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Bringing Natural Hair to the Stage

It is quite common that when it comes time to slay whether it be at the club or at prom, wearing your natural hair is not what comes to mind.   466 fler ord


[Lens Based] Acrylic Beauty, 9/16

To develop the ”Taping on Better Features” photoshoot I wanted to add another layer to the face; I chose to heavily paint on and drip acrylic so it appears as mass amounts of makeup on the taped on features. 24 fler ord



Dezmăț de ploi, nefericită natură umană,
cu frunzele viselor căzute sub tălpi,
cu coroanele smulse,
lăsând demnitatea pradă tuturor indemnităților.
Dumnezeu e cărunt,
fuge precum regele Lear alungat de propriile fiice,
98 fler ord


When is the really ideal time to change to VPS Plan? - "Virtual Private Server" (VPS) Webhosting Information

Is VPS Hosting suitable to respond to the needs of your website? The majority of the webhosting users are on VPS hosting for the independent management of their own servers. 30 fler ord

[Lens Based] "BEAUTY IDEAL" in Mass Media Commercial,9/16

As a final piece to this ”Beauty in Mass Media” project I wanted to produce a beauty commercial, but intensely emphasise the ideal makeup look that is used in all makeup adverts. 35 fler ord


[Lens Based] Perfectly Painted, 9/16

My response to Mario Testino, progress towards and transitioning into my final piece. As Testino produces quirky, contemporary photoshoots presenting his expressionism towards makeup and how bold brush strokes and daring colours can speak for themselves, I painted on a heavy amount of makeup experimenting with his style of solid shades and thick lines to display my message. 37 fler ord