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"I Demand A Recount," says Vinnie's Teacher


Lunch time at Kennedy Elementary School. Doctor Cashman sits behind her desk. Mrs. Mavis Mavis, Lori Swift, the counselor, and Mark Doolittle, the assistant principal sit in a semi-circle in front of her desk. 1 010 fler ord


Working On The Pasture Gates

Sunday morning as DH & I were driving away to attend church we saw Sweetie, Sissie & Jolly out of the pasture toward an unmowed area.   345 fler ord



Okay, so she thinks he understands her but he’s really just relying on Cliff Notes, so she leaves him? Is that it?

Bill Bickel

Please don't tell my husband.

At one time or another my husband has collected all of the following:

Bottles, playing cards, coins, rusty farm implements, stamps, egg coddlers, antique mitre saws, Life magazines, Coca Cola memorabilia, post cards, baseball bats, radios, toy cars, fishing lures, vintage board games, alabaster eggs, crackle glass, razors, old telephones, fire extinguishers, glass oil jugs, wooden hangers, milk crates, Fenton, mason jars, books, Tinker Toys, sleds, bean pots, grain scales, wooden skis, haying forks, lamp fixtures, cigar boxes, pencil sharpeners, apple peelers, grinding wheels, cast iron skillets, flour sifters, fishing rods, tennis rackets, flashlights and egg beaters. 201 fler ord


so creepy unpacking from the family trip

and finding this giant scary baby surprise

in my suitcase.

could have been most anyone

there’s more than one suspect in the group…

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