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Never an ideal time for water price hike: Lawrence Wong


SINGAPORE: Minister for National Development and Second Minister for Finance Lawrence Wong said he understands the concerns that many people have over the water price increase, but ”there is never an ideal time” for a rise. 756 fler ord

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Be My Friend

Every New Year’s Eve, I clean out my Facebook friends list by unfriending people who I no longer have a genuine connection with. Usually, I find that they’re people I skip over or are no longer relevant to me — someone who I’ve lost connection to. 688 fler ord


 Blended Perception

How do I name my existence,
Now that the colours are my heartbeat,
And these shivers are building my senses,
Can you feel me with the winds?

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the way it should be.

You should not, cannot, put your love into an object. Whether it’s a piece of technology or a vehicle, anything replaceable does not deserve  37 fler ord



To understand Troubleshooting, we need to understand that it is a similar idea as that of Problem Solving. The following are some thoughts regarding problem solving found on the internet. 721 fler ord

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A Surplus, Deficit, Or Balanced Budget? Is There An Ideal Type Of Budget?


On Feb 20, Singapore’s 2017 Budget will be delivered by Finance Minister Heng Swee Keat. As Singaporeans eagerly anticipate the latest announcements, we thought it would be worthwhile explaining some considerations behind how budgets are created, and how they play an important role in nation building. 929 fler ord

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