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would you believe contrite
if I still laugh along with friends
garbage piled up chores missed
but my phone on auto-check

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David's Secret for Social Success - The 24 Traits of an Alpha

Hey there!

My name is David Long and welcome back to another post on where I do my best to help people who have self-confidence and other social issues to learn to manage them better and hopefully, conquer them some day. 4 854 fler ord



In tacerea suspendata pe tavanele gurilor
se simte un tremur.
e lacrima rosie a sangelui,
este emotia venelor incolacite pe caduceul dorintei.
Sunt frunze de-a valma prabusite peste fereastra.
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Are you ready?

So, we’ll keep this short.  I’ll add more on Friday to help you move forward.  However, I want to throw this out there.  One of my goals that’s coming to fruition is to help other people start checking off theirs.  227 fler ord