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Where can I find that song?

Anyone know where to find a recording of square one by miriam jones and jeff toyne? It’s in the movie about J.K. Rowling… even just the lyrics would be ok. 70 fler ord

Week 8


  • Fulty & Rolphy are perfect 3-0
  • Fulty has a 3 point lead on Cordy and is 4 up on Rolphy (who had the big week with 43 pts.)
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The Stonehenge and Cotswolds Countryside

The Stonehenge was something I was very keen on seeing in person since the moment I knew I would be living in England for six months. 874 fler ord


My New "Merlin" OTP

(Spoilers for ”Merlin”)

Hello everyone…

It’s me, H.G.

I have something to confess.

I’ve been on a ”Merlin” marathon lately, and, well, even though I’ve watched the show before, this hit me harder this time. 234 fler ord

Quote of the Day

”Are you sure?” said Ron. There was the faintest trace of longing in his voice as he looked at the Elder Wand.

”I think Harry’s right,” said Hermione quietly.

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Quote Of The Day

Harry Potter and the Legion of Loyal Fans

A series of seven books written by Scotland native JK Rowling captured the hearts and minds of countless people the world over. Very few books published in recent memory have even come close to the success of the Harry Potter series. 1 016 fler ord


You could look away for one second for fear of missing something important. It twisted and turned more than the corridors the Doctor was forced to wander. 289 fler ord