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Manifest Men: Create Your Ideal Man In Your Mind and Attract Him Into Your Life - Kindle edition by George Hutton. Health, Fitness & Dieting Kindle eBooks @

Manifest Men: Create Your Ideal Man In Your Mind and Attract Him Into Your Life

Easy to apply system to tune your inner game and outer game to create the perfect boyfriend, lover, or husband. 7 fler ord

I Nearly Quit

It all piled in on me & it looked so impossible,so bleak…I was on the brink of quitting. My ideals had gone on for over 30 years & still not a reality…so tired,so sleepy,so frustrated I was ready to quit,but then God came to me & set me on the right path…completely changed everything. 133 fler ord

God Has A Plan For Each Of Us

and Atheist can take a running leap off a short bridge. Sorry,those assholes pissed me in in the Youtube comments. Stay away from Christian discussions,you freak! 26 fler ord

Daily Inspiration, February 20th

“As for me, I shall see Your face in righteousness; I will be satisfied when I awake seeing Your likeness.” (Psalms 17: 15, Amplified Bible) 376 fler ord

Daily Inspiration

The Miracle Of Letting Go

I am here & find it sad & fearful. Its my 1st time letting go. I guess I want to hold on & keep trying manifest it,but I’ve received the confirmation & its time to let go & wait for manifestation.

What To Do While Waiting

Excellent. The waiting can sometimes be long…as in 30 years…OMG…what am I going to do?

Encantadora muñeca de hada bebé ideal para niñas

Se trata de una muñeca muy encantadora que cuenta con un diseño de hada, un tipo de personaje que suele cautivar a cualquier niña. Pero no solamente eso: está diseñada, además, con las características de una bebé, por lo que las niñas en cue…