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Obama, ASEAN and human rights

Thank you for reprinting the Washington Post editorial “Obama should speak up on human rights at ASEAN summit”, which allows readers here to become better aware of the ignorance and arrogance that characterise even the “liberal” wing of the USA’s elite. 305 fler ord

Human Rights

[Press Release] Envi protesters against mining arrested during barricade, 2 face raps -ATM

Envi protesters against mining arrested during barricade, 2 face raps

Environmentalists from Sta. Cruz, Zambales including one minor who have been barricading the highway to prevent hauling trucks of a mining company to pass since two weeks ago were arrested by policemen February 6 and 7, Saturday and Sunday. 689 fler ord

Human Rights

White House pushes ahead with plan to slash pensions for up to one million retirees

By Andre Damon  | WSWS | February 2016

The Obama administration is pushing ahead with its plans to slash pension benefits for up to one million participants in “underfunded” multi-employer pension funds as part of its drive to make defined-benefit pensions a thing of the past for all US workers.

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Testing the Tracks

In the short time I’ve been a UW-Parkside employee (well, a full time UW-Parkside employee), I’ve devoted myself to experiencing everything I possibly can as a staff member. 923 fler ord

Maggie Lawler

Petition calls for Obama to be tried for 'war crimes' in The Hague

RT | February 10, 2016

A petition accusing Barack Obama of war crimes and demanding he be prosecuted has been published on the White House website.

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Offering Sanctuary - Let Them Stay

This is the speech I delivered at the Let Them Stay Rally organised by GetUp! at Sydney Town Hall on Monday 8 February. There were about 4000 people there all calling on the Government to change our harsh, punitive and abusive treatment of people seeking asylum. 491 fler ord

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