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5k With A Twist (Walking)

I love these walking videos. These are ideal for us fat people. We have to keep it light & easy. These are also ideal if you haven’t worked out in a really long time.


Think BIG! You are going to be thinking anyway, so think BIG! – Donald Trump


It was always an ideal

Dear friends,

Scroll through your social media accounts these days, and you’ll see a lot of despair.  America isn’t what it claims to be, people are saying, and it never was.  505 fler ord

Our Selfie Culture

As my morning alarm rings, I roll over and unplug my phone, swiping the screen to silence the noise. I grab it, place my thumb over the home button and watch as it opens up within seconds. 694 fler ord


When I Call You Father

To: Father

If I had the opportunity to choose my own father,
I wouldn’t choose him because of his wealth,
Or because of his looks – not colour, hair, gait, height or weight; 477 fler ord


One father is more than a hundred School masters

A father is someone you look up to, no matter how tall you grow

 Father is everything for their children but we don’t know that what our father is to us. 164 fler ord

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