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365 Days of Gratitude - Day 599

Film Festivals…

For seeing a new perspective through a different lense, for stories of lives I would never have seen, for creativity I would love to hold… 42 fler ord

Unloading Onscreen

“The human heart is heavy and hardened” (CCC 1432).

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From National Catholic Register

Like a less curmudgeonly, more Scandinavian version of Doc Martin

By Richard Ades

Fans of the British TV series Doc Martin know grumpy heroes can be both endearing and entertaining. Now we have a Swedish movie, … 611 fler ord


a grim knight [cont'd]

As discussed in the previous entry, there are two interpretations to this question from The Riddler:

”…how long is the longest path a knight can travel on a standard 8-by-8 board without letting the path intersect itself?”

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31 Days of Horror - Day 19!

After watching Blair Witch 2, I needed a palate cleanser. I felt that I deserved a reward for my troubles. I mean, it was a SLOG to get through. 412 fler ord

The Ingmar Bergman Appreciation Society

Thinking back

I still recall the true despair

The solid black depression

I didn’t realise at the time

But I was an honourable member

Of the Ingmar Bergman Appreciation Society… 42 fler ord