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Sew what?

After ‘umming’ and ‘arring’ about buying a sewing machine for the last year, my hubby finally pressed the order button on my Amazon shopping basket. Last week I unboxed my shiny new basic Brother machine. 669 fler ord


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Hogwarts: A Cinematic Yearbook: Imagine, Draw, Create

Scholastic Children’s Books

Category: Novelty/Activity Books

My Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

My Review:

Oh my! 270 fler ord


Harry Potter and the Cursed Child ~ J.K. Rowling

My husband who knows I’m a geek ordered Harry Potter and the Cursed Child in order to obtain it on the day it was released in France, which was some time last week. 493 fler ord


Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 (2011)

Director:  David Yates

Rating:  7.5/10


  • Directing    4.5/5
  • Writing      4/5
  • Cinematography    5/5
  • Acting       5/5
  • Production Design    5/5

Good Things

+  Acting

+  Cinematography

Bad Things… 666 fler ord


[HP] Slave Child 51

Tiện công thì mình up trước. các tập từ 38-50 sẽ up sau nhé.

Chương 51

”Cậu Harry!” Norie hét lên, suýt làm Harry phát điếc khi ré thẳng vào tai nó. 6 078 fler ord


Business Lessons from Lord Voldemort

Say what you will, Lord Voldemort is the ideal businessman. Even though he failed in the end, did he not manage to create a spell of utter terror, right from the day he unleashed the Basilisk, till the day he cast his last Avada Kedavra? 2 618 fler ord

Harry Potter

The Luna Skirt (WIP)

Three Things I Love: Costumes, TS2, and the Harry Potter series.

Also, Sentate’s Pond Skirt. 196 fler ord