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How to Hit on a woman (and succeed)

I absolutely have to share this story because it was just that hilarious.

Me and my roommate went out for a few drinks the other night and were not the least bit interested in talking to anyone besides each other. 524 fler ord

2017 (Worst) Person Of The Year

Time for the third annual award for the person or persons who had the biggest negative impact on the country last year. 3 565 fler ord

Conspiracy Theorists

NEWS: Moon Seen in Daylight

BRIGHTVILLE, ILLINOIS – After concerned citizens reported a UFO in the low Western sky, the apparent same object was spotted late in the afternoon the following day. 249 fler ord


Must've Been Having a No-Hair Day

Our 4-year-old grandtwins Zachary and Alexander drew, wrote, and mailed ”Thank-you” cards to my Beloved and me that arrived today. When I opened them, I was treated to delightful notes and drawings, including the one above. 11 fler ord

Franklin Graham Totally Invalidates Entire Christian Nation

You know all that shit we used to hear about America being a Christian nation, a nation of compassion and virtue and all that sanctimonious bullshit? 419 fler ord


Bat Boy The Musical

“Based on a story in The Weekly World News, BAT BOY: THE MUSICAL is a musical comedy/horror show about a half boy/half bat creature who is discovered in a cave near Hope Falls, West Virginia. 546 fler ord

Written By Isaiah