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Have You Tried The Criterion Collection?

When I first started reading classic literature, I got to know the indispensable Norton Critical Editions. These wonderful volumes contain the text of the work with copious footnote. 929 fler ord

Kickin' It Old School . . .

From time to time, I’ve felt the urge to be current: which novelists should I be reading? What is the music I’d be listening to if I was 22 instead of 52? 284 fler ord

Fanny and Alexander Review

“It is tangible, but immeasurable,” says one character of Ingmar Bergman’s film ‘Fanny and Alexander’ (1982) as they look into the eyes of a new born babe. 1 072 fler ord


Ingmar Bergman and Solitude

Just stumbled upon a good article about the importance of solitude in creativity.

At least for me, I know that solitude is of the utmost importance for my creativity.   795 fler ord



Call me a philistine but Thirst (1949) is the first Ingmar Berman film I’ve seen. Hmm. I can’t say I liked it, though there were shots that were captivating like when two young dancers are seen in a dressing room mirror and their grouchy teacher’s seen in the mirror beside it. 227 fler ord

New Year's Resolution Old Movie Challenge

Shame (1968, Ingmar Bergman)

Shame has three or four sections. Director Bergman doesn’t draw a lot of attention to the transition between the first parts, he hides it in the narrative. 303 fler ord