference abstract, a few of them usually get confused. They ask, how they could possibly write an abstract about research they haven’t yet done. 326 fler ord

Being A Writer

Book Funnel


Another very important way to create a buzz around your writing career is to build funnels. Yes, if you have only one book, consider writing a short story or novella and setting it to free to attract readers to your other books. 353 fler ord


Soothe The Savage Breast

I don’t think I have eclectic taste in music at all. I prefer the pop of everything. Popular top 40, popular jazz, popular classical, popular indie, popular international music, and popular reggae of the Marley variety. 230 fler ord


Research Journal #16

For this specific exercise I will be analyzing a birthday card genre. I will be using my birthday card that I received from my parents couple months ago. 275 fler ord

Horror without Limits: The Film4 FrightFest 2015 Programme is Announced

With a staggering 76 features screening across the extended Bank Holiday weekend at the end of August (Thursday 27th-Monday 31st), the amorphous, omnivorous Film4 FrightFest is a Blob-like monster that just keeps growing and growing until no cinema can contain it. 464 fler ord

Shelf Talk - YA

I recently read a topic on a Goodreads group, Addicted to YA, that discussed what makes a great young adult book. One trend stuck with me that honestly confused me. 594 fler ord

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