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It’s Here: A Review of Poltergeist (2015)

Release Date: May 22nd 2015

Director: Gil Kenan

Country of Origin: United States

Language: English

Runtime: 1 hour 33 minutes

After reading far too many of the reviews beforehand, my opinion of the… 963 fler ord


Createspace and print editions.

Createspace. Amazon’s resource for creating, amongst other things, printed editions of books. Even as a fan of the Kindle for publishing I do have to admit to there being a certain thrill to holding a physical book in your hands. 321 fler ord


Things I Learned From... Man Up

Man Up, the first movie from writer Tess Morris, is out today. Starring Simon Pegg and Lake Bell, it’s the story of an impulsive decision that spirals into the world’s weirdest blind date, between two apparently unsuited people who might just be perfect for each other. 349 fler ord


Subgenre Analysis - Post-Break-Up Romantic Comedies


After reviewing both High Fidelity and 500 Days of Summer, I had an itch to try my hand at another one of these posts. However, this time I haven’t watched a whole lot of movies with this style, basing myself only in those two movie, so this post can have some pretty big mistakes. 465 fler ord


'The Heat' Review...

‘The Heat’ (2013) is a hilarious comedy starring Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy. This film really defines the word comedy, making audiences laugh throughout.

The storyline is based on two contrasting characters, one being a very uptight, serious FBI agent (Sandra Bullock) and a foul mouthed, rude police officer (Melissa McCarty). 331 fler ord