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Grab Hold a Crayon

grab hold a crayon
color me blue
when I am sad
smudge that hue

grab hold a crayon
color me red
make it crimson
on my lily white head… 65 fler ord


4 Old Ladies Are Pulled Over

4 old ladies are pulled over on the highway…

They’re pulled over, because they’re only going 17 mph, which isn’t safe on a highway. The cop points this out to the one driving, and she says, 95 fler ord


An Animal That Could Rule The World

This was a writing assignment for my Little Egypt Writer’s Society. Enjoy. 


by Bill Murphy ©2017

I’ll go one farther – how about an animal that no doubt… 345 fler ord

The Day I Got Fired

I was bored and kinda sad too. I don’t know if it was Saturday or Sunday. I can tell you it was February. I remember thinking: ”It’s hot as hell for February.” Really, it was those exact words. 959 fler ord


Diet tip, LOL

Diet tip, LOL:  If you think you are hungry, you might just be thirsty.  Drink a pitcher of margaritas and see how you feel.

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It snoweth

”Changing to snow after midnight” they said.

They should have specified more clearly which midnight. 9 fler ord

Life And Living

Gloomy Anniversaries: Six Months is the Long Distance Relationship Limit

This week marked the end of an important one-year anniversary. In April 2016, Jenny and I enjoyed two weeks together. It was spent mostly eating, but also doing a few other things as well. 348 fler ord