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NGO calls for rethink on Bougainville mining law

Radio New Zealand

An Australian non-government organisation and the government in the Papua New Guinea region of Bougainville are still at loggerheads over the merits of the region’s new mining laws. 129 fler ord

Papua New Guinea

Potential Inequity Leading to Paris

By Hiba Ahmed

In 2013, a World Bank report stated that climate change would affect all nations. The report further stipulated that the impact distribution was likely to be unequal, impacting the world’s poorest regions in the world. 671 fler ord


Arthur Topham’s Political Beliefs May Just Be Illegal

The Extraordinary Trial of Arthur Topham: Part 3

By Eve Mykytyn | Dissident Voice | November 29, 2015

On November 7, Arthur Topham was convicted of inciting hatred against a racial group, the Jewish people.

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A living wage as a human right (Money for Free review)

Alternative economic systems have become a personal interest of mine since I realised that what we have going on right now is not working out in many ways. 723 fler ord


Hawa Hassan, Supporting Sustainable Institutions in Somalia with Sauce

Hawa Hassan is a Somali refugee who uses her line of sauces called Basbaas to support other immigrant entrepreneurial women like herself. She raises money for  49 fler ord

Court rules that Tory benefit cap unlawfully discriminates against disabled people

A high court judge has ruled that Iain Duncan Smith’s welfare policy unlawfully discriminates against disabled people by failing to exempt their carers from the… 958 fler ord