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Why You Should Let Writing Objectives Drive Reading Instruction (Sometimes)

I spent a good part of one summer working with a group of  clever teachers creating units of study for writing instruction. The writer’s notebook became the centerpiece for our classes, and we created notebook work that would help students develop writing muscles. 1 023 fler ord

Author Brand

According to many knowledgeable sources, an author’s brand is essential to success. If readers enjoy one book, they’ll come back for more. When an author produces works that don’t fit that brand, readers walk away. 837 fler ord

The Writer I Hope To Be

I’ve known for a long time that I didn’t want to be a Christian writer. This doesn’t mean that my faith is not important to me—quite the contrary. 449 fler ord


BLACKHAT (Dir. Michael Mann, 2015, US) - Moments, Impressions and Aesthetics

Defining moments in films can go unnoticed since the visual expressionism of most filmmakers is relatively provincial, acquiescing to broader commercial empathies. It is not right to reduce or distil the essence of Mann’s films to mere moments, as this would make the claim his films work fleetingly and intermittently. 1 080 fler ord


Trailer: "Kingsman: Secret Organization" (2015)

This movie… this movie! The Director was going to go see this movie, and it had been so long since I gotten to see a movie in the theatre that I just had to sneek in as well (without the Director knowing or else no crunchies for me!). 26 fler ord


What do Agents Want from Fantasy?

It’s never been a better time to be a fantasy writer.


The genre is undergoing epic change.

Tolkienesque white straight male hero stories birthed the fantasy genre for our modern age, but now their sword arm weakens. 472 fler ord

Writing Fantasy

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What I've Learned From My Thesis Proposal

I don’t really read much steampunk.

When I submitted a draft to my professor, he sent back revision suggestions with a note along the lines of ”What steampunk books can you cite in your bibliography?”  I stared at the page for a few minutes before sitting back and sighing. 689 fler ord