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Solomon Kane: A Dark Fantasy Thrill Ride Rooted In The Golden Age of Pulp Fiction

Solomon Kane is now available on Netflix in the US.

If you didn’t know who Solomon Kane was before now (like me), here’s a pitch: 247 fler ord


Throwback Thursday: Goodfellas

Goodfellas tells the true story of Henry Hill as he enters and finds his place in the mafia. This Martin Scorsese classic (and once-upon-a-time holder of the most f-bombs in cinema history record) created new narrative and film techniques that added a refreshing take on the gangster/mob genre… 333 fler ord

Genre Notes: Horror

Today we’ll be talking about the composition of horror novels or short stories. The creeping sensation of dread, the slight tingle on the back of your neck, the intense feelings of distrust, worry and fear all emerge from this initial setting of creepiness. 641 fler ord


Books 2

First Book Memory? 

What is the first book that you remember? For this exercise, the Holy Books such as the Bible or Qur’an do not count. 676 fler ord


A genre reading list for library insiders

Chances are some of you haven’t heard of ALA’s Reading List Council, but trust me on this one: Their annual list of top books in several genres is a book lover’s gem. 510 fler ord


4 Amazing Books That Were Translated from Dutch To English

Today is International Mother Language Day and as it is so often the case with these kind of days, I got inspired to create a list for you. 738 fler ord


Genre - Documentary

During the project, I will be be researching photography genres and their uses in the modern industry. To start the research off, I have chosen the genre of the project, documentary. 657 fler ord