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Vintage Jewelry Pendant Gustavsberg Porcelain Asiatic Pheasants Mahogany Flowers

There is a famous and popular woodworking company which is located in Park Slope, Brooklyn in United States. They usually manufacture custom doors, windows, cabinetry, staircases, and the other furniture that related to wood. 148 fler ord


Servisfint - Willow

Är det något jag är svag för så är det blåvitt porslin. Det kan ge allt från en skön sommarstugekänslan till att bli klassiskt elegant till de flesta inredningar. 165 fler ord

Hemma Hos


I’ve always collected…well, that’s not quite true – I didn’t until about 20 years ago – I didn’t like anything my mother brought back from her numerous travels, her Murano glass, her Japanese dinner set…I was all about ”less is best” and didn’t buy stuff in places I lived, I think I have like 3 things from my 2 years in Greece that I carried with me over the years! 333 fler ord