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Mr Tambourine Man: cultural references (4)

”…to dance beneath the diamond sky…”

This  image has suggested  the end of  “The Seventh Seal”  a  film written and directed by  Ingmar Bergman in 1957, a great  allegory of man’s search for meaning. 64 fler ord


The Virgin Spring (1960)

Dir. Ingmar Bergman. Starring Max von Sydow, Gunnel Lindblom, Birgitta Valberg

Sometimes, when I like to think modern literature or music or art is edgy, I remind myself of late medieval verse and gain some perspective.  1 487 fler ord


Homage to The Seventh Seal

I was informed today by a BFI posting that it is 60 years today since Ingmar Bergman’s ”The Seventh Seal” was released in Britain, so here is my homage to that glorious film. 68 fler ord


Persona (1966)

Dir. Ingmar Bergman. Starring Bibi Andersson, Liv Ullmann, Margaretha Krook

(I definitely reserve the right to fix this one up later.)

It’s interesting that Elisabet chooses silence as her escape rather than blindness. 1 435 fler ord


Moving pictures, #7

For all my efforts to watch films from different countries, there seem to be a handful that appear more often than others – and they’re all in this one: India, China, Sweden, Germany and the US. 1 745 fler ord


The Ingmar Bergman Appreciation Society

Thinking back

I still recall the true despair

The solid black depression

I didn’t realise at the time

But I was an honourable member

Of the Ingmar Bergman Appreciation Society… 42 fler ord


Autumn Sonata (1978)

Dir. Ingmar Bergman. Starring Ingrid Bergman, Liv Ullmann, Halvar Bjork

Bergman is still Bergman in this movie, and I have no doubt that someone else has used that line to describe  1 444 fler ord