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Through a Glass Darkly

Are you there, God? I think Margaret’s looking for you. 665 fler ord

Three Reels

What's the motivation?

I am reading this great book about programming the mind for success and positive thinking – and there was a question that really made me think; 455 fler ord


Meteorites - Australian Poetry Review

I am so gratified that Meteorites is this month’s poetry book on Australian Poetry Review. As always, the review is written by the incomparable… 7 fler ord


Moving pictures, #61

The USA has crept back into this post, although I think I’m currently watching on average more non-Anglophone movies than Anglophone ones. Mind you, I did recently re-organise my LoveFilm rental lists, so I now receive two non-Anglophone movies and one Anglophone movies each week. 1 651 fler ord


#237: Smiles of a Summer Night




Special Features

  1. New video introduction to the film by director Ingmar Bergman
  2. New video conversation between Bergman scholar Peter Cowie and writer Jörn Donner, executive producer of…
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Peter Cowie

The Eclipse

The screen is blank, reflections in the curved glass devolved and backwards, setting the couple in an otherworldly image that dilutes their faces. They are holding hands, completely lost in the world they are imagining together. 2 193 fler ord

Short Stories