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The Magic Flute

Ingmar Bergman directs this theatre/film hybrid of Mozart’s legendary opera.

The plot centres on Tamino (Josef Köstlinger), fulltime hero and part time flautist, in his quest to return the lovely Pamina (Urma Urilla) from High Priest Sarastro (Ulrik Cold). 262 fler ord


Cries and Whispers

1972 film, written and directed by Ingmar Bergman with Liv Ullmann.

This masterpiece has a strength and depth that I do not often see in films. 658 fler ord


The Serpent's Egg (1977)

The Serpent’s Egg

1977 // Germany, USA // Ingmar Bergman

The Serpent’s Egg has been considered as one of the weakest efforts amid Ingmar Bergman’s output, and perhaps best remembered as Bergman’s first film made outside Sweden during his exile due to the lawsuit of tax evasion in which Bergman eventually won the vindication at the end. 588 fler ord

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#71 The Magic Flute (1975)

#71 The Magic Flute

1975 // Sweden // Ingmar Bergman

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The low rating I gave to Bergman’s highly acclaimed The Magic Flute… 356 fler ord

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The Touch (1971)

The Touch

1971 // Sweden // Ingmar Bergman

Mostly remembered as a flop on its release and hardly available in circulation for a long time, … 478 fler ord

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The Passion of Anna (1969)

The Passion of Anna

1969 // Sweden // Ingmar Bergman

Ingmar Bergman, the director: Max, as an actor, what is your personal view of Andreas Winkelman?  889 fler ord

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Cannes Film Review: 'Bergman — A Year in a Life'

We tend to think of film directors as generals, a cliché that’s useful, and accurate, as far as it goes. Yet compared to almost any other vocation, the essence of what it means to be a film director — especially if you’re a serious and powerful artist — is that you occupy a dozen roles at once. 1 329 fler ord