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Ideal woman of the day

Can you give us a brief introduction of you and what you do?
My name is Salimatou Fatty, the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Salimatou Foundation for Education in Gambia. 375 fler ord



Atâția idoli lingușiți cad din tavanele puterii,
mai mulți ca frunzele,
mai ruginiți.
În spatele lor, condeierii tocmiți pentru ode
se bulucesc în cuvinte,
se holbează prelung la ideile câtorva răniți…
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Color Not To Miss Out This Winter

In the world full of grays and blacks, make yourself stand out from the crowd wearing the most impeccable color of the winter season, which is none other the Glorious White. 409 fler ord


"You want to know what a robot's designed for"*...

In examining the history of famous robots, you’d be forgiven for overlooking a 1950s children’s toy named Robert.

Robert the Robot, who was a product of the once-mighty Ideal Toy Company, didn’t do much, at least compared to the standards set by science fiction at the time.

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Ideal beer temperature

The temperature varies according to the beer. It is not any type of beer that we can drink at 2 ° C and also can not drink a pilsen in this heat at a temperature of 10 ° C, 12 ° C. 515 fler ord

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Perfect moments

I am not a perfectionist. I am perfectly okay with things being ‘good enough.’ Yet I realized, as much as I declare I don’t need to make things perfect to appreciate them, I often expect things to be perfectly ideal to accomplish certain tasks. 401 fler ord