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Persona (1966)

By Richard Winters

My Rating: 9 out of 10

4-Word Review: Two women become one.

Elisabet (Liv Ullmann) is a famous stage actress who one day decides to quit speaking. 761 fler ord


The Last Ten Films I've Seen

  1. Sabotage (Alfred Hitchcock)
  2. The Importance of Being Earnest (Anthony Asquith)
  3. Room and a Half (Andrei Khrzhanovsky)
  4. Wild Strawberries (Ingmar Bergman)
  5. I Confess (Alfred Hitchcock)
  6. Margaret 
  7. 784 fler ord

Broadcast: I Found the F, 2005

Footage from Ingmar Bergman’s Persona (1966).


Monday Morning Wake-Up Call: Get up, get out, go to your work

My father was a very disciplined and punctual man; it was a prerequisite for his creativity. There was a time for everything: for work, for talk, for solitude, for rest. 83 fler ord


Ingmar Bergman & the Weather of Human Souls

Recently, I’ve been thinking a lot about cinema and how the use of weather is used to create and construct metaphoric meaning, and to drive and shape narrative. 333 fler ord

Moving pictures, #45

More movies!

Suffragette, Sarah Gavron (2015, UK). I’m surprised it’s taken until 2015 to make a film like this. Actually, I’m not surprised, just disgusted. 2 134 fler ord


Watching The Seventh Seal during The Hour Of The Wolf

Current time: 4:22 am

Things are strange when it gets to be this time.  Naturally, people with insomnia tend to wake up around 3am to 4am; in the hospital a nurse said that they jokingly called this the ‘witching hour’ because it was when all the patients would wake up.  654 fler ord

Ingmar Bergman