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THE SEVENTH SEAL (1957): "funny games"

Studying film at university, we’re introduced to the concept of a film “canon”, essentially a big list of films that everyone with an interest in films should watch and clamour over, and I can’t say I’m a big fan of the concept. 569 fler ord

John Mulcahey

2015 Blind Spots: Persona

A nurse named Alma (Bibi Andersson) is assigned to take care of actress Elisabet Vogler (Liv Ullmann), who has suddenly become mute. Under the advice of the hospital administrator, the two women seclude themselves at a seaside cottage. 307 fler ord

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The Colors of Ingmar Bergman's "Passion"

There was something special about the first color films directed by the Europeans who came of age during the black and white era. Antonioni’s “Red Desert,” Fellini’s Juliet of the Spirits,” Bresson’s “Une Femme Douce,” Renoir’s “The River,” Truffaut’s “Fahrenheit 451,” and ” Godard’s “A Woman is a Woman” were among the most highly anticipated, with “Red Desert” and “Juliet of the Spirits” receiving particular acclaim for their breakthrough uses of color. 529 fler ord

An Island in the Middle of the Baltic Sea

I understand why long ago people thought the earth was flat. Looking to the horizon, a pang of fear spread across my heart. If we kept going, surely we would fall off the edge… 409 fler ord


Ingmar Bergman -1971- The Touch (Дотик)

1971- The Touch (Дотик)

2/5. Не варто.

Режисер/Сценарист: Ingmar Bergman

Драма. Зрада чи потяг до дестркутивізму?

Буденність, рутина, спокій. А далі – бажання змін. Але чи змін доброго характеру? Якщо так, то чому ж не затриматись, коли ріка запаморочення ось-ось кине тебе в безодню.

Так, декому навіть вдається звідти викарабкатись: до світла, до життя. Нажаль, це світло вже не буде так яскраве. Щось зміниться. Навіть не так. Не щось, а хтось: котрий-котра щойно вернулись і не знають, як ж далі жити . Навколо – все сумне.

Ingmar Bergman

Review: Through A Glass Darkly

This review was originally written for The Reviews Hub.

Celebrating two decades of theatre-making in Dublin, The Corn Exchange presents Jenny Worton’s adaptation of Through A Glass Darkly by Ingmar Bergman.  662 fler ord


Through A Glass Darkly

The Corn Exchange takes on an Ingmar Bergman film in Jenny Worton’s stage adaptation of a woman’s struggle against madness.

Karin (Beth Cooke) has recently been released from a mental hospital after a breakdown. 468 fler ord

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