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Why is A-G Gani Patail afraid to go to trial against Rosli Dahlan?

April 1, 2015

Why is A-G Gani Patail afraid to go to trial against Rosli Dahlan?

by Din Merican

This morning the Court of Appeal dismissed the appeal by Attorney-General Gani Patail and 10 others  against Lawyer Rosli Dahlan. 1 219 fler ord


Closer to home ... how about Cuba?

Shifting our attention closer to home for a moment or two …

A new poll shows that most Cuban-Americans agree with the U.S. policy shift toward that fearsome foe of freedom, Cuba. 217 fler ord

The (Conditional) Effectiveness of International Human Rights Courts

Guest post by Jillienne Haglund

On March 10th, the International Peace Institute (IPI), along with the Permanent Mission of Liechtenstein to the United Nations, cohosted a… 1 172 fler ord


Thoughts on Equality and Rights

The governor of Indiana signed his approval to defend the RFRA which is the Religious Freedom Restoration Act.  The thought behind this decision was to protect the right of people to make decisions based on their religious beliefs and not be forced to provide services that may go against those beliefs. 493 fler ord


Dihdew no thaht tood’eh is In Turn Nah Shun Awl IngGlitch Ah’Ware-Nuss Dae?

Joy inn hour ehvurrg rowing fahn bay s buy lie king thihs Poe st. Ex-er size ewer bay sick hue mun rye tooss peek IngGlitch. “M” pow were ewer sell vs. 7 fler ord

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Bus accidents are not a joke. This Holy Week, let us stay safe on the road. Be vigilant. Report bus accidents and bus ride experiences or even review bus terminals. 60 fler ord

Human Rights

RON PROSOR: The U.N.’s War on Israel

New York Times: The United Nations is celebrating its 70th anniversary this year. It was intended to be a temple of peace, but this once great global body has been overrun by the repressive regimes that violate human rights and undermine international security. 120 fler ord

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