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Swedes taking over Star Wars?

With the release of the trailers for both Episode VII and the upcoming sequel to the awesome Star Wars Battlefront games, I suddenly realized that Swedes has had a substantial influence on the development of both of these additions to the Star Wars universe. 253 fler ord


7 Films About Neuroses & Psychoses That Don’t Get Enough Attention

Jonathan Eng writes on CURNBLOG, ”Film history is jam-packed with neuroses, psychoses, and character disorders writ large and small. As Vivian Leigh and Dustin Hoffman and Javier Bardem and Natalie Portman can attest, having a DSM-5 condition can lead to an Oscar. 90 fler ord


My 100th post - My Wooden Cutting Board

Just after breakfast, I developed this fascination with my wooden cutting board. This is where I prepare nearly all my food.

The shades of stains, 232 fler ord


Scary Silents: "The Phantom Carriage"

Welcome to the second installment of my new “Scary Silents” series! In the last post, we watched the Swedish-Danish witchcraft classic Häxan, and today we’re continuing the Swede theme with the spooky 1921 drama… 4 568 fler ord


The stories behind my art: "Stigmata"

My painting ”Stigmata” was born because of a strange experience I had at a hospital in 2008. I was exhausted, burned out and stressed,  working on 3 different art shows simultaneously – two of them were solo shows, all of them would open in February-March the following year ( 272 fler ord


Christopher Priest and George R. Stewart

The last few weeks have brought some interesting comments and communications from several places.  A student in Germany who’s doing a dissertation on science fiction and GRS, an academician who wants to translate one of GRS’s books into an Asian language, a professor in Philadelphia who sent his students’ reviews of… 618 fler ord

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