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He was born

In white hills

Never drank a drop too much

Only smoked a pipe once or twice

Never ate too much

Never had too many things… 53 fler ord



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If you know who you are and you know that you are relating to others because you want to, rather than because you are trapped (unfree), in desperate need and greed, because you fear you will not exist without someone to affirm that fact, then you are free.

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uitarea ne deformeaza trairile,
vietile noastre apar ca niste bonsai pitici,
pusi intr-un vas dupa ce au fost rasuciti
pana la maduva plapanda.
tot ce-am iubit…
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Love is Like a Sphere

Love is like a sphere: embracing, comforting, protecting and expanding, like a womb – selfishness is like a straight line with force.



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”The public-minded person speaks from public-mindedness; he sees, hears, thinks and does everything in life, like eating, wearing clothes and sleeping, from the public-minded standpoint. The public-mindedness means having a heart of loving all in life.” – Reverend Sun Myung Moon