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May the Fourth Be with You - an Unusual Star Wars Day Greeting

In honor of Star Wars Day, I offer this greeting:

And don’t forget to say hi to Kal-El for me, too.


J.K. Rowling Shoots Down Fan Theory About Dumbledore's Past

It’s been an illuminating week for Harry Potter fans. After tweeting an explanation on Monday of why she killed off fan-favorite character Remus Lupin, … 160 fler ord

Harry Potter is a Bad Boy

Harry Potter is a bad boy. In fact, he is a textbook definition of a bad boy. If you haven’t read my previous article about how bad boy’s are actually good guys, or if you just want to refresh your memories, you can find it… 591 fler ord

My Hogwarts OC - Mimi Harmoni

Here’s my Harry Potter/Hogwarts OC, Mimi Harmoni! I hope you will enjoy~! 151 fler ord


WCW: Luna Lovegood [re-direct to Mind the Gap]

I write a Woman Crush Wednesday post every month for Mind the Gap, and this month is devoted to the fabulous (and fictional) Luna Lovegood. 13 fler ord


Apologies - Image #123

Yes, I know its cliched. Yes, I know I won’t be the first – or the last – to write about this today, but nonetheless all I have to say is… 262 fler ord

Pic Of The Day

The Harry Potter Book Tag

Hi everyone!

Ever heard of that book and movie series called Harry Potter? Yeah didn’t think so. It’s pretty small, no big deal. I only talk about it in, like, every post I do and have already done a Harry Potter tag before. 594 fler ord