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[Review] Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

Welcome to another post from the Bohemian Blogger and toady, I’ll be reviewing Harry Potter and the Cursed Child.

(Taken from my Instagram @bookgirlingmoments)

When I first heard that the book will be coming out, I couldn’t help but be excited. 541 fler ord


Structuration, Choices, and Harry Potter Houses

Humans are free. There are institutions, rules, and structures people follow.

How can these two facts co-exist?

(They can’t. People have a tiny microchip in their heads that enslaves them.) 407 fler ord

Comm Sem

Wrap Up: September 2016

Where did the time even go?  How is it even October already? This year has definitely flown by and so has the month of September. I had lots of reading plans in September. 1 138 fler ord


Book Recommendations

Hello bookdragons!

It’s incredibly strange that I haven’t recommended books on my blog. EVER. So today, I shall recommend you books which might be similar to the books you already like. 915 fler ord


Harry Potter Complete collection

Hi everyone !! So I recently unboxed my harry potter  paperback collection that i purchased from amazon and i am loving it .

if u wanna see the unboxing and the first impression do watch this video !! 17 fler ord


Another month has come and gone by and I only managed to read 2 books in the month of September but BUT I am happy with the books that I read because one of the two books I’ve had on my shelf waiting for me to read, a year. 850 fler ord