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I think this is the first HP drawl I’ve ever done, and I’m pretty down. I had fun with a new sketch brush I found, and I also played around with using different opacity settings. 63 fler ord

Daniel's Stuff

All the wrong choices (Ch 27 - The Sting)

Harry paced along the stretch of wall in the seventh-floor corridor, his mind asking for a place to stay. He wasn’t overly specific knowing that the room of requirement would throw something suitable together. 3 636 fler ord


The Girl Who Lived

So, I know this guy.  He’s a textbook example of a narcissistic sociopath.  Let’s just discuss some of his traits:

  1. A driven quest for power. 
  2. 834 fler ord
Harry Potter

My Pottermore results!

If you have read all my posts which you probably haven’t, I don’t think I even have! You will know that I am a Harry Potter fan, so I finally decided to try out Pottermore. 108 fler ord

Rowans Little Notes

Series I want to re-read

I have always tried to re-read books but sometimes I have just never got around to it due to new books springing in front of me and suddenly seeming more appealing. 338 fler ord


The Magic Begins Here...

More enchantment and wonder
Than we’ve ever had around
A time and place like no other
That’s ever been found

One odd conversation
Like a prophecy… 75 fler ord


Why I Adore Hermione Granger

Hello everyone!

If you have read the Harry Potter series, even more so than watched the movies, you know just how strong and independent Hermione is. 308 fler ord