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Broken Home: A Harry Potter Fanifction

Chapter 1:

My eyes shot open, desperately trying to escape from whatever night terror was plaguing my subconscious. My body was covered in a layer of sweat that made me shiver from the cold air of my room. 2 318 fler ord


6 Career Lessons from Harry Potter

By Marcie Waters

From Harry Potter, one can undoubtedly learn many life lessons (“Wit beyond measure is a man’s greatest treasure.”), but did you ever realize the great career advice J.K. 605 fler ord

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A Harry Cheesy Poem

I love you like Neville
loves his plants
I love you like Hermione
loves books

I love you more than Draco
loves his hair
or power… 74 fler ord


Review: Sawyer Jackson and the Long Land

Sawyer Jackson discovers that the world is a tapestry version of the matrix and that he is the One, destined to defeat a dark Lord. 433 fler ord


Matthew Lewis Gets Nearly Naked With Some Adorable Puppies

Hot Neville Longbottom Photo Shoot 2.0: Puppy Edition via @bustle

— Allyson Koerner (@AllysonKoerner) May 27, 2015

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Harry Potter circa 2015

I try to reread the entire Potter series at least once a year. Every time I read them, I find something new to learn. So thanks to Ms. 667 fler ord