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I just love the way she looks at me from across a million other stares
And slacks away the night with me like no one even cares… 189 fler ord

Bertram Gilchrist

Another Great Gift Idea: Marblehead

Poke the Marble Head and the Whole Family will become excited, whoever they are. I really don’t want to know…


America Perceived, Americans Believed

Living abroad I’m often told that I don’t look American – by people who have never ventured outside their home country and have encountered few Americans in the flesh.   1 454 fler ord

Living Abroad

the seagram reflection

If I was a better photographer I probably could’ve captured the reflection better, but do you see how nicely the arched windows from the building across the street are reflected in this building’s entrance? 29 fler ord


The Reading Experience

I saw this discussion topic on Katytastic’s channel on YouTube and thought I might put in my own two cents about what exactly ”the reading experience” is and how it can affect your enjoyment in books. 432 fler ord


Quotes 6/29/15

Monday we meet again….one of these days I will conquer you!!!

An ideal wife is any woman who has an ideal husband.

Booth Tarkington

A Quote A Day

Our Society is not Materialistic, it's Idealistic

People sometimes bemoan how society only cares about the accumulation of materialistic possessions, and how people are just hedonistic and seeks pleasures of the flesh. I don’t think that’s really true anymore. 778 fler ord