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While on vacation, I attended a workshop presented by Mick Caouette of South Hill Films. The workshop consisted of viewing and discussing twp South Hills Films documentaries:

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The Map of Modern #Slavery

Bottom of the list are Venezuela, Iran, Libya, Syria, Yemen, North Korea, Zimbabwe and others joined Russia and Thailand. Malaysia has been upgraded …

But Malaysian labour and refugee rights group Tenaganita called it ”a terrifying hypocrisy and a further crippling of global efforts to end slavery”.

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Modern Slavery

How #slavery and murder goes unpunished on the high seas - PBS

The global economy and our daily lives have become increasingly dependent on shipping, as millions of ships carry roughly 90 percent of the world’s goods. But we know little of the crime and lawlessness that takes place at sea.

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Modern Slavery

Defections are expected

News that more Cuban athletes from the Pan-Am Games are defecting should be no surprise to anyone.

Of all the refugees Canada takes in, Cubans deserve some help from Canadians because it is our tourism business that has helped keep the tyrants and dictators in power in such a country that you have to escape to get out. 20 fler ord


Undercover policing inquiry must not ignore spying on trade unions, activists warn

RT | July 29, 2015

A public inquiry into undercover policing is at risk of becoming an “establishment whitewash” if it does not include scrutiny of the surveillance of trade unionists, activists have warned.

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The Murder of Sandra Bland

Sandra Bland, like countless others, was murdered by the State. She was dehumanized, brutalized and tortured. And regardless of whether she or someone else physically hanged her in that jail cell, her life was taken, nonetheless, by an entrenched system of White supremacy.  625 fler ord


Is Male Circumcision A Violation Of Human Rights?

July 25, 2015 by Jeff Roberts.

While flipping through the WestJet TV lineup on a recent cross-country flight, I reluctantly settled for a popular daytime talk-show (my other options included  198 fler ord