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Top 10 On Crack

I’m not a huge fan of lists and don’t do many on this site, but the other night I had an urge to do some and then I went crazy! 2 962 fler ord


RPG, Sebuah Perkenalan


Pada dasarnya, Saya tumbuh kembang dengan RPG. Saya dan RPG adalah satu, Saya adalah RPG dan RPG adalah Saya. RPG atau Role-Playing Game dimana pemain (musti mikirin istilah lain nih, karena istilah ini banyak artinya), lagi-lagi menurut wikipedia, sebuah genre permainan dimana user mengkontrol aksi dari karakter utama (atau beberapa orang dalam sebuah… 309 fler ord


Me, You, and Music

I interviewed a couple of students and friends at Texas State Universtiy about music check out the video here.


Redefining the Concept of Genre: A Response to Kerry Dirk's "Navigating Genres"

In “Navigating Genres” by Kerry Dirk (a chapter in “Writing Spaces: Reading on Writing Volume 1”, 2010), the definition of genre is reexamined. You may know and apply genre in the broadest, most general sense. 707 fler ord

Making It Better

The writing process comes with the too often repeated question of what’s next? I rewrote another chapter and I’m off to the next decision. Editing is much more difficult than I imagined. 84 fler ord


Lyric Writing

The serious lyric writer should have these in his possession:

A) Thesaurus
B) Rhyming dictionary
C) Dictionary of idioms
D) Dictionary
E) Notebook or tape recorder… 41 fler ord

Lyric Writing