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El cine de Ingmar Bergman nos sigue volando la cabeza

Por Romi TO

“No hay otra forma de arte que vaya más allá del conocimiento ordinario como lo hace el cine, directo a nuestras emociones, profundamente al cuarto obscuro del alma” Ingmar Bergman. 882 fler ord

LINNE Magazine

Cries and Whispers, 1972, Ingmar Bergman

By 1972, Bergman was already established as one of the titans of international art cinema. He had won several awards at Cannes and been nominated for two Academy Awards (he would eventually be nominated for 9, including three for this film). 1 609 fler ord


I need trash can advise. Please?

We recently bought a new trash can, when the pedal-operated can we used for recyclables broke. The new can featured a self opening lid: it seemed a convenience. 508 fler ord

Life In The US

What the hell is hell?

As I reported, my former blogs have been hacked, so–begin at the beginning, a very good place to start!

Since my topic was evil, I’d like to write about the changing concepts of hell. 341 fler ord


Ingmar Bergman’s Persona (1966) is a challenging, uncomfortable, and important piece of cinema. When actress Elisabet (Liv Ullmann) develops selective muteness she is sent to a home by the beach to be treated and cared for by nurse Alma, played by Bibi Andersson. 322 fler ord

Revisit Sixties Cinema

The Magician (1958)

Monday, I watched The Magician on TCM. They were honoring the work of Max von Sydow. I had never heard of this film but I seen that it was written and directed by the great Ingmar Bergman and I couldn’t resist. 235 fler ord


Faces in Red

I must admit that I am very new to Ingmar Bergman. A few months ago, I finally watched Fanny & Alexander – the complete television version – and I absolutely fell in love with it. 271 fler ord